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The Connectivity Declaration - Susan Zielinski, Managing Director of SMART, University of Michigan


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The Connectivity Declaration - Susan Zielinski, Managing Director of SMART, University of Michigan

  1. 1. CONNECTING AND TRANSFORMING THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION Susan Zielinski Managing Director, SMART, University of Michigan
  2. 2. - Government, Business & NGO & academic partners - Ford a founding & ongoing partner (Human Rights Code) - SMART – Labs then research then education - Aims: user accessibility, operator supports, economic opportunity - Foundations & Gov: NSF, Mott, FIA, EPA, FHWA LEARNING LABS/ PILOTS FOR THE NEXT INFRASTRUCTURE Building from Bremen Germany Model – Michael Glotz-Richter India Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore, Delhi South Africa – Cape Town US – Michigan (Connect & Prosper, TTRCC), LA region, Ann Arbor, DC, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, Honolulu) Brazil – Confederation of Municipalities Europe – Lisbon & Cascais, Portugal; Warsaw, Poland
  3. 3. MY MASOCHISTIC CAREER PLAN: - move to belly of beast - work on sustainable transportation
  4. 4. What I learned: Until recently, Transportation IS Cars Everything else is “Alternative” (i.e. for those who can’t afford cars & why would we care about them anyway?) Talking about “Alternative” transportation is a bit like saying women are alternative men RATHER, What we’re seeing is a SOPHISTICATED EVOLUTION
  5. 5. … as Thomas Friedman might say … TRANSPORTATION IS FLAT OPEN SOURCE, MULTI-MODAL, MULTI-SERVICE, IT ENHANCED USER FOCUSED, SOCIALLY EQUITABLE, AESTHETIC LIVABLE WHOLE SYSTEMS TRANSPORTATION TRANSLATION: More Choices; More Connected Choices (New Mobility) EMERGING GLOBAL NEW MOBILITY INDUSTRY TO SUPPLY IT The current value of New Mobility markets can be measured in the billions of dollars.”Building a New Mobility Industry Cluster in the the Toronto Region” (MTE & ICF)
  6. 6. What might it look and feel like? VEOLIA’s Jules & Julie
  7. 7. People Act When They Have Opportunities to Act (as long as it’s easier than watching TV)
  8. 8. CONTEXT: URBANIZATION From 50% - 2/3 by 2025; 81% in US; 90 % world economy Coming years: At least 35 cities more than 10 million RESULT: Almost all transport has at least an urban component
  10. 10. modes
  12. 12. technology
  13. 13. infrastructure Autos, Car-Share, Bikes…
  14. 14. design
  15. 15. products
  16. 16. moving peoplemoving people moving goodsmoving goods moving lessmoving less
  17. 17. systems of systems CONNECTIVITY/OPTIMIZATION IS THE NEW BLACK (silver bullet)
  18. 18. In ecological terms, it should come as no revelation that as cities grow and become more complex and diverse, they begin to create more efficiencies. Ecosystems grow from simple systems with a few pioneering species to more mature ecosystems with diversity and interconnection. Thus, after a fire or flood, or some other disturbance, a cleared piece of land will begin developing the structure of its ecosystem with an emphasis on rapid simple growth. After a period it becomes more diverse and more efficient as it establishes a more complex network of interactions Peter Newman
  19. 19. A heart? A lung? Pituitary gland? Your choice What is better? What is the silver bullet? I only use my heart I’m too rich and powerful to use my capillaries
  20. 20. THE MANY FACES OF CONNECTIVITY / OPTIMIZATION • spatial / physical / modal • service • technological • economic (open source) • institutional & policy (public private innovation) • cultural / psychological (range of benefits)
  21. 21. NEW MOBILITY GRID / NEXT INFRASTRUCTURE  Connects Mode Service Product Technology Design  Door to Door (feeds trunk, focused on user)  Scalable / incremental / all yeses / induces demand  For all shapes & sizes of communities & regions  Short term / long term (not land use / policy dependent)  Sexy (design) & Safe & Equitable  Resilient & Robust (Katrina / 911)  Business, Innovation, Job Opportunities Multi-amenity hub Simple hub Unanticipated CoBenefits
  22. 22. FOUR STEPS -- LIVING LAB APPROACH 1. CONVENING – The Crucial & Often Under-Rated First Step 2. MAPPING – An Engaging and Tangible Catalyst for Action 3. PILOTING & ROLL-OUT – Start with Hologram for Wider Spread Roll-Out 4. MOVING MINDS – Speak a new language (Rumi, Philip K.Dick) 5. (NETWORK with other living labs – April summit, virtually)
  23. 23. Traditional Transportation Meetings Attendees: Usual Suspects NEXT GEN Meetings: Positive, Public Private Innovation 0:00 1:40 1:50 2:00 Agenda:What Sucks (and sometimes why) Solutions Laundry List Quick attempts at prioritization Adjourn
  24. 24. MAPPING (a big breakthrough) Ann Arbor survey: - most people asked for what’s already there
  26. 26. Some Companies Leading the Way on IT / New Mobility Mix • Ashok Leyland • Cisco Systems •Faurecia • Ford • Google • IBM • Infosys • Inrix • Mapunity • Microsoft • Qualcom • Siemens • Velankani •Veolia • and more… Public Private Innovation
  27. 27. Increase travel speed for all vehicles: 30% Shift from private to public transportation: 20% Example: LB Road, Chennai PILOTING / LEARNING LAB Chennai & Cochin
  28. 28. Moving Minds Did Philip K. Dick predict or shape the future? 3- year pilot underway L.A.
  29. 29. NEW ROLES PUBLIC SECTOR – incentives to connectivity / systems convening beyond the usual gov. players / implementing PRIVATE SECTOR – public private innovation, new products, marketing New Mobility culture ACADEME – new models based on real world contexts, understanding & advancing solutions (not just problems) NGO’s – informing / new approaches, partnering, engaging constituencies / implementing
  30. 30. INVITATION / SHAMELESS PLUG Transforming Transportation: Economies & Communities Book Cadillac, Detroit April 7 – 9, 2011
  31. 31. SMART Connections: • or email me • new blog – • Connect and Prosper in Michigan • international summit in Detroit April 7 -9, 2011 • primer (thanks to FIA Foundation!) • learning labs (in pilot cities) • business network • research collaborative • global learning community
  32. 32. DISCUSSION