Exam corretion- Lisset,Laura, Jose


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Exam corretion- Lisset,Laura, Jose

  1. 1. I N S E D U A R D F O N T S E R E4 R T BY E A R 2 0 1 2 – 1 3G R O U P : L I S S E T S A L A Z A R /J O S E D A S P E N A S / L A U R A P U I G .Exam Corrections Ice Age II
  2. 2. TASK Download this presentation in your notebook Correct as many sentences as you can. There is oneincorrect sentence from each of you Upload it to the wiki again before the end of theclass.https://fluwiki.wikispaces.com/Error+correction+exercise Do not forget to CHANGE THE TITLE: Write thenames of your group, and the members who worked inthis If someone was missing, or did not contribute, youshould NOT write his/her name
  3. 3. Teacher tip Remember you can use some of these sentencesfor your Learning Diary!
  4. 4. ExampleError Correction ExplanationEllie I like Mannie Ellie LikeS Mannie A sentence cannot havetwo subjectsThe 3rd person singularneeds an S in presentsimple
  5. 5. Error Correction ExplanationParis Hilton is a girl verybeautifulParis Hilton is a verybeautiful girl.Perquè els adjetius vandavant
  6. 6. Error Correction ExplanationSid it is a lazy Sid is a lazy Com que ya esta "Sid"que es el subjecte "it"no fa falta posar it .
  7. 7. Error Correction ExplanationIce Age II to startwhen the ice “sedescongela”Ice Age II to start edwhen the ice “sedescongela”la segona part sha deposar en pasat.
  8. 8. Error Correction ExplanationEllie think she possums Ellie think‟s shepossumsA la segona part falta elverb
  9. 9. Error Correction ExplanationSid loves sing and talktoo muchSid loves singing andtalking too muchla frase esta en presentcontinious i a "sing" se liañadeiz -ing .
  10. 10. Error Correction ExplanationDiego, Mannie and Sid isgood friend.Diego, Mannie and Sidare good friend.“friend” es singular isha de fer al plural es adir “friends”.
  11. 11. Error Correction ExplanationAt first sight he is a lotof kind.At first sight he is verykind.Perquè “kind” es unadjectiu i sempre esposa “very”.
  12. 12. Error Correction ExplanationIn the Ice Age II havea very characters.In the Ice Age II havea lot of characters.Perquè “lot of” es posadavant de un nom.
  13. 13. Error Correction ExplanationManny search her herd. Manny searches his herd "Her" sutilitza per a lesdones i Manny es unhome..
  14. 14. Error Correction ExplanationI‟m a prey of the love. I‟m a prey of love. L‟article sobra
  15. 15. Error Correction ExplanationEllie she very confused Ellie is very confused No te que haver dossujectes.
  16. 16. Error Correction ExplanationYou prefer either a icecream or a rattlesnakes.You prefer either icecream or rattle snakes.Sobren les “ a” perquènomes s‟utilitzen per aels noms contables.
  17. 17. Error Correction ExplanationEither study english fornext day or play PS3Study english for nexday or play PS3perquè either i next dayes refereixen al mateix
  18. 18. Error Correction ExplanationEllie she is shy andthinks that it is apossumEllie is shy and thinksthat it is a possumNo te que haber dossujectes.
  19. 19. Error Correction ExplanationMany is fat but and Ellielike.Many is fat but Ellielikesfalta especificar que esel que li agrada.
  20. 20. Error Correction ExplanationPossums are heavies. The Possums areheavies.es posa "the" per que noes refereix "possums"de la pelicula.
  21. 21. Error Correction ExplanationI don‟t eat junk foodneverI don‟t never eat junkfood„never‟ ya es una negacióy no es necesita posar„dont‟
  22. 22. Error Correction ExplanationManny is a bad becausenot have family.Manny is bad because hedon‟t have familyLa preposició a no shade posar y la segonapart no necessitasubjecte .
  23. 23. Error Correction ExplanationMannie and Ellie theyare very bigMannie and Ellie arevery bigla frase nomes nesesitaun subjecte
  24. 24. Error Correction ExplanationDiego a fraid of water Diego afraid of water Perquè „afraid‟ s‟haescriu junt
  25. 25. Error Correction ExplanationHis friends areintelligents and notspeak with he.His intelligent friendsdo not speak withEls adjectius van avansdel nom.