Lululemon Digital Marketing Strategy


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Digital marketing strategy for the brand/company Lululemon Athletica.

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  • LululemonAthletica Inc. is an athletic apparel company targeted towards yoga practitioners and runners of any age and gender. The company is known for their high-performance, trade marked fabrics, which boast comfort and sweat-wicking capabilities in fashionable designs.
  • Lululemon is comfortable, it fits, it makes you feel like “you”. With this new theme, Lululemon will market its athletic apparel as the ultimate partner to a personal identity. All digital marketing content will follow this theme.
  • The company is already successful without a strategically targeted digital marketing strategy, so starting out with $50 million instead of a larger number is a safer bet.
  • Company WebsiteAn SEO strategy with keywords placed in the HTML code, headlines, body copy, and links on the Lululemon website would help drive search traffic to the site.  Setting up targeted landing pages linked to specific search queries could also be beneficial, bringing consumers into the Lululemon website with a particular item in mind.EmailCurrently, the company does not offer discounts or incentives of any kind to its customers. Obviously this isn’t hurting their sales, but offering a rewards program to loyal customers may come in handy in the future. By sending emails about new items, as well as discounts to existing customers, it would be easier to keep them coming back for more.
  • Online AdvertisingGoogle ads would also help drive search traffic to the Lululemon website, as would Facebook ads, and banner ads if placed appropriately – such as on blogs related to yoga or running. The goal should be to raise awareness and bring customers to the site to learn more and hopefully purchase.MobileThe company’s website currently has mobile capabilities which allows consumers to browse through their ever changing product selection and enjoy full access to the online store.  Lululemon could also look into creating an app. For example, a running tip of the day app could be useful to the customers who are runners, as would a yoga position of the day app. With a new update each day, this app would keep Lululemon prevalent in the minds of consumers and connected with the company.
  • Social MediaLululemon currently has Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube pages, as well as a blog. With these outlets the brand is already very engaged with their customers. However, a few minor details could change.
  • ConclusionOnline advertising expenses can build up, but with a budget of $3 million Lululemon shouldn’t have a problem targeting consumers using digital marketing strategies. This is a growing, yet successful company with great potential and a strong digital presence. With strategies suggested in this marketing plan along with strategies currently implemented, Lululemon should see an even greater increase in sales for many years to come.
  • Lululemon Digital Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. + Digital Marketing Strategy By Nikki Wickham
    2. 2. + Company Overview  Company Type: Athletic apparel.  Target Market: Yoga practitioners and runners, men and women, between 18 and 55 with an income of $40,000+  Known for their high-performance, trade marked fabrics which boast comfort and sweat-wicking capabilities in fashionable designs.
    3. 3. + Challenges and Goals  Challenge - Continued Growth: Earned $1 billion in fiscal 2011 and 2012 sales are forecast at $1.3 billion, the company would like to continue this growth.  Challenge - Community: With a large number of social media outlets, the company reaches a large number of customers but builds no real sense of loyalty.  Goal – Industry Leader: Lululemon has grown tremendously since its inception but wants to continue that growth in the athletic apparel market.  Goal – Further Reach: The company needs to connect even more with customers in the future.
    4. 4. + Integrated Theme  Be Comfortable, Be Free, Be You.  A very uplifting message for all customers. Lululemon empowers you to reach your goals.
    5. 5. + Digital Marketing Strategy  Budget: $1 million (1% of profits)  Timeline: January to April  People are usually trying to get into shape because of a New Years resolution or trying to get fit for summer. We want to hit that audience.  Company Website & Email, Online Advertising & Mobile, and Social Media
    6. 6. + Company Website & Email  Website ($250,000)  SEO strategy with keywords placed in the HTML code  Help drive search traffic to the site  Targeted landing pages  Email ($50,000)  Loyalty program  Quarterly discounts  Weekly updates on what’s new
    7. 7. + Online Advertising & Mobile  Online Advertising ($300,000)  Google ads to help drive search traffic  Facebook ads  Banner ads on blogs and relevant sites  Mobile ($300,000)  Mobile website  Create an app  Interactive mobile ads  Mobile banner ads
    8. 8. + Social Media Facebook ($100,000)  Current Facebook page markets the brand  Needs to engage more with customers, give them an incentive Twitter & Pinterest ($100,000)  Current methods of engaging with customers are working  Great ways to bring customers to the Lululemon website YouTube $500,000)  Currently has product demo videos  Could create instructional videos and allows users to view for free or as part of a loyalty program Blog ($200,000)  Provides useful information for customers on yoga, running, and leading an active lifestyle  Would be a great place for loyalty program offers and discounts Expansion/Emergency Fund $100,000)  Other social media sites like Tumblr could also be used to connect with consumers  Money to spare in case we need more in one area
    9. 9. + Metrics of Success  Increased ROI of 20% or higher  Compare ROI before and after marketing strategy implementation.  Increased customer engagement  Compare customer engagement by viewing number of Tweets, Facebook hits, and blog responses logged compared to the past.  Increased traffic to the Lululemon website  View Google analytics to see if traffic to the site has increased since the marketing strategy launched.
    10. 10. + Conclusion & Thank You  Lululemon is a growing and successful company.  With strategies suggested in this marketing plan, along with strategies currently implemented, Lululemon should see an even greater increase in sales for many years to come.  THANK YOU!