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Hamlet 130516143819-phpapp02 jony erick y fabricio (1)

  1. 1. Group Members:HamletBy William Shakespeare
  2. 2.  Who are the main characters?Character Small descriptionHamlet Prince of DenmarkOphelia Hija de PolonioClaudius : Brother of the late King Hamlet, a man without scruples and fearof discovery.Gertrudis Wife of the late King Hamlet, cynical and ambitious woman.Horatio Hamlets close friend, he is the only person I trust Hamlet andwill be the only one who did not betray.Ophelia Daughter of Polonius and Hamlets great love, although the workdoes not represent any love scene of both.
  3. 3. SCENE IState the most important actions:what happens in this scene is that hamlet is angryfor what happened and walks from there i wasgoing to the terrace.following what happens is that there appears to bethe ghost of his father and tells how he was killedand as they betrayed his uncle.
  4. 4. SCENE I Vocabulary and pronunciation: Careful-cuidadoso- /ˈkɛəfʊl/ Either-cualquiera- /ˈaɪðə; ˈiˈðə/ Could-podia- /kʊd/ Queen-reina- /kwiˈn/ Sure-seguro- /ʃʊə; ʃɔˈ/
  5. 5. SCENE IIState the most important actions:This act shows the concern of all the madness thathas engulfed Hamlet, this is the central body ofthe second act, madness and delirium of Hamletwho can not stand the idea that the king is hisuncle, he her mother has married a month afterthe death of his father, killed by his own uncle
  6. 6. SCENE II Vocabulary and pronunciationfar-lejos- /fɑˈʳ/Daughter-hija- /ˈdɔˈtəʳ/Worried-preocupado- /ˈwʌrɪd/Wrong-equivocado- /rɒŋ/Surely-positivamente- /ˈʃʊəlɪ ˈʃɔˈ-/Leter-dejar- /lɛt/
  7. 7. SCENE III State the most important actions:Hamlet asks some friends to do a work in whichClaudio murders the kingAs the king realizes that isa murderer know thatthe work orders canceledClaudio repents and decides to pray, then Hamletdecides that it is a good time to take revenge anddecides to wait
  8. 8. The story so far: Prince Hamlet believes thathis uncle, King Claudius, killed his father byputting poison in his ear while he wasasleep. In the last episode, Hamlet’s friendsRorencratz and Guildenstern brought someactors to the castle to perform a play. Hamletsaw this as an opportunity to exposeClaudius as his father’s murderer.
  9. 9. SCENE III Vocabulary and pronunciation: Added-añadir- /ˈædɪd/ Enough-suficiente- /ɪˈnʌf/ Upset-molesto- /ʌpˈsɛt/ Beins-ser- /ˈbiˈɪŋ/ Evening-tarde- /ˈiˈvnɪŋ/ Guess-adivinar- /ges/
  10. 10. SCENE IV State the most important actions:This event takes place the madness andsubsequent death of Ophelia, following the deathof his father. This will cause Laertes anger whichmade ​​a covenant with the king to kill Hamlet,prepare a duel between the two, and untarán theedge of the sword of Laertes with poison, and ifthis fails, the king will have prepared a drinkpoison for Hamlet.
  11. 11. SCENE IV Vocabulary and pronunciation: Arranged-matrimonio cocertado- /əˈreɪndʒd/ Seemed-parerece- /siˈm/ Drowned-ahogarse- /draʊn/
  12. 12. SCENE V State the most important actions:This event will bury Ophelia and Laertes inHamlet fighting a duel guilders yo everyonessurprise Hamlet is winningThe queen drinks the poisoned cup and dies.Laertes reveals the kings plan to Hamlet andasks her forgiveness. Hamlet sees fulfilled hisrevenge, Laertes forgive and dies
  13. 13. SCENE V Vocabulary and pronunciation: Instead-en ves de - /ɪnˈsted/ Someone-alguien- /ˈsʌmˈwʌn -wən/ Perhaps-quizas- /pəˈhæps Scratch-rasguño- /ˈskrætʃ/
  14. 14.  I have had a copy of this comic for almost 20years. It was published in a magazine for EFLteachers called SpeakEasy. I do not know theauthor.