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Ten Demandments


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Ten Demandments

  1. 1. THE TEN DEMANDMENTS OF PROFESSIONALISM • Always treat others with respect and preserve their dignity. • Always do what is in the students’ best interest. • Seek solutions, not blame. • Model tolerant, patient, dignified, and respectful behavior. • Use the least intrusive intervention possible. • Connect with your students. • Instill hope for success (otherwise there is no reason for kids to behave in your class). • NEVER do anything disrespectful, illegal, immoral, ineffective, bad for health/safety, or that you wouldn’t want done to you. • NEVER give up on a student. You may be frustrated with the actions of a student, but keep believing in his/her ability to learn. CATCH KIDS BEING GOOD….A LOT!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIGNITY AND RESPECT… We are all entitled to it, yet those who can’t advocate for themselves need caring people to ensure their lives are dignified and they are respected. DON’T ASSUME… That just because a person has limitations and may be non- verbal, that they don’t hear you, understand
  2. 2. you, and feel hurt by your words, tone, or actions.