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Inside: On the Nose


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This is my presentation from the NFL Digital Media Summit in March 2012 discussing the weekly web series "On the Nose" on

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Inside: On the Nose

  2. 2. Content Success Case Study• GOAL: Create original programming on for the purpose of: 1. Featuring the lighthearted side of the team 2. Supplementing existing content on Texans TV 3. Increasing Texans TV viewership, particularly Tue.-Wed. 4. Providing exclusive access to fans 5. Growing our fan base 6. Make players feel invested in
  3. 3. Content Success Case Study• ACTION: We launched “On the Nose” Sept. 17, 2011• WHAT IS IT? A weekly parody on Texans TV hosted by nose tackle Shaun Cody• EPISODES: 20 total shows, posted on Tue./Wed.• STAFF/EQUIPMENT: Two producers, one editor, Panasonic Mini-DV cam, wireless handheld mic, lav mics, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop
  4. 4. Content Success Case Study• RESULTS: – “On the Nose” episodes accounted for 10.4% of Texans TV video begins from 9/17/11 – 2/15/12 • Mr. McNair episode is 7th-most viewed clip since we joined NFL platform • 7 of our 25 most-viewed clips since joining NFL platform are “On the Nose” – “On the Nose” featured frequently in Houston Chronicle – “On the Nose” featured weekly on NFL Network – “On the Nose” profiled on “The NFL Season” on – “On the Nose” featured on ESPN’s AFC South blog – #OTN is part of our Twitter fans’ vernacular
  5. 5. Content Success Case Study We smoothed the peaks & valleys relative to daily viewership in the regular season. The range was 5.5% lower in 2011 vs. YAGO. NOTE: Total video begins +189% in 2011 vs. YAGO
  6. 6. Content Success Case Study Featured on home page of, which receives ~78mm page views/month.
  7. 7. Content Success Case Study Feature story on
  8. 8. Content Success Case Study “On the Nose” on “The NFL Season”
  9. 9. Content Success Case Study“Being serious 24-7 is not “This is a tough game, practice-wise, work-going to help anybody wise, and you’ve got to kind of keep it inwin.” perspective and have a sense of humor. That’s why guys like Shaun (Cody) play for a long -Texans OLB Connor Barwin time in this business.” -Texans coach Gary Kubiak “(‘On the Nose’) is funny to us because we’re around some of the players, but I think it’s pretty clever.” -Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips
  10. 10. Content Success Case Study#OTN praise on Twitter/Facebook…
  11. 11. Looking Towards Next Season• More “On the Nose” – give fans what they want!• More efforts to establish #OTN as appointment viewing• More creative and unique programming: – Perhaps a web series with Texans Cheerleaders – Another player spin-off show is possible…
  12. 12. Peer to Peer• A few key learnings… – Don’t pretend you’re not low-budget. Embrace it. – Credibility and consistency matter. Choose the player carefully. – Promotion is crucial…Facebook, Twitter, HP centerpiece, etc. – Capitalize on audience: We told folks to download our free mobile app to watch #OTN on the go. – Find a hook to grow repeat visits (i.e. Barwin cameo) – Winning helps: 7-game win streak (10/23 – 12/11) – Star power of guests helps make the show viral