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NJ Online Investment Account

  1. 1. Presenting NJ Trading & Demat Account Presenting Power for Your Investments
  2. 2. Need of Change ….??? Current Transaction System Modern Transaction System
  3. 3. Accurate Transaction, Zero Queries Speedy Transaction Execution Need of Change....???
  4. 4. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC One time documentation No Need to Maintain KYC / Pan records of each client. No Need to fill up Bank Mandate every time along with SIP application. For any modification to be done only in single application required.
  5. 5. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC Multiple mode of transaction. All Transaction can be registered in any mode of transaction Call N TransactOnline Through Net banking Offline - Using single application & cheque
  6. 6. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC Mutual Funds Capital Market & ETF Bouquet of products Smarter way of building Liquid AUM @ low operational cost
  7. 7. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC All types of Transactions possible. In mutual Funds SIP Purchase Redemption Inter AMC Switch & STP In Capital Market Buy / Sell Equity SIP EFT SIP
  8. 8. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC Multiple options of payment remittance for Lumsum purchase using online mode. Any Bank offering Visa Debit Card can remit the money online. 6 Largest Bank for payment remittance through net banking.
  9. 9. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC ECS Facility for all banks subject to ECS location. Payment collection through ECS & Auto debit Facility for SIP for Online, on call & offline. 8 Banks through Auto Debit for SIP. ICICI , HDFC , AXIS , SBI , BOB , UBI , IDBI & CITI BANK
  10. 10. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat ACBenefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC Saves operational time & effortsConsolidated Application for multiple schemes. No more multiple application for advising different schemes. Saves lot of travlling time & cost High accuracy ratio hence minimum queries. Time saved can be utilised for business generation activities resulted in to high revenue.
  11. 11. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC Safe & Secured online Transaction High Quality services with Lowest possible cost. - Instant alerts on all transaction done. - call N transact facility as never before. - periodical statements
  12. 12. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC Ease of charging Fees from clients Expand your reach beyond the geographical barrier.
  13. 13. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC Simple an uncomplicated process to transfer units to nominee. Open trading & demat ac in the name of nominee. Provide the death certificate Fill up transmission form. with in couple of day all holing units will be transfered to nominee's account. Note :- Above mentioned process is applicable assuming nominee is registered.
  14. 14. Benefits of NJ Trading & Demat AC Centralized Customer Care (18002000155) For Clients Current Mutual Fund holding Can be Converted in demat.
  15. 15. MF Trading on Exchange Transactions
  16. 16. Purchase Redemption SIP transactions offered on stock Exchange. Exchange Transactions – Mutual Fund Note :-Switch & STP will be available soon
  17. 17. Mode's of Exchange Transactions -Online On line through Net Banking
  18. 18. Lumsum Purchase transactions, Banks Account required for remitting the money online are – HDFC, ICICI, AXIS – Yes Bank, IDBI, SBI Amount debited from bank account will include investment + brokerage amount POA is Mandatory to avail this facility. Cutoff time for same day NAV is 2:00 pm. Instant email notification. SMS alerts on each debit & credit. Mode's of Exchange Transactions - Online
  19. 19. Transaction Demo – On line Mode's of Exchange Transactions - Online
  20. 20. Login Screen
  21. 21. Login main menu
  22. 22. Important note: Payment can only be done from the bank, which is registered with your Trading Account. If multiple transaction are added, a single payment will be made after consolidating all the amount. Total Amount will be Investment Amount + Brokerage charges. Mode's of Exchange Transactions - Online
  23. 23. Purchase Transaction - Confirmation
  24. 24. Bank Login - Payment & Confirmation
  25. 25. Off-line through physical applications
  26. 26. Lumsum Purchase transactions, All Bank Account cheques accepted. Cheque Amount would be Transaction Amount + Brokerage Amount Cheque amount below 1 lac, same day NAV applicable. Cheque amount above 1 lac, NAV of Cheque realization. Cutoff time for same day NAV is as per branch. Mode's of Exchange Transactions -Offline
