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who we are. how we started. our values.

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Yelo Press Kit

  1. 1. HELLO YELO Yelo is an entirely new concept in wellness. It is a sanctuary designed to help urbanites deal with the pressures of modern life through a unique combination of sleep and reflexology massage treatments. You emerge feeling revived, refreshed and balanced. Yelo is about time-efficient, results-oriented relaxation. Yelo offers a completely innovative experience: proven mental and physical rejuvenation through sleep and reflexology therapy. Yelo Reflexology massage treatments include the feet, hands and/or ears, and are designed to balance and ease specific aches or ailments so that you can emerge refreshed and energized. Yelo Reflexology may be experienced on its own for rest and relaxation or combined with a YeloNap. The YeloNap is our version of the Power Nap and lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. Naps of this length are medically proven to increase alert- ness and productivity. Yelo is not a spa. Yelo provides the deeper expe- rience of giving you back your time and space when you need it most. It’s about you. It’s about time.
  2. 2. THE YELONAP Sleep is a crucial part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Not getting enough can dramatically affect how we feel, look, and think. Prolonged lack of sleep can also have serious negative long-term effects. As many as 70% of employed Americans sleep six or less hours a night. 1 Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of obesity, slower reaction time, memory problems, irritability, anxiousness and depression. 2 Drowsiness on the job costs US businesses an estimated 130 billion dollars a year in lost productivity. 3 Corporations and individuals now understand that sleep therapy actually increases performance and alertness while decreasing stress. A 20-minute power nap three times a week can reduce the rate of heart disease in healthy individuals by 37% according to a February 2007 study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health. The same study also demonstrated a 64% decrease in coronary mortality in working men over 50. Recent medical studies have also shown a direct correlation between sleep and how our brain processes information. A nap after studying or learning a new skill can dramatically speed up learning and retention. 4 The YeloNap is our sleep therapy system. It takes place in our sleek, private cabins: the YeloCabs. When the nap begins, the zero-gravity YeloChair reclines to elevate your legs above your heart. This will slow down your pulse and encourage full relax- ation within minutes. At wake-up time, our LED lights will simulate a sunrise for a gentle and natural awakening. YeloNaps are available from a 20-minute minimum to a 40-minute maximum. You can choose the timing that suits you best within these two limits. Taking a nap for less than 20 minutes won’t provide you with enough rest, while a nap of more than 40 minutes will encourage a deep sleep, from which you might emerge feeling groggy. The YeloNap may be experienced on its own for rest and rejuvenation or combined with Yelo Reflexology — massage treatments designed to balance and ease specific aches or ailments and allow you to emerge refreshed and energized. 1 B. Shouse, Science Now, 5.28.2002 2 J. Maas, author of Power Napping, quoted by H. Hatfield, 3 Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 2003 4 Dr. Mark R. Rosekind, Ph.D., quoted on Discovery Channel
  3. 3. ABOUT THE FOUNDER Nicolas Ronco is the Founder and CEO of Yelo. His experience in the business and corporate world led him to consider the unmet needs of corporate “warriors” in major urban centers. During multiple business trips to Asia, Nicolas noted that long working hours, stress and pressure were better tolerated by those accustomed to taking quick recharging breaks during the day. Yelo was born when Nicolas realized that corporations and their employees in the West, as well as exhausted urbanites, would benefit from being able to renew their energy during the day, allowing them to return to work truly balanced and more productive. Nicolas decided to combine his business and marketing acumen with a lifelong passion for healthy living by creating a network of wellness centers specifically aimed at providing relevant and effective treatments and services. Nicolas has over 15 years of experience in direct marketing, online marketing, sales and business development in the entertainment, publishing and music software industries. Until recently, Nicolas was Vice President of Business Development and International Sales and Marketing for MakeMusic! Inc. During his tenure at this leading and publicly-traded (NASDAQ: MMUS) music software com- pany, Nicolas successfully launched the SmartMusic product line of music learning software. SmartMusic’s revenue has grown five times since its inception in 2001. From 1999 to 2001, Nicolas served as Vice President of Online Marketing and Regional Vice President for Trader Classifieds Media, a $450 million publicly- traded company on the French Stock Exchange. During his tenure at Trader, his responsibilities included oversee- ing online advertising, and e-commerce development in 18 countries. Prior to joining Trader Classifieds Media, Nicolas spent nine years with Time Warner direct marketing divisions in New York. Nicolas had P&L responsibility over the CD and video product lines and he managed direct marketing promotions to a customer database of 35 million active members and 120 million customers and prospects. He has traveled extensively in his quest to learn how different cultures fight stress, fatigue and exhaustion. He experienced reflexology and sleep therapy in Japan and performed volunteer work at an ashram in India, where he realized the importance of quiet centeredness and pervasive calm. This diversity of influences inspired the creation of Yelo. Nicolas holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Paris, Dauphine; and an MBA from the City University of New York.
