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Payroll system


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Payroll system

  1. 1. Time Management & Payroll SystemThis document is very basic and only represents very small percentage of the system’s features. This isa full featured system that enables your accounting department to completely manage all aspects of yourcompany. • Multi Company / Client Payroll Management. • Full Transactional General Ledger Multi Company / Client Payroll Management. • Multi Company / Client Payroll Management. © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 1 of 16
  2. 2. Multi Company Federal & State Payroll Setup with defined default general ledger accounts • Select Company / Client • List of active employees appear automatically. • Ability to add expenses • Time for 1099 employees can be added here as well. System will isolate 1099s from tax deductions. © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 2 of 16
  3. 3. Above represents manual time card entry, this is usually used for new or first time clients to get a feel forhow system manages data. As time goes on or as system demands grow other methods of time entryare utilized. • Excel sheet import • Web Interface for employee to directly enter time for supervisor’s approval • Web Interface for supervisor to upload a .txt, .csv, or .ascii file. • An XML Link for auto entry from another system.Calculating Payroll: In the multi-company system, the user is enabled to select the company destinedfor payroll and, will only calculate time cards and/or expenses that are pending and approved. Thisfunction is so advanced it will take into account all unique tax deductions, liens, expenses, and allow for1099 employees if applicable. © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 3 of 16
  4. 4. Features & Reporting • Direct Deposit • Federal & State Quarterly Magnetic Media tax reporting • YTD Information / Reporting • W-2 Reporting • Payroll Check Register • Transaction Journal Summary or Detailed with unlimited history. • Workmens Compensation Results • Quarterly Reporting • Deductions Report • Employee 1099 (not part of AP) • Earnings Report • Employee Hour Transaction History by Client, Location, or Project • Check printing option on blank check stock or preprinted checks • Employee Wages Regular Earnings, Overtime Pay, Vacation, Sick or Holiday, Bonuses as well as Miscellaneous (Emergency, Jury Duty) • Social Security Benefits, Federal Unemployment, State Unemployment, Workers Compensation, Health Insurance, Life and Disability Insurance, Paid Leaves, IRA, Pension, or Profit Sharing* Other (Transit Checks) • Issuing Checks or DD, Payroll Tax Deposits, Quarterly Reporting, Benefit Bookkeeping & Cobra, W-2s and Year End Reports as well as Payroll Financing. © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 4 of 16
  5. 5. ICESA Format published by the Federal & Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies (275byte records) with fields defined for use by TWC is accepted on tape or diskette. Each State has anindividual format specification for filing and currently most states have the ability to a flat file upload. © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 5 of 16
  6. 6. 401k Eligibility: Notice the Excel output button, each report is fully exportable either in the existingdisplayed report format or a custom format for migration to another system.Bulk Importing and Exporting of Journals and Transactions © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 6 of 16
  7. 7. Web InterfaceIf the option where the employees log in their time is desired, then reviewed by a supervisor forprocessing approval a full web portal is available. Employee/Staff LoginEmployee DashboardContains personal information, count & quick links or any metric client chooses. Allows Employees toreview their information and assure its accuracy; especially email address, because Temp Employees willbe receiving email notifications when the Job supervisor approves timecards as well as other Jobnotifications. © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 7 of 16
  8. 8. This Employee dashboard is geared towards an Employee with their Jobs and income displayed.Additional Dashboard Features are available and easily implementedTime Card Entry Timecards are entered on a daily or weekly basis and submitted to approvingsupervisor.Option 1: Time-In & Time-Out are entered, maybe ideal for support staff. Option 2: Here the total daily hours are inputted. © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 8 of 16
  9. 9. ExpensesAbility to simply submit ad-hoc general expenses for reimbursement.These expenses will appear for approval. These expenses can me marked reimbursable or not as well asbillable or not. In addition the ability to upload scanned related receipts for viewing and storing for audits. © Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 9 of 16
  10. 10. Client/Manager/Supervisor LoginThe Client/Manger/Supervisor, depending on Auto Emails for Notifications and Critical Financial AlertsExcluding standard notifications such as time submission and approval, Argentto SystemsTime & Billing System bring finical accounting to the proactive level.Reports are good, everyone needs and wants them. But what are the down sides reports? a) You have to run them. b) You have to scan through several and sometimes many pages of data to isolate the problem or highlighted record of interests.ASI’s system runs scripts and procedures to isolate areas of interest and emails only theresults to the proper manager.© Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 10 of 16
  11. 11. Employee Time Card Submission: At the end of the week when an Employee submitshis/hers time the primary manager responsible for approvals will get a notification of thistime card submission.Concentric manager has several options to this feature, a consolidated notification with allhis/hers Employees in one email at a designated time or not to receive these notifications atall. Discuss Scenarios regarding Mangers options.© Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 11 of 16
  12. 12. Employee Time Card Approval NotificationWhen the manager approves the time weekly time card, the Employee will receive anotification of this approval.In the event that the manager edits or denies the approval, those changes will be in thenotification to make the Employee aware.© Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 12 of 16
  13. 13. Time Cards Never Slip Thru System.One major issue that is very common and often goes unnoticed is time cards can slip thruany system and go unbilled.ASI’s Time Management Payroll & Billing Systems has several features to assure this doesnot happen.This email particular example notification, notifies the accounting department of time cardsthat are older than 30 days and have not been invoiced to the client.© Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 13 of 16
  14. 14. Low Profit Margin NotificationOften with large systems with 1000’s of users huge amounts of data and follow up isneeded. Argentto Systems’ Time & Billing can send any metric or isolate any financial areaof interest proactively. Financial data is so critical if these areas of interest are addressedafter duration for managers to address Project effectiveness can be compromised.*** Take a couple of minutes with this philosophy of all the areas within accounting,consulting and client services that you can envision where you would like to be notified as ithappened.© Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 14 of 16
  15. 15. Top 20 Clients Invoiced.Above is a sample of what a President at a fortune 500 company received on a monthlybasis.This President did not want to remember to run a report or even ask for the report. Thereport is auto generated and sent to the President’s email regardless where he was at thetime.**ASI’s Systems are all programmed with this type of intuitive business logic that will givemanagers the capacity to do more with fewer resources and be efficient. Argentto Systemshas over 175 of these types of financial and metric notifications and constantly we areadding more to our library.© Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 15 of 16
  16. 16. Comments and Suggestions. Allowing the Employees, managers and clients to have input on thepayroll system is critical to assuring all business models and needs are met. Normally this report isdisbursed once a month and is reviewed to you and discussed for feasibility on valid issues ofconsideration.Note: We have several Client Time Management Payroll & Billing Systems each are unique and completefor each of our clients’ culture and business model. Please call if you have additional criticalrequirements, accounting and client relation needs.Best Regards,Nick SantinoArgentto Systems, Inc.212-595-8644© Copyright Argentto Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved 2002-2009 16 of 16