  27. 27. Let's Chek SIP Enrollments
  28. 28. Registration of Bank Mandate is compulsory. SIP's of multiple AMCs / Schemes can be registered. For ECS Location – All Banks eligible for SIP registration. For Non ECS Centers Auto Debit facility available for below banks (Axis, CITI, ICICI , IDBI & UBI,SBI,HDFC ,IDBI, BOB) On Stock Exchange SIP can be registered in all mode of transaction. Online , Offline , On call First installment Cheque is not required. SIP will be registered in 10 working days SIP on Exchange
  29. 29. Online SIP Registration Online SIP can be registered irrespective of any Bank AC
  30. 30. Click here to register New SIP Transaction Menu
  31. 31. SIP Registration
  32. 32. Registration Menu
  33. 33. Registration receipt
  34. 34. Offline SIP Registration from
  35. 35. Redemption Transaction - Screen
  36. 36. Switch through TA-DA Switch on Exchange
  37. 37. Switch through TA-DA Switch Important Points: Inter AMC transaction switch available NJ is offering the Transaction platform. Two separate transactions (Redemption & Purchase respectively) shall be executed for single switch transaction submitted by client – Whether switch made in same AMC or inter AMC Customer enters Switch-In amount or gives “All units” switch Scheme investment criteria of purchase & redemption shall be applicable Brokerage shall be levied only on Switch in Transaction (Purchase) No brokerage shall be levied on switch-out (redemption). If switch out is rejected switch in transaction will also be rejected. If switch in transaction is rejected the switch out amount will be credited to client's registered bank account. There are 2 options for Switch transaction execution i.e. – T day – Fund realization
  38. 38. Modes available for Switch at NJ Switch through Multiple Modes Switch can be made using any of the modes as convenient by the customer All modes available for switch Transactions Online Physical (selected centers only) Through Call
  39. 39. Switch through TA-DA T day - Important Points Both Switch-Out & Switch-In transactions are executed on same day Maximum switch in transaction limit shall be Rs 1,99,999. A nominal transaction charges will be levied for T-day execution type. Charge Structure as below: Transaction charges & Brokerage will be collected from the redemption amount.
  40. 40. Switch through TA-DA Fund Realisation - Important Points Switch-In transaction will be executed on receipt of Switch-out redemption amount. No fund limit on Fund realization option No transaction charge applicable on the said option. If Switch In transaction (Purchase) gets rejected by Exchange, the Switch out Amount shall be refunded to the client. Brokerage if any will be deducted from the received switch out amount, the switch-in amount as mentioned by client will be then executed & the balance amount will be maintained in client running account & refunded.
  41. 41. Switch on Exchange Switch Online
  42. 42. STP through TA-DA STP on Exchange
  43. 43. STP through TA-DA Key Features STP through TA-DA Inter AMC STP available for MF on exchange platform Monthly frequency available with STP dates of 5,12 & 20 Only Fund Realization option available for STP registration Minimum gap of 10 days between STP registration & first installment date. There will be two option to register the STP – Till balance available(Funds) – Number of Installments. Depending upon scheme type the Switch-out transaction will be triggered in advance. Scheme investment criteria of purchase & redemption has to be full field for each STP installment, else the particular installment will not be generated. STP can be registered through all the modes available.
  44. 44. Capital Market Segment Launch & Training of Capital Market Segment Transaction
  45. 45. Difference between Cash & Mutual Fund SegmentDifference between Cash & Mutual Fund Segment Cash Segment: Buyers & Sellers are available. Trade takes place real-time & price fluctuates every second. Settlement of shares & funds is done on T+2 day by 10:30 am. There is a concept of Running account in Cash Segment Fund payment & Transaction processing are independent activities Settlement of funds & shares is done on Net basis. Shares allotment is not garunteed. Mutual Fund Segment: One party from Seller / Buyer shall always be AMC Only order is placed on Exchange before cutoff, while price is released EOD called NAV (Net Asset Value) Settlement of Fund is done T+1 day by member to exchange and Settlement of Units is done on T+2 day No concept of Running account in Mutual Fund Segment Fund payment & Transaction processing are connected activities ie fund is collected at the time of transaction itself. Settlement of funds & units is done on gross-basis. Unit allotment is garunteed.
