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Session 6 ever after


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Session 6 ever after

  1. 1. Ice Age IISession 6 – And they lived happily ever after...A figure of speech Ves a buscarlaCatchy Bajar el ritmofur Campo de minastouchy cepillarsestubborn tercoGo forward Frase hechaHead back cepillarMinefield Pelo (de animals)unattended adelantarSlow down Pegadizobrush Ves a buscarlaGo after her retrocedersteam vaporconsistent coherente Ellie, You have to be ________ with him. Can we ____________ a bit, I’m dying here! It’s just a little hot water and __________ What! It’s ______________! We’d like to keep the ____________on our bodies. You are so ___________and hard-headed. You really need to _____________. You have to be ______________ with him.Structures we are going to learn today I wish I knew what they were thinking o I wish I _________________________________ o I wish we_____________________________ It’s just _____________________ o o We’d like to ______________ o o