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Event Planning


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Event Planning

  1. 1. EVENT PLANNING! Presented by
  2. 2. Presented by My background includes experience in non-profit events, corporate engagements, new business initiatives and general event marketing promotions. These opportunities have allowed me to progress quickly and explore a variety of different industries.
  3. 3. Presented by
  4. 4. Presented by 70 CORPORATE SPONSORS 3 BENEFITING ORGANIZATIONS 4 FINALISTS 1 WINNER THE PURPOSE: SUPPORT CHILDREN & FAMILIES BATTLING CANCER EVENT OVERVIEW My Role: Managed lines of communication with corporate sponsors and their donation information Appointed as the primary contact person for the Lombardi finalists and their supporting coaches Coordinated the production of event collateral & worked with directly sponsors for their event program advertisement
  5. 5. Presented by Above is a 2011 finalist, Jonathan Martin from Stanford University. Part of the Rotary Lombardi tradition also includes an event hosted at local Houston YMCA for Y Youth Sports. My role was to coordinate this with the facility and all participating parties. In addition, I was responsible for managing the day-off event logistics. EVENT OVERVIEW
  6. 6. T3’s Mobile Innovation Series: Kick off event San Francisco, CA Hosted by: T3, PCMag, & Netbiscuits Featured panelists: MMA BabyCenter CBS Interactive JPMorgan Chase EVENT OVERVIEW My Role: Lead coordinator, and primary point of contact for all participants, guests, and featured press Project Manager for the following: Venue research Mailchimp Event materials RSVP list Mobile website Video recordings
  7. 7. T3’s Mobile Innovation Series: New York, NY Hosted by: T3, PCMag, & Urban Airship Featured panelists: UPS AOL PCMag Urban Airship EVENT OVERVIEW My Role: Lead coordinator, and primary point of contact for all participants, guests, and interested press Project Manager for the following: Venue research Eventbrite Event materials RSVP list Video recordings Press initiatives
  8. 8. Mobile continues to transform our lives and our businesses, even as it confounds marketers trying to take advantage of its promise. We’re hell- bent on making mobile work and sharing our insights and knowledge. Our “Business on the Move: How Mobile is Changing the Game” events—co-hosted by PCMag Mobile—are provocative one-night presentations designed to examine mobile’s impact on the consumer landscape, breakthrough technologies and success stories. Our mobile events kick off with a cocktail reception that sets the tone for an informal exploration of the industry by experts already pushing mobile frontiers. The reception gives way to short presentations by PCMag’s Sascha Segan and T3’s Ben Gaddis, followed by a lively panel discussion. Segan will touch on how mobile is transforming our world and specific industries. Gaddis will then move the discussion into how we plan, concept, develop and deliver mobile marketing. Moderator Dan Costa from PCMag will then lead his panel of experts in a discussion of how businesses are using mobile. Joining Costa will be Rachel Carawan, UPS; Jay Kirsch, AOL; and Daisy Lai, Urban Airship. #T3mobile How Mobile is Changing the Game Huge thanks to PCMag and Urban Airship for their support in helping us host events that spawn insights and spark conversations about the future of mobile marketing. Presented By: T3 • PCMag • Urban Airship Vice President, Innovation and Growth • T3 Ben’s focus is firmly set on the technology horizon, from where he leads the agency’s growth and innovation group into emerging applications and media strategies for T3 clients. Ben’s technology bona fides were honed crafting search and mobile marketing strategies, first at Omnicom’s mobile marketing agency, ipsh, where he was vice president and director of business development, and at T:M Interactive, where he helped American Airlines launch its first mobile initiative and developed enterprise- level mobile strategies for Frito-Lay, Nokia and AT&T. BEN GADDIS Lead Analyst • PCMag Mobile Sascha has reviewed hundreds of cell phones, PDAs and ancillary gadgets in nearly five years with the PCMag Digital Network. He is also a columnist for and speaks frequently in mass media on cell-phone- related issues. His commentary has appeared on FOX News, CNBC, CNN, various radio stations and in newspapers from San Antonio, Texas, to Edmonton, Alberta. In 2008, Segan won a Regional Gold award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors for his columns on; in 2007, he won a bronze award from the Society of American Travel Writers for an article on traveling with cell phones. SASCHA SEGAN Mobile