  46. 46. Below mentioned are NJ policy for clients transacting in Capital Market Segment : Exposure of 1x (time) on the available Margin Selling of security from the available Holding Intraday buy / sell will be allowed, but intraday short sell will not be allowed. Securities bought on T day, will be available for selling on T+3 day after delivery is received from Exchange. Fund transferred through NOW online can be used for trading realtime. Fund transferred (before 6 pm) through NJ online website shall be updated on T+1 day. NJ Policy for Transaction -
  47. 47. NJ Policy for Transaction - Collateral Margin Collateral Margin The cash margin given to buy new securities against the existing securities held in the demat AC. NJ will be offering a collateral Margin only against liquid Bees (Liquid ETF) Benefit of offering collateral margin is client will earn the interest on the holding of liquid ETF Margin given will be equivellent to the value of securities available in demat account. No other securities apart from liquid bees will be allowed in collateral Margin.
  48. 48. Modes of transactions provided by NJ Dual modes provided by NJ. Online On Call
  49. 49. NJ Offering Transaction facility through below modes : Online through NOW platform (www.nowonline.in) Call & Transact (call on 0261 3987500) Fund transfer request through below modes : NOW online platform Trading Account online platform Call & Transact Reports related to transactions on Client / Partner / DDSD / Online trading desk SIP in Stocks / ETF (coming soon..)
  50. 50. Transaction flow (Exchange) - Buy Member updates margin on Terminal (NOW) Client transfer Margin (fund) from registered a/c to Member Client places order from Terminal Using online or CNT facility Client margin equivalent to the buy order will be reduced on Terminal After market hours, exchange provides trade file where all order details are provided (T day) On T+1 day fresh margin (fund) limit is uploaded on Termincal Member uploads the security (Holding) of client on Terminal for selling on T+3 day Securities are received from exchange to Member on T+2 day Member transfers security to client account on T+2 day
  51. 51. Fund Transfer Process Flow - Banks available for Now online - Currently HDFC / ICICI / AXIS / KOTAK bank client can transfer fund using NOW payment gateway from www.nowonline.in Online Trading Accont – New utility called Capital Market will be available for fund transfer for Capital Market transactions. Fund can be transferred through 2 options viz: Net-banking (HDFC / ICICI / AXIS / SBI / IDBI / YES) Debit Card (Any bank registered Visa Debit card) Call & Transact - Client with registered Bank mandate of HDFC / ICICI / AXIS can avail this facility Client have to call on - 0261 3987500 & give the fund transfer request before 3:30 pm. Fund transfer limit upto the Mandate limit specified.
  52. 52. Margin update Limit update TAT Cut off Remarks Real time - - T+1 3:30 pm Any amount Call & Trade T+1 3:30 pm Any amount Same Day (>2 lacs) 3:00 pm Call & Trade Same Day (>2 lacs) 3:00 pm Online (NOW) Online (NJ) Online (NJ) On receiving customer request On receiving customer request Fund withdrawal NA NA 3:30 pm T+1 Call & Trade 3:30 pm T+1 Client cut-off to submit request Processing TAT of NJ Online (NOW) Online (NJ) Margin & Fund Withdrawal TAT
  53. 53. Client Registration for Trading & Demat Case 1 NJ 2 NJ 3 Not required Not required Not required Not required Bank Proof Not required Client Category Current status with KRA Procedure for KYC In Person Verification Requirement Partner category In Person Verification By KYC Processing By Documentation required Additional requirement KYC Non Complaint (New Client) Not Available Fresh KYC application to be submitted Mandatory as per the SEBI regulations If Registered Authorized Person (AP) with NJ IPV Can be carried out by AP PAN Card Copy, Address Proof & Bank Proof No additional Requirement Not Registered as an Authorized Person (AP) Can be carried out as KYD Compliant ARN Holder Reliance AMC Zero folio application & easy invest form of Reliance with Cancelled Cheque Old MF KYC Complaint MF- Verified by CVL MF Change KYC Application to be submitted Mandatory as per the SEBI regulations If Registered Authorized Person (AP) with NJ Can be carried out by AP PAN Card Copy, Bank Proof No additional Requirement If not Registered as an Authorized Person (AP) Can be carried out by KYD Compliant ARN Holder Respective AMC of existing investment Account statement of respective AMC KRA KYC Compliant Client (After 1st Jan 2012) Verified By CVL KRA No KYC procedure required