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Hamlet 130516143819-phpapp02 (2)

  1. 1. Group Members:Fernando De toroYeray MacarroJose Francisco DaspenasEric SalgueroHamletBy William Shakespeare
  2. 2.  Who are the main characters?Character Small descriptionHamlet ( Eric) Prince of DenmarkClaudius ( Fernando) King of Denmark, uncle ofHamletPolonio ( Yeray) Advisor of King and queenGertrudis ( Jose) Mother of HamletOphelia ( Eric) Girlfriend of HamletFather of Ophelia ( Fernando) Father of Ophelia
  3. 3. SCENE IState the most important actions:In this scene, the new king Claudius and his wifecelebrate a party for their marriage.Hamlet hates this marriage so he goes to walkfor the roof to the castle.While he walk, the ghost of his death fatherappears and the ghost said that Claudius killedhim and that he have to revange his death.When the ghost disappears, Hamlet don’t knowwhat to do.
  4. 4. SCENE I Vocabulary and pronunciation Roof : Techo. The roof needs patching to stop the rain fromcoming in.
  5. 5. SCENE IIState the most important actions: When theadvisor see to Hamlet talk with himself hebelieves that cause is that Hamlet loves Ofeliaand he don’t know why she ignore him and for hisexcuse Hamlet is going mad.The queen and the king decide that two menhave to cheer to Hamlet.
  6. 6. SCENE II Vocabulary and pronunciation Mousetrap: /ˈmaʊstræp/ Ratonera
  7. 7. SCENE IIIState the most important actions: Hamlet triesexpose to Claudius like a murder of his father in aplay. But the play is interrupted for the new king.When Hamlet goes to talk with his mother aboutwhat did Claudius with the king Hamlet, thequeen is angry and in the discussion, Hamlet killto Polonio believing that he was a rat.
  8. 8. The story so far: Prince Hamlet believes thathis uncle, King Claudius, killed his father byputting poison in his ear while he wasasleep. In the last episode, Hamlet’s friendsRorencratz and Guildenstern brought someactors to the castle to perform a play. Hamletsaw this as an opportunity to exposeClaudius as his father’s murderer.
  9. 9. SCENE III Vocabulary and pronunciation Guess: /ges/ Adivinar
  10. 10. SCENE IVState the most important actions:The son ofPolonios goes to castle for kill to king, but hedon’t know that the murer of his father is Hamlet.The king thinks to plan for kill to Hamlet with thehelp of soon of Polonios.When Hamlet hearing of the intentios of the newking, he escape to Rosencrantz and Guildestern.But he will go to stop to pirate ship.
  11. 11. SCENE IV Vocabulary and pronunciation Beginning: /bɪˈgɪnɪŋ/ comienzo
  12. 12. SCENE V State the most important actions: Hamlet gets goes to Denmark for revange. Whenhe arrives he have to fight with swords with theson of Polonius. But the swords have poison butalso the drinks.
  13. 13. SCENE V Vocabulary and pronunciation Both: /bəʊθ/ ambos
  14. 14.  I have had a copy of this comic for almost 20years. It was published in a magazine for EFLteachers called SpeakEasy. I do not know theauthor.