Technology Consultant • Urban Airship Daisy currently manages Urban Airship’s agency partnerships on the East Coast, drawing from several years in the mobile industry with experience spanning business development, mobile strategy and campaigns and the full range of mobile messaging technologies, including SMS, MMS, shortcodes and mobile push messaging. In a complex and ever-changing industry, she has led consulting engagements between wireless carriers and companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 on how to create and execute innovative strategies that effectively achieve business goals and drive profits. DAISY LAI President, Business, Technology and Entertainment Group • AOL Content Brands Jay manages the Business, Technology and Entertainment properties within AOL’s Content Brands Group. His responsibilities include strategy, product development, marketing and editorial management for brands including AOL Autos, DailyFinance, Engadget, TechCrunch and Moviefone, among others. Jay joined AOL in November 2010. Prior to AOL, Jay was President and CEO of Imaginova, a digital media and ecommerce company that included businesses such as, Orion Telescopes and Space News. JAY KIRSCH Mobile Program Manager • UPS Rachel has been with the interactive/digital team at UPS since 2006, and has focused on mobile efforts since 2009. Today, she is responsible for the overall user experience and design of customer-facing mobile and tablet properties. Along with keeping an install base of 3 million users happy, she also works with other functional teams within the company to incorporate a mobile-first approach into their respective efforts. She has lived in the Atlanta area for 13 years, which practically qualifies her as a Georgia native. RACHEL CARAWAN Editor-in-Chief •, SVP of Content • Ziff Davis Dan oversees the editorial operations for,, as well as PCMag’s network of blogs, including AppScout and SecurityWatch. Dan makes frequent appearances on local, national and international news programs, including CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC and NBC, where he shares his perspective on a variety of technology trends. Prior to arriving at PCMag, Dan was Editor of the CNET Fortune Technology Review, managing editor at and an associate editor and columnist at Computer Shopper. DAN COSTA Speakers EVENT COLLATERAL In addition to the event logistics, I coordinated the production of all event materials. These brochures were prepared for the event attendees and featured the six panelist participants along with a quick overview of the event. Since T3 is a full service agency, my responsibility was to work with the creative, printing, and quality assurance groups to create the marketing collateral.
  9. 9. EVENT PARTICIPATION Featured above, are representatives from brands who have contributed to the mobile transformation in business and industries today. T3’s mobile events provoked important insights and provided relevant knowledge to a forward thinking audience. From start to finish, my role was to ensure each event was successful. Click here to view the panel discussion.
  10. 10. 27 TEAMS 12 HOURS 67 DEVELOPERS 38 APIS 1 GOAL: HACK FOR CONVENIENCE EVENT OVERVIEW My Role: Lead coordinator, and primary point of contact for all event participants, guests, and interested press Project Manager for the following: Eventbrite Event materials RSVP list Mobile website Video recordings Press coverage Participant coordination
  11. 11. PRESS COVERAGE 7-Eleven News Room and PR Newswire featured the SXSW Hackathon. This competition was open to the public and allowed consumers to have the chance to create an original product. T3, the developer of 7-Eleven’s 38 APIs, hosted this event at their Austin headquarters. Their partnership with 7-Eleven allowed the agency to demonstrate how technology will consistently improve consumer’s lives.
  12. 12. EVENT RECAP Click the above image to access a quick event recap on T3’s blog page and view a short video overview of the 2013 SXSW event.
  13. 13. 3 BOATS 3 KEGS 150 GUESTS AUSTIN TOUR LAND & LAKES 1 GOAL: CELEBRATION BOOZE CRUISE EVENT OVERVIEW My Role: Lead coordinator, and primary point of contact for all event participants, guests, and interested press Project Manager for the following: Eventbrite Event materials RSVP list Press coverage Participant coordination
  14. 14. EVENT COLLATERAL To celebrate the SXSW Hackathon competition, T3 hosted an additional SXSW event and rented out three duck tour boats. The agency created all signage and event promotion materials. My role was to coordinate the production and co-manage the event logistics. As the lead project manager, I helped plan the event from beginning to end.