Big data and Cloud - Perfect Marriage


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Big Data & Cloud - The Perfect Marriage. Cloud and big data makes a great marriage .Private Cloud is the most popular option because of more control of performance, resources and security
Data Analytics and Data management. Hadoop As a Service.
Compliance- HIPAA, SOX, PCI , FISMA, FEdramp

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Big data and Cloud - Perfect Marriage

  1. 1. Big Data & Cloud: The Perfect Marriage Neeraj Sabharwal Sr. Solutions Architect, Carpathia April 22, 2014
  2. 2. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. -Albert Einstein
  3. 3. The Promise of Big Data •  90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years •  Data with potential to add more value to the business is Big Data •  Small Data is useful to some extent but Big Data brings more visibility and transparency •  Simply put, Big Data means Big ROI if configured correctly
  4. 4. Driving Better Business Decisions: “Precaution is better than Cure" •  Effective and timely Data Analysis to monitor business growth •  Better profits by fulfilling artificial intelligence •  Fraud detection •  Log management solutions •  Machine data analysis •  Data warehouse enhancements
  5. 5. Industry Impact •  Mobile/Digital Advertising •  Retail •  Healthcare
  6. 6. Is Big Data for You? •  Objective of Big Data Project •  Skilled staff “Most Challenging” •  Infrastructure •  Picking the right technology and tools for Data processing and analysis •  Data Cleanup strategy before it hits the storage •  Strategy to protect PII •  Archiving strategy
  7. 7. Tectonic Technology Shift •  Buzzwords: “Big Data” “No SQL” and “Hadoop” •  Compliance •  Data analysis and data management •  Horizontal vs. vertical scaling •  Artificial Intelligence – 3R’s “ Right information to Right People at the Right time”
  8. 8. Big Data Ain’t Easy •  Network •  Servers •  Storage •  Backups •  Archiving •  Cooling and heating •  Compliance •  Engineering resources
  9. 9. Big Data Meets Cloud: A Match Made in Heaven •  Cloud and big data makes a great marriage •  Public vs. Private cloud •  Public cloud infrastructure tends to be generic – built for the masses but not specifically designed to address any particular challenge •  Private Cloud is the most popular option because of more control of performance, resources and security
  10. 10. Enter Hadoop…as a Service •  Hadoop-as-a-Service = affordable solution for small and medium-sized enterprises •  Pay for bytes in use and compute time in consumption •  Business focuses on data analysis and service provider focuses on data management •  HaaS on Private cloud deployments helps to address specific business requirements like performance, security and compliance •  Horizontal scaling and flexibility to scale up and down based on usage or “auto elasticity”
  11. 11. Is A Secure Infrastructure Enough? •  Opportunity for new startups •  Key challenge is taking full advantage of data without exposing or risking sensitive data •  Once in production, be ready for auditing •  Data-centric (encryption, tokenizing, masking) protection is the way to go •  Extensive efforts involved in the discovery phase will only get more challenging as data grows
  12. 12. What’s Next for Big Data? •  Accurate Intelligence to let go of Data •  Mature data analytics with the capability to do all in one •  Flexibility and ease to bring RDBMS manpower on to new technology •  Big Data and compliance – automate data discovery and protection
  13. 13. About Carpathia •  Carpathia is a trusted cloud operator and leading provider of cloud services and managed hosting for some of the world’s most demanding enterprises and federal agencies •  Carpathia and Altiscale have partnered to deliver efficient Big Data HaaS capabilities to security and compliance-conscious organizations of all sizes •  Carpathia’s IBX Vault is a 64,000 sq. ft., 7.3-MW data center delivering cloud services, managed and colocation that need to stand up to today’s complex compliance requirements.
  14. 14. Thank You Twitter: @CarpathiaHost – Carpathia @AllaboutBData – Neeraj Sabharwal Email: Contact Carpathia: