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Quantlogic Product & Services Offerring

  1. 1. Automated Trading Strategies – Research & DevelopmentAll Rights reserved . Quantlogic (c) 2011
  2. 2. About Us Quantlogic, are a world leader in the development of Algorithmic and automated trading strategies. The company has invested millions of dollars developing its own vast IP and today has one of the largest databases in the World of trading strategies and concepts developed by any one company. We provide our services to Banks, Hedge funds, Proprietary Trading Desks and Future brokers All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  3. 3. Our Proposition One of the Trading Ideas & World’s largest Exponentially Proven Independent improved Algorithms Database of Trading systems across asset trading for Clients classes conceptsQuantlogic Research Developers & Clients - Hedge Funds, Team- Quant and Partners Prop Trading Desks Technical Analysts All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  4. 4. Our Research CapabilityWinning trading strategies are increasingly the preserve of the strongest players that are able to devotesubstantive resources to Research and generate profitable strategies. We have developed a robust yetflexible research capability, with indigenously developed tools and industry best practices. Our researchservices are powered by: IP Services Technology• Vast IP generated over 5 years of • Quantitative Modelling, Statistical • A robust application portfolio research and development Analysis for Strategy Development developed indigenously and other• 3500+ Trading Strategies • Programming Complex technical tools to support research process Models on Analysis Platforms • Quant Vantage- Research process• 2500 + Trading indicators and concepts • Trading Systems Performance enabler Evaluation • Quant Focus – Performance• 40,000+ evaluation Reports on • Risk System Identification and evaluation multiple asset classes Development• Correlation and Price data analysis • Quant Vista- Web based data • Research Process Automation with engines help of Custom Databases mining tool • Tradestation 2000/8/9/, Multi charts, Meta Trader • SPSS, Excel, Portfolio Stream 4 All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  5. 5. Our Research Process All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  6. 6. Our Asset ClassesOur Trading Indicators/ Systems and databases cover broad asset classeswhich include cash ,derivative and forex markets. We are powered by directaccess feed from leading vendors. We are well set up to handle additionalasset classes Listed below are the asset classes we cater to: Forex Futures Markets Equity Cash Market • E mini S&P 500 • S&P 500 • USD JPY • E mini Nasdaq 100 • FTSE 100 • EUR USD • DAX Futures • Nasdaq 100 • GBP USD • Euro Bund • NSE Cash • USD CHF • Euro Schatz • DAX • Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 • NYMEX- Crude Oil • COMEX- Gold • COMEX Silver 6 All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  7. 7. We have packaged our services under two models of engagement.OUR SERVICES PORTFOLIO….
  8. 8. 1. Captive Research A dedicated team of researchers providing you qualified access to our vast IP and custom programming support to develop new models or improvise existing models. Features Pricing • Team of researchers with Account Manager • Monthly fixed cost for Time and Resource. • 50- 200 hours of custom development per • Hourly billing rate for additional resource or month effort • Qualified access to vast library of Trading • Separate IP Licensing fee for Quantlogic IP indicators on termination of contract • Access to our prime Support and Resistance package • Technology Support Benefits Motivations • Reduced time to Market • Exponential increase in research capability • Access to large IP and evaluated trading with large and qualified talent pool concepts • IP generated over 5 years of research and • Qualified talent Pool at cost effective rates worth millions of dollars made available at a • Ramp up your extended Research team in fraction of the cost. short cycles. All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  9. 9. 2. Product Lease Lease and deploy our top ranking trading systems individually or as a portfolio of systems. Alongside get regular updates on the systems and technical support/ consultation on right execution platforms Features Pricing • Access to Trading systems/ Algorithms • Monthly / Quarterly leasing fee based on serving multiple asset classes monthly expectancy charged in advance • Daily, Intraday Trading systems • Profit sharing model based on high • Regular updates on existing trading systems watermark. • Consultation on choice for execution platforms • Technical support for deployment. Benefits Motivations • Reduced time to market • Systems with proven track record and • Privileged access to limited participation remarkable performance trading systems • Spread of asset classes • Build a portfolio of trading systems with • Be the first to know of updates on our expertise and tools provided by Quantlogic strategies and deploy better systems for • Quick turnaround to feedback on systems your fund. All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  10. 