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Hamlet gemma,angie,laura.lisset


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Published in: Education
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Hamlet gemma,angie,laura.lisset

  1. 1. Group Members:Gemma Esteve,Angie Ordoñez, Laura Puig, LissetSalazar.HamletBy William Shakespeare
  2. 2. Who are the main characters?Character Small descriptionHamlet( Gemma) Prince of DenmarkNarrator(Lisset) Narrates historyOfelia(Laura) Daugher of PolonioPolonio(Laura) AdvisorClaudios(Lisset) King of DenmarkKing Hamlet(Angie) Father of Hamlet
  3. 3. Characters Small descriptionGertrudis(Gemma) Queen of DenmarkOthers( Angie) Extras to talk in the history
  4. 4. SCENE IState the most important actions:In the scene, king Claudius and his wife celebrate theirmarriage.Hamlet hates this marriage.Then while it was walk the ghost of his father appeared.The ghost of his father said to him the who I kill it. Hamletdon’t know what to do.
  5. 5. SCENE IVocabulary and pronunciationMeanwhile es pronuncia / mi n wa l/ i vol dir mentrestantˈ ː ˈ ɪRoof es pronuncia [rʊ:f]  i vol dir sostre.Mousetrap es pronuncia  / ma stræp/ i vol dir ratoneraˈ ʊ
  6. 6. SCENE IIState the most important actions:Hamlet loves Ofelia.The queen and the king take the decision of which two menhave to go to the village.The prince begins to speak to both men and says a method tothem to decide the new king.
  7. 7. SCENE IIVocabulary and pronunciationCertainly es pronuncia / s3 t nl / i vol dir certamentˈ ː ə ɪUpset es pronuncia pset] i vol dir alterarʌAdvisor es pronuncia advaisor i vol dir tutor.Cheer es pronuncia /t / i vol dir animar.ʃɪəʳ
  8. 8. SCENE IIIState the most important actions:The village accuses Claudius of the murder of his father.Hamlet is going to speak with his mother on what Claudiussaid on the king hamlet, the queen gets angry and they have adiscussion and through the fault of it it kills to Poloniusthinking that it is a rate.The kings send hamlet to England, with Rosencrantz andGuildenstern.
  9. 9. The story so far: Prince Hamlet believes thathis uncle, King Claudius, killed his father byputting poison in his ear while he wasasleep. In the last episode, Hamlet’s friendsRosencrantz and Guildenstern brought someactors to the castle to perform a play. Hamletsaw this as an opportunity to exposeClaudius as his father’s murderer.
  10. 10. SCENE IIIVocabulary and pronunciationBanished es pronuncia [bæn ] i vol dir desterrar.ɪʃArranged es pronuncia   / re nd d/ i vol dir organitzar.əˈ ɪ ʒ
  11. 11. SCENE IVState the most important actions:The son of Polonio goes to the castle to kill the king, but itdoes not know that his father has been killed by hamlet.The king thinks a plan to kill hamlet and this way to help theson of Polonio.When hamlet inform of the intentions of the new king hescape to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. And he stop a pirateship.
  12. 12. SCENE IVVocabulary and pronunciation:Drowned es pronuncia [dra n]  i vol dir ofegat.ʊ
  13. 13. SCENE VState the most important actions: Hamlet goes to Denmark for the revenge when I come there hemet the son of Polonius. Him prepared tape-worm a potion inorder that one was taking it. At the end of every hamlet and the son of Polonius die andClaudius and Gertrudes also because the potion was drunk.
  14. 14. SCENE VVocabulary and pronunciation:Carrying es pronuncia  [kær ] i vol dir portar.ɪSword es pronuncia   /s d/ i vol dir espassa.ɔːScratch es pronuncia   /s d/ i vol dir ratllar.ɔː
  15. 15. I have had a copy of this comic for almost 20 years. It waspublished in a magazine for EFL teachers called SpeakEasy. Ido not know the author.