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Augmented Reality in Practice


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Presented at the Institutional Web Managers Workshop, 27 June 2013. The abstract can be found at

This session was co-presented with Kate Robinson, University Librarian. Her slides appear elsewhere at

Published in: Education, Technology
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Augmented Reality in Practice

  1. 1. Augmented Reality in Practice Marie Salter & Nitin Parmar Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office
  2. 2. [ 20 May 2011 | ]
  3. 3. “Every Little Helps” [ 17 November 2011 | ]
  4. 4. “Augmented reality posters promote Domino’s deals” – The Drum [ 30 December 2011 | ] “Sky Sports to unleash major campaign for new F1 channel” - Campaign [16 February 2012 | ]
  5. 5. [ Forbes, 18 September 2012, ] Gartner’s 2012 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle
  6. 6. Images of Research 2013 [ ] “Six of the posters feature augmented reality. See a new dimension to these images with the free Aurasma app, available on certain smartphones. Once you've installed the app, open your browser and visit: to follow the Images of Research channel.”
  7. 7. Augmented Reality apps
  8. 8. Aurasma Studio
  9. 9. “AR provides a more effective way to enable learners to access content. A 'QR code' is simply a short cut to a URL – it has no other meaning in its own right. Many AR platforms use a visual browser to recognise an image. There is no need to add a special symbol to trigger the content. The trigger can be a source of information in its own right, it can give a clue about what the extra content may be, yet also still provide a message for anyone unable to access the extras.” [ The Guardian | 11 February 2013 | ] “For instance I see AR as a real opportunity for colleges and universities, not only as a way to market and promote themselves, but as a way to communicate with learners and improve the student experience.” “Universities should be using techniques such as augmented reality to develop students' skills”
  10. 10. Student Recruitment University Campus Suffolk and University of Birmingham are both part of growing trend in to use Augmented Reality in student recruitment. Make your prospectus come to life In our 2014 undergraduate prospectus and 2013 postgraduate prospectus we've used augmented reality to make them come to life. If you've got an iOS or Android device: 1. Download our free Look Deeper app from the App store; 2. Scan over the image wherever you see the icon; 3. Hear our students talk about life at the University of Birmingham - try it inside and watch our campus come to life [ ]
  11. 11. Pedagogical arguments for AR Immediacy of access to resources Provide links to resources to non-PC environments Situated learning Interactivity and choice Creating media rich experiences for learners [ JISC RSC Northwest |15 May 2013 | ]
  12. 12. Exploring the technology University of Exeter hosted a JISC funded project in 2010/11. [ ] The project will enable the campus to function as a „living laboratory‟ and reveal a dynamic landscape of flora and fauna at any time of day or season to a variety of audiences who wish to interact with this unique location. Using Augmented Reality, the campus will be transformed into an accessible learning resource to support the formal and informal curriculum. This location-specific information appears as an overlay superimposed on a viewing screen fed by the smartphone‟s built in camera.
  13. 13. “Reality check for student nurses” "The introduction of augmented reality has been a hit with our students and staff and it has allowed us to realistically assess how our students are going to perform when they are out on the wards.“ [ ]
  14. 14. Health CARE Project A JISC funded project being delivered by City University London looking at how AR can be used to enhance learning and teaching and for students in the School of Health Sciences. #1 Clinical Skills Laboratory Explores how resources can be overlaid over equipment, dummies and key areas within a clinical skills lab. #2 Public Health Walk/Locality Project Student nurses are allocated to a placement in East London and it is important that they gain an appreciation of the culture, history and social composition of the area they are working in. [ ]
  15. 15. Special Collections Project SCARLET Special Collections using Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning and Teaching Provides a model that other Special Collections libraries can follow, making these resources accessible for research, teaching and learning. [ ]
  16. 16. Let’s Build!
  17. 17. The Future? [ Google Glass, ]
  18. 18. Contact Details Marie Salter, e-Developments Manager | @marie_s Nitin Parmar, Learning Technologist | @nrparmar Kate Robinson, University Librarian