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Poster analyses


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Ancillary poster analysis 1

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Poster analyses

  1. 1. Technical codes The shot is medium shot, where the image is still in focus and we can view the background. The audience can see the setting The mise en scene is with the women in a suit jacket with wind blowing in her hair. We can see the setting of poster, which is mysterious. The audience is allowed to view the horror. As the house in the background the image allows us to establish the location. The main image in the scene is enplaned and technical codes of photography would a straight forward angle which focussing in her expression and body language the rest of the image is cropped The digital manipulation, use of lighting, and used to emphasised the imagery It is clear from the poster that the character shown is the victim. The film has followed the stereotypical horror convention of having a female victim as they are seen as weaker than men and therefore defenseless against the villain The editing in the image intensify the fire is edited to bring more attention to the image and the title “drag me to hell” l. The miser-en-scène i.e. the body language is intense. We view her intense facial expression. We as an audience indicate and can tell that this poster is for an horror trailer the use of the camera shot. Anchorage A picture is worth a thousand words the picture in the shots appear with some text which serves to establish or anchor an interpretation. The anchorage below this image includes “Christine brown has a good job, a great boyfriend, and a bright future. But in three days, she’s going to hell” this text highlighting through the colouring of the text being white and not blending in for showing the importance of the anchorage, this allowing the picture to have meaning and give a good base of understanding for audiences first viewing the poster.Purpose/message Intertextual referencesThe purpose/message of the this image is to other media in the text is made referenced in the image e.g., facial expression coveys pain, like the indicating other media platforms offering more information about the film. Thishands are torturing her and also a sense that intertextual references may then reveal the trailer and other exclusive clips and imagesshe is possessed. These elements attract the which promotes the movie trailer/filmtarget audience of a horror film because some Denotation/connotationof the most iconic horror films, such as ‘The image is to bring the audience into the burning fire the audience feel the pain, also theExorcist’, include elements of the paranormal image is linking to the text. The imagery of the monstrous hand grabbing the women represents the drag Threat the female victim and pulling her down into the fire, an element that connotates hell and the devil. The fire is associated with hell and hot. The connotation of the fire is red representing danger
  2. 2. Effect and effectivenessThe effectiveness of the image brings major impact, yourimmediately drawn to the bright colours and can view thedrag me to hells intense agony through the quality of thepicture Target audience the demographic would be slightly different... probably younger and more female based. A horror films target audience is generally those in the age group 15-25. The secondaryRepresentation audience is dating couples. this is more likely to be eitherThese elements attract the target audience very close but not married couples or first dateof a horror film because some of the most couplesiconic horror films, such as ‘The Exorcist’,include elements of the paranormal. The Effect and effectivenessmise-en-scene, such as the costume, hair The effectiveness of the trailer isand make up, of the character suggests draw in both primary andthat she is an average person. This makes secondary audiences. The posterthe film even more scary because is effectively in the sense that itsmembers of the target audience can simplistic with powerful coloursimagine themselves in this position and conation that would help the audience to remember what the main theme of the film is about. Because the picture represent the title
  3. 3. This is a teaser poster as itsays ‘coming soon’ ratherthan stating an officialrelease date. This indicatesthat the audience will haveto be proactive to find outmore information about thefilm and look out for moreinformation or media, suchas official posters andtrailers, of the film ’ This is a hook for the target audience because it already supplies them with lots of questions such as ‘Why is she The title font is very going to hell?’. This also informs simple as not to the audience of the character’s steal attention from name and in turn, the audience the main image but is becomes more involved as it still stands out they are beginning to find out because it is all in more about her just by the capitals and the poster white stands out against the fire in the background The names of the production and distribution companies are shown so that they can stake their claim in the films revenue as well as advertise their company on the official media products other media in the text is made referenced in the image e.g., indicating other media platforms offering more information about the film. This intertextual references may then reveal the trailer and other exclusive clips and images which promotes the movie trailer/film