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Creds June 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Creds June 2012

  1. 1. Inspire to interact
  2. 2. Inspire to Interact Customer engagement across digital and print channels We curate content We narrate brand stories We connect brands to customers We create the tools to achieve this
  3. 3. Who are we? Mid-sized agency: digital and editorial services. Team of 45 based in Fashion Street, Spitalfields, London. Creative agency, media owner and owner of substantial archive. Story telling at the heart of our offering International high-profile clients with wide multi-language experience. Long standing relationships Trading for 27 years, independently Owned after MBO in 2007. Energy and drive of a new company; track record and contact book of an established one.
  4. 4. High-profile Brands with stories to tell
  5. 5. DIGITAL: ONLINE DESIGN & BUILD We design, develop and manage online content
  6. 6. Boodles: Website design & build (SEO/PPC)
  7. 7. Boodles: Website design & buildThe existing site will be replaced with abeautifully crafted online experience that willentice users to purchase high ticket items.As part of the sites re-architecture, an entireonsite SEO & PPC rework took place to ensurethat the extensive content and multipleuploads adhered to a coherent keywordstrategy.
  8. 8. Boodles: e-Commerce
  9. 9. McArthurGlen: Content creation
  10. 10. Digital campaigns for Value RetailInspirational onlinegift-finder for Christmascampaigns.Drive footfall, capture data andcreate buzz through interactivecontent.ILN developed the persona-ledconcept; built, designed andcreated content, translated intoseven languages for nineshopping malls across Europeinvolving a database of 330brands.A total of 21 micro sites.
  11. 11. Digital strategy for Marie-ChantalILN appointed to run and re-launch e-commerce site forluxury children’s clothes retailerMarie-Chantal.Re-skin and content overhaul onMagento e-commerce platform.Product upload, maintenance, e-CRM campaigns, new collectionlaunches, SEO and SEM.Keyword-adherent bloglaunched and brand’s owner,Princess Marie Chantal ofGreece, had opportunity tocommunicate directly.
  12. 12. Gieves & Hawkes e-commerce graphic and content creation Development and planning of e-commerce platform (and blog site). ILN led on brand engagement, advocacy, content strategy and creative elements for front-end, in partnership with e- commerce provider. Weekly blog and content calendar management
  13. 13. Amanda Wakeley Design and Content Creation
  14. 14. SEO for Adriatic Luxury Hotels (pan-Europe)Immerse the client in an understanding of web=and visitor analytic fundamentals in order toinvest time and money in the most intelligentway to achieve better ROI and driveconversion.On-site conversion tracking;phone and email conversions.Keyword research to identify keywordspreviously missed that have high conversionpotential.Developing SEO-driven content aroundkeywords and designing engagement toolssuch as SEO - Optimised landing pages tocreate sticky content to drive conversion andsales.
  15. 15. EDITORIAL ENGAGEMENTILN knows how to narrate the story to inspire interaction
  16. 16. Magalogue for Ernest Jones (U.K.)
  17. 17. Engagement through Art Direction and photography
  18. 18. Driving footfall to Luxury Avenue shopping malls, Mexico The magazine has positioned Luxury Avenue as the leading luxury goods retailer in Mexico. Multi-language content provides the backbone for the main website. Educates readers by bringing products to life, drives footfall into store, ultimately driving product sales.
  19. 19. Customer communications for Orient-Express (Global)“We have past passengers phoning up in February askingwhen the next brochure will be out (6 months before thelaunch in September!). This consistently happened throughthis year and although all the information is now onlinepast passengers are desperate to get the new brochurewhen it is launched. This proves to us that the brochure stillhas its rightful place in the marketing mix and is one of ourmost valuable sales tools”Kate Thompson, Sales Director - Orient Express
  20. 20. Building loyalty with content Maserati (Global)Coupled with its print counterpart,Il Tridente online magazine assists in thebuilding of owner advocacy.Integrating with larger Maserati CRMprogramme and providing an online pointon which additional content is curated.
  21. 21. Il Tridente Online Examples
  22. 22. Il Tridente Webpage Examples
  23. 23. IL Tridente Online App DevelopmentAs our partners at Maseratistated, “our clients aregrown up men; we need tocommunicate to them in agrown up way”.Well-crafted, compellingcreative content will answerthat call and deliver a moreengaged relationship thatwill act as a key steptowards future purchases..
  24. 24. BRAND STORYTELLINGILN narrates the brand story through innovative content
  25. 25. Brand advocacy for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (Global) Stimulate and influence the consumer’s senses, intellect and emotions
  26. 26. Emotional connection Rolls-Royce Motor Cars ILN was commissioned to create a post-purchase customer communications experience to propel brand advocacy, launched in November 2011. The book unites all owners through a bold statement that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a visionary, progressive brand with its sights trained firmly on the future.
  27. 27. Customer engagement Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
  28. 28. Creative executions for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
  29. 29. Multi-channel brand positioning Royal Mansour (Global)ILN was appointed to build and designthe website of Royal Mansour, one ofMorocco’s finest hotels and develop astrategy for all customercommunicationsOffering an integrated approach, ILN hascreated a tone of voice and suite ofmarketing tools aimed at a highlytargeted, hard-to-reach target audienceILN is tasked with positioning the hotelas one of the richest experiencesavailable anywhere in the world today,targeting the super wealthy.
  30. 30. Brochure & Mobile Sandy Lane (Global)
  31. 31. CRM Sandy Lane in BarbadosILN was tasked with publishing a brochure for SandyLane, the top hotel resort preferred by royalty andcelebrities.The brochure appeals to Sandy Lane’s elegant andsophisticated guests and communicates the resort’spositioning through selected imagery, packaged in aflexible modular format.Since 2010, ILN has delivered a wide range ofcustomer communications including brochureupdates, spa menus and letters for CRM engagementsuch as email and other digital campaign tools.
  32. 32. Branding of New Abu Dhabi Hotel Site for Rocco Forte
  33. 33. One & Only Online Magazine (Global)While the One&Only site represents thebrand’s luxurious nature in its design, it is,like all transactional sites, bound by thefact that it must also facilitate thecustomer journey.We realised there was an opportunity tocreate content for both prospective andexisting customers alike, who have a littlemore time to savour the One&Onlyoffering.
  34. 34. OWNED MEDIAILN titles aimed at high-end international audiences with exclusive distribution channels
  35. 35. Engaging with High-end consumers (Europe & Asia)Targeting affluent internationaltravellers; covering travel, fashion,watches and jewellery, culture, foodand wine.An ILN-owned title, Sphere has strongdistribution network in 18 countries.On-board BA Firstand Club Class, Virgin Upper Class andother airlines and in selected5-star hotels worldwide.
  36. 36. Inspiration online Sphere
  37. 37. Sports Inspiration PODIUM (Global)
  38. 38. PODIUM Online
  39. 39. PODIUM Magazine Online
  40. 40. Inspire to interact Lisa Barnard Tel: +44 (0) 20 7426 1011 Illustrated London News Limited10 Fashion Street, Spitalfields, London, E1 6PX, UK