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Kungfu sesion 4


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Kungfu sesion 4

  1. 1. Kung Fu Panda – Session 4 School Year 2013-14 Name:_________________________________ SCENE 10 – GOING TO SLEEP 1. True or false? a. Po cannot touch his toes b. Crane invites Po to his room c. Crane wants to sleep d. Crane thinks Po is awesome e. Tigress thinks Po should abandon the Jade Palace 2. Expressions related to going to sleep are: a. Y____ up? b. I d___ n___ m____ t_ ______ _____ c. G_____ n_____ d. I s______ p_________g___ t___ s_________ n_____ e. S______ w_____ f. Y___ w____ t_ g_ t_ s_______ 3. What does Po have to do if he has any respect for Kung Fu, according to tigress? SCENE 11 – AT THE SACRED PEACH TREE OF HEAVENLY WISDOM 4. The Tree of Heavenly Wisdom is a a. Pear tree b. Almond tree c. Peach tree 5. What does Po do when he is upset? 6. Why is he upset? 7. What do the five have that Po does not? 8. Why does Po think the Furious Five hate him? 9. Master Oogway’s saying is Yesterday is ________________ ________ is a mystery But today is a ________ That is _____ it is called the present.
  2. 2. Kung Fu Panda – Session 4 School Year 2013-14 Scene 11 – Tai Lung escape _________ crossbows I ______ warn Shifu! He won’t get ______! Not _______; we are not! Can we __________ now? I’m glad Shifu ________ you The real Dragon Warrior is coming ________ Focus on grammar: Adverbs Can you recognize the adverb in these sentences? What do these sentences mean? He would choose someone who actually knew Kung Fu Someone who could at least touch his toes Someone who could even see his toes I have had a rather disappointing day You were totally amazing! I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of Kung Fu They totally hate me I should just quit You are too concerned with what was What do we use adverbs for? What part of speech do they usually modify?