10. Our Clients Speak“Having met Nicholas Scarr (CEO of Quantlogic), I have no hesitation in stronglyrecommending him and his impressive team of Quantlogic. After having spent 4fascinating days looking at their organisation, I came away enormously inspiredand motivated and in no doubt they could do a great deal not only for us at ANZbut for other Fund Houses and investors around the World. Now that we areworking together I am even more enthusiastic having seen the work they haveproduced for us so far.”Peter Stobbink Director, Technical Analysis, Australia and New Zealand BankingGroup Limited (ANZ)Quantlogics research capability is first class. Their results speak for themselvesand I have seen firsthand how their exhaustive research produces better andbetter strategies. For that reason, I am delighted to recommend them to anyonewho is serious about their trading.Pete Ramey, Fund Manager, Funds for Growth All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  11. 11. Next Steps>>If you are a Fund house or Proprietary Trading Desk and would like to leverageour Research IP or Algorithmic Trading systems. We will be happy to set up aFree trial environment with our Trading Indicators and Trading systemsbased on your market preference.Talk to us on : +44-(0)207-193-2153Or mail us @info@quantlogic.comlroupell@quantlogic.com All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  12. 12. Contact UsFOR A CONSULTATION AND DEMONSTRATION OF OUR TRADING SYSTEMS CALL US ON: +44-(0)207-193-2153.• United Kingdom • India 4th Floor, Adonai Towers 51 Ashley Gardens, S. A. Road, Kochi – 682016 Ambrosia Avenue, Kerala London, SW1P 1QF Tel : +91-484-4010612 United Kingdom Quantlogic Analytics & Solutions (c) 2010
  13. 13. Additional Info on Tools and Techniques at QuantlogicAPPENDIX
  14. 14. Process for Strategy DevelopmentAt Quantlogic our primary goal is to reduce the complexities involved in trading analysisand empower our clients with valuable insight into the markets. Our Research has beenbuilt upon a disciplined approach to concept development, implementation andevaluation.Highlights of the research process A multi-tiered research architecture to process complex Signal Simulation & data on financial markets and deliver simplified Optimization information Verification & Portfolio Information Collation using multiple Sources and Generation databases Concept Generation and Strategizing using robust trading Evaluation & Quantitative Analytics Research Tools Quantitative Analysis and Risk Measurement of Trading Concepts & Strategizing Strategies using Proprietary Tools and Indigenously built Databases Live Simulation of Trading Systems to visualize the Data Collection performance on Real time Data and Optimization of Systems. All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  15. 15. Technology Tools UsedQuantlogic has from the inception, implemented and developed Robust Database systems to supportthe unique and disciplined research model followed in-house. Our Technology Capability extends to  QuantFocus - Quant Focus is a web based service that acts as a window to our top rated Trading Strategies earmarked for our clientele  QuantVantage -Custom Developed Web Platform for Knowledge Process Management  Quant Vista- Web based Data Mining Tool to evaluate Trading concepts  Simulation Systems for Executing Trading Systems on Real Time market Data  Quant and Statistical Analysis Platforms- SPSS, Mat lab  Proprietary Charting and Trading Research Tools –Trade Station, Ninja Trader, MultiCharts  Back Testing and Portfolio Evaluation Tools from Rina Financials All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  16. 16. Quant Focus- Strategy WindowQuant Focus is a web based service that acts as a window to our top rated TradingStrategies earmarked for our clientele. This tool provides detailed and extensiveanalytics and reports on both live and historical performance’s of our topstrategies. We will provide a web account in Quantfocus with strategies created aspart of the research & development effortKey features of this tool are :  Detailed Performance Metrics  Reliability Statistics  Risk Metrics  Market Classification  Simulated Go Forward Result  Detailed Graphical Representation All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011
  17. 17. QuantVantage- Databank• Quantvantage is part of enabling technologies provided by Quantlogic towards the strategy development process. It is a web based Knowledge process management tool ,custom built to assist with the research life cycle.  Cover multiple disciplines of the research process for strategy Development  Team/ Role Management  Work Allocation to Evaluation Team  Strategy Development and Program Databank  Correlation Engine All rights reserved . Quantlogic Ltd (c) 2011