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Leading With Your Strengths - Crash Course in Gallup StrengