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Ng quick


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ng-quick: a brackets extension to build Angular apps quickly and consistently..

Published in: Technology
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Ng quick

  1. 1. What am I trying to solve?
  2. 2.  Inconsistences in code built by multiple developers employeecontroller.js employeeController.js EmployeeController.js Employee_Controller.js EmployeeCtrl.js Each developer uses a different syntax… no one is wrong…!!!
  3. 3.  Some developers don’t writes comments in code…  Meta data - Author name - Created/Modified  Copy Right info  Configurable common messages across all files
  4. 4.  Beginners struggle with Angular syntaxes …
  5. 5.  These code inconsistencies are caught in code reviews…
  6. 6.  No sophisticated editor available for angular js
  7. 7. • Hence I built ng-quick, a new brand extension for brackets editor for building angular apps quickly and consistently…