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Intro to Social Media


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This is a presentation I gave in April 2012 on why social media is important to the Houston Texans and what we aim to accomplish through social media.

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Intro to Social Media

  2. 2. OverviewBig pictureOrganizational objectivesIntro to…Q&A
  3. 3. What is social media?The tools, websites and applications that people use to easily publish and share content online and on other media platforms (i.e. TV, radio).
  4. 4. Why does social media matter?• This is where our fans are! 83% of sports fans will check sports social media sites while watching the game on TV 63% of sports fans will browse sports social media sites while at the actual game Source:
  5. 5. The opportunity• Majority of Houston Texans fans will never attend a game at Reliant Stadium. What’s the most effective way to reach these fans?• Tickets are scarce/expensive. It’s a big deal to attend a game. What do people do when they experience something significant in their lives? 49% of sporting event attendees share the experience or pictures of the game on Facebook. Source: Ticketmaster LiveAnalytics
  6. 6. Consumption habits have changed• Game stories in newspapers are old news. Social media caters to live updates and active fan participation on many devices (CPU, phone, tablet)
  7. 7. No more barriers• Fans no longer need to attend a game and wait for an autograph to interact with a team and its players• Would Linsanity or Tebowing have existed in 2000? Source: blog
  8. 8. Can’t ignore social media• The conversation is happening; it’s up to teams whether they want to participate in it• Teams that don’t participate can’t shape the conversation or reach their influencers SocialEngage Monitor Measure Media Success
  9. 9. Organizational Objectives1. BrandFish where the fish are. Create meaningfulinteractions where fans spend the most timeonline.
  10. 10. Organizational Objectives2. FanCultivate our fan base. Be responsive. Engageour influencers. Convey our message.Avg. Minutes Spent/Visitor Facebook(Jan. 2012) Pinterest (405) (89) Twitter (21) Google+ (3) Source: Wall Street Journal
  11. 11. Organizational Objectives3. RevenueFacilitate purchase decisions. Create value forsponsors/fans in innovative and engaging ways.Fans active on social media spend 60% more perticket than all ticket buyers. Source: Ticketmaster LiveAnalytics
  12. 12. Facebook Growth
  13. 13. Twitter Growth
  14. 14. Rankings (Facebook + Twitter)
  15. 15. Google+ Growth
  16. 16. FacebookLaunched in Feb. 2004FREE to useWorld’s largest social networking platformGrew from 30mm to 900mm active users (2007-2012)Usage shift: desktop to mobile (+50% of daily active users)Revenue: Advertising (auction)IPO in May 21, 2012 ( 9%)
  17. 17. Facebook basics Profile Edge Social Rank GraphComment Share News Like Feed
  18. 18. TwitterCreated in March 2006 - big break at 2007 SXSWiFREE to use140mm active users as of 2012One of Top 10 most visited websites in the world340mm posts per day worldwide; the world’s newsreaderPrivate companyRevenue: Advertising
  19. 19. Twitter basics Tweet 140 Mention charactersVerified Trending@handle #Hashtag Retweet Tweetup Follower
  20. 20. Google+Created in Sept. 2011 after invitation-only beta periodFREE to useGoogle’s response to Facebook (search + you)By Dec. 2011, Google+ had 90mm active usersRevenue: Search (no advertising)Early adopters: 71% male (source:
  21. 21. Google+ Hangouts+1 Circle Ripples
  22. 22. InstagramFREE mobile app launched in Oct. 2010 on iPhone devicesPhoto sharing/editing/filtering app exclusively for mobile devicesAvailable on Android devices in April 20121mm registered users (12/10) -> 30mm registered users (4/12)Sold to Facebook for $1b in April 2012Revenue model: None
  23. 23. Instagram Filters@Handle Popular #Hashtag
  24. 24. PinterestImage bookmarking site launched in March 2010FREE to useUsers post/organize online images into boards and can follow othersDemography: 68% female (97% of its Facebook fans are women, per Mashable1.36mm daily users, according to MashableIn Jan. 2012, drove more referral traffic to retailers than YouTube, LinkedIn, G+Revenue model: None
  25. 25. Pinterest Pins Pin It Re-pinBookmark Like Boards
  26. 26. FoursquareCreated in spring 2009FREE to useLocation-based social network primarily for mobile devicesUsers “check-in” at locations to earn points and virtual badges, leave tips, etc.20mm registered users as of April 2012 w/3mm check-ins per day50% of users outside the U.S.Revenue model: Partnership w/AmEx, badges, etc.
  27. 27. Foursquare Check-in Foursquare Venue DaySpecials Badges Tasks Mayor Lists Tips
  28. 28. Q&A