  4. 4. YELO REFLEXOLOGY Yelo Reflexology massage can relieve the tensions and pressures caused by modern living, and may also be used to help you deal with more specific conditions or imbalances. Reflexology restores balance and promotes a general sense of wellness through the application of gentle but deep pressure to specific reflex areas on the feet, hands and ears. These reflex points correspond to all of the major organs, glands and nerve endings in the body. An ancient holistic art and science, Reflexology revitalizes the body and helps accelerate natural healing abilities. Opening up energy pathways, calming the nervous system and improving circulation, a reflexology treatment helps the body to achieve a state of deep relaxation. The feet and hands are considered to be a complete map of the body. They contain points which enable the therapist to access a multitude of aches, pains and conditions. For general relaxation, the hands are particularly useful to target tension headaches and muscular pain affecting the upper body, such as shoulder and neck tension resulting from strenuous computer work over a long period of time. For acute pain, such as intense back pain or migraine headaches, the ears are the zones to target. All Yelo Reflexology therapists are licensed New York State Massage Therapists and ARCB-Certified Reflexologists. Once accepted into our training program, they are specifically instructed in our YeloReflexology protocol and ritual. Once you begin to heal, the education begins about your own body and mind, par- ticularly how you internalize and manifest tension. We believe that this awareness will inspire you to take positive action in your life — first to learn how to understand the signs of fatigue and stress, and ultimately to care for yourself in the long term.
  5. 5. The YeloCab with the zero-gravity Yelo Chair. Neck and shoulder massage and reflexology.
  6. 6. YELO FAQ What is Yelo? Yelo is a new kind of wellness center, offering a combination of sleep and reflexology massage treatments. If you’re overworked or overtired, Yelo will help you relax, increase your alertness and promote your overall state of wellbeing. What is a wellness center? Why isn’t Yelo considered a spa? A wellness center is a place designed to help you restore mental and physical health. Yelo provides a completely innovative experience — proven mental rejuvenation through sleep and reflexology therapy. Yelo is about time-efficient, results-oriented relaxation. What’s the meaning behind the name Yelo? The name evokes the color yellow: strong and positive — and its association with the life giving force of the sun. The Y in Yelo stands for You, our client: the most important person in our company. What treatments are offered at Yelo? Yelo offers nap based, sleep therapy programs as well as Reflexology massage treatments combining aromatherapy, color therapy, sound therapy and detoxing programs. What is a YeloNap? The YeloNap is our sleep therapy system. It may be experienced on its own for rest and rejuvenation or combined with Yelo Reflexology. YeloNaps are available in five-minute increments from a 20-minute minimum to a 40-minute maximum. If I take a YeloNap, how can you ensure that I will fall asleep? We can’t guarantee it, but you have to experience it. Our state-of-the-art YeloCabs are private, uniquely-designed cabins that feature chromatherapy, aromatherapy and purified air. Our proprietary, custom-designed YeloChair elevates the legs above the heart to slow down your heart rate encouraging full relaxation within minutes. This relaxation response will quickly lead you to sleep. How will I know how much time I need for a nap? We set a time limit starting at 20 minutes up to 40 minutes. Taking a nap for less than 20 minutes won’t provide you with enough rest, but a nap of over 40 minutes will encourage too deep of a sleep, from which it will be difficult to awaken without feeling groggy. You can choose any nap length between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on how much time you need to relax and get settled. Yelo FAQ Page 1 of 3
