Healthcare Talent: Don't Lose Them at Your Site


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A strong career site is essential for finding and engaging healthcare talent. Here are seven tips to make your career site stronger.

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Healthcare Talent: Don't Lose Them at Your Site

  1. 1. Career sites continue to be cited as a central influencing medium for talent. It’s the first place candidates go when their interest is peaked and it’s the hub for getting candidates into your recruitment process, a pivotal moment in candidate cultivation. And yet, many hospitals and health systems seem to take a “set it and forget it” approach to their career site. Healthcare Talent Attraction: Don’t Lose Them at Your Site great career site not only attracts talent, it works to build a longer term relationship with them. We believe that a great career site also gives employers something more: a true competitive advantage. In today’s consumer- driven, fragmented communications environment, a truly excellent career page delivers on many fronts. Is your career site working to keep candidates engaged while moving them into your recruitment process? If you are seeing candidate drop-off then it might be time to roll up your sleeves. AA L O O K I N S I D E SEVEN CAREER SITE BEST PRACTICES MORE GREAT REASONS TO WORK ON YOUR CAREER PAGE A FEW SIMPLE IMPROVEMENTS WILL GO A LONG WAY Advertising | Marketing | Digital | Employer Brand | Talent Technology | ©2014 | Page 1
  2. 2. Seven Career Site Best Practices While there are many ways to make your career site a great candidate experience, here are seven of our favorite best-practices to consider. 1. Put your culture front and center Culture, mission and values connect with candidates, particularly those who are not yet fully active in their job search. Passive candidates who are just beginning to look around will be swayed to another organization if they feel a better culture fit. 2. Make your jobs searchable within your career site A searchable career site is a core component of high-performing career sites. It allows candidates to find jobs that are most relevant to them. More and more, candidates expect to be able to search by job category, location and/or keyword. 3. Showcase urgent jobs and mine the list Focusing on urgent jobs will direct the right talent to the right job and will help you focus on those jobs that are most urgent to you. Make sure that these jobs are clearly promoted using techniques like positioning on the page, color or a symbol. Once you separate these jobs from the others, separate out the applicants too. This allows you to have a distinct list of candidates that will be your go-to file when you have to recruit for the job again. 4. Provide easy navigation to and from corporate page Candidates will naturally flow between your career site and your corporate site. They are looking for more information as well as validating their interest in you as a potential employer. Make sure that they can easily traverse between the two sites without having to “backspace” their way to and from your career page. Unnecessary pop-up pages and overly convoluted navigation will frustrate candidates and discourage them from applying. 5. Align career site with corporate site and social media Now that you have candidates easily navigating between your career site and corporate site, key messages, content and design need to be aligned. And, you will also need to integrate and align social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others. Consistency of presentation and messaging are important ways to ensure that your candidates receive your employer branded messages wherever they are.. Healthcare Talent Attraction: Don’t Lose Them at Your Site Advertising | Marketing | Digital | Employer Brand | Talent Technology | ©2014 | Page More Great Reasons to Work on Your Career Page: Sourcing Pool A career site – one that includes a talent community – will increase your pool of candidates which will lower sourcing costs. Higher Quality Candidates Career sites that include both job posting “amplifiers” and simple assessment tools deliver and qualify higher quality candidates. Getting the right talent the first time reduces rehiring costs.
  3. 3. 6. Create a talent community for high-powered recruitment performance Focusing on talent communities is the next evolution of your career site. A true candidate community approach not only means capturing candidate profiles in a database, it ties into the very threads of what makes up a community: interaction. Use your career site to connect your recruiters with candidates, employees and other stakeholders. And, let them connect with you and each other. For example, use share technology to allow candidates to share your jobs on Facebook and reward employees who do the same. 7. Engage Finally, it’s important to be engaging. You’ll want to create an experience that rewards candidates for visiting, registering in your talent community and applying for your jobs. Providing an engaging experience is one way to reward them for their time. Videos as well as recruiting-based gamification are examples of ways to engage candidates. Also, being accessible and responsive to candidates is an easy way to not only engage candidates; it will most likely set you apart from your talent competitors. We think that competition for healthcare talent is tough and it’s only going to get tougher as talent shortages persist. You work hard to find and attract talent; don’t lose them at your site. Fortunately, a few simple improvements will go a long way to cultivating and acquiring the talent you need. Advertising | Marketing | Digital | Employer Brand | Talent Technology | ©2014 | Page 3 Healthcare Talent Attraction: Don’t Lose Them at Your Site The David Group is a leader in healthcare recruitment advertising, marketing and communications. We work with clients to help them find, attract, engage and keep talent. Our services include advertising, marketing, digital, employer brand and talent technology. We know what works. Another Great Reason to Work on Your Career Page: Powerful Presence and Accelerated Momentum Integrating a career site with multiple social media sites in a seamless and employer branded way not only creates a powerful presence, it accelerates momentum as an employer of choice. Career sites are about engage candidates developing a community