  7. 7. How does Reflexology work? Excessive stress disrupts the natural functioning of all the body systems, or homeostasis. By using finger pressure and massage techniques directed at reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears, reflexology releases energy blocks that can cause pain, disability or tension. Reflexology also helps the body fall into deep relaxation, calming down the nervous system and allowing for better circulation. Most clients do fall asleep during our Reflexology sessions. This helps to put you in a better mood and increases your energy and productivity. Are there age limitations or contraindications for receiving Yelo Reflexology treatments? No, but please let your therapist know of any condition that may be applicable, such as diabetes or pregnancy. Reflexology is considered to be one of the safest and non-invasive forms of alternative medicine. Your therapist is trained to carefully work with these conditions. Do I need to remove any of my clothing? No, except for your shoes. What are some specific conditions that Yelo Reflexology can be used to help with? Allergies, Arthritis, Upper And Lower Back Problems, Colds, Cramps, Fatigue, Headache, Indigestion, Ulcer, Insomnia, Constipation, Depression, Drug Dependency, High Blood Pressure, Impotence, Infections, Kidney Problems, Liver Conditions, Menopause, Nervousness, Sciatica, Loss of Vitality. What is a YeloCab? YeloCabs are our patented treatment cabins. They’ve been designed to be the ultimate individual relaxation space—a sleek, private, self-contained environment. With our state-of-the-art sound system, you can customize your aural experience from a wide selection of relaxing music and environmental sounds. Choose your settings for chromatherapy and aromatherapy and be soothed by state-of-the-art LED color changing lights and relaxing scents. The YeloCab also features a technologically-advanced, custom-designed YeloChair that reclines deeply so the legs are elevated above the heart. This gives a feeling of weightlessness, which encourages full relaxation within minutes. Can you tell me more about the YeloChair? Custom-designed, thickly cushioned, and crafted of the finest leather, the YeloChair reclines deeply to keep the legs elevated above the heart, allowing the heart rate to slow down. This is called the zero-gravity position. It produces a feeling of weightlessness and induces complete relaxation within minutes. At the end of the session, the LED projector will simulate a gentle “sunrise” in order for the waking experience to be subtle and natural, not disorienting. Yelo FAQ Page 2 of 3
  8. 8. Where is Yelo located? Our flagship location is at 315 West 57 Street between 8th and 9th Avenues, New York, NY 10019. More locations in are planned in New York. How can I make an appointment? Clients can book treatment sessions at, or by calling Yelo at 212-245-8235. Walk-ins are also welcome. When will I start feeling results? You will start feeling results immediately. You will begin to relax and rejuvenate as soon as your session begins. The long-term effects are cumulative, and will increase steadily over time. Ideally, treatments work best if you are able to sustain a proper maintenance schedule. How can I get my company to enter into an agreement so I can be a corporate member? Participating companies may sponsor up to 50% of treatment costs for their employees. Speak to your human resources or benefits department about Yelo. If you provide us with the contact information, we will be happy to send them informational material. We also offer deep discounts to employees of participating companies. Major corporations have already signed on to our corporate programs for the benefit of their employees. What are the advantages of membership? Anyone may walk in and receive a treatment at Yelo if there is an available YeloCab, but only members may reserve an appointment ahead of time at Members are also eligible for discounts on treatments, free products and special promotions. How can I become a member? What does it cost? We offer individual and corporate memberships. You can become a Corporate Member if you work for a corporation that has an agreement with Yelo, and automatically benefit from our program. You can also purchase an individual membership in amounts starting at $100. Do you have other centers? We currently have one center on 57 Street. However, we plan on opening others in the future in New York, the US and other major cities around the world. To check for future Yelo sites, please visit Why don’t Yelo therapists accept tips? In order to truly relax, clients must be freed from typical spa-type protocols which serve the business rather than the client, like tipping. Our therapists are carefully selected, highly-trained professionals, and are compensated as such, which shows respect for them and the quality of work they perform. In this spirit, the only tip we’d like is for our clients to let us know how we can better accommodate their needs. Yelo FAQ Page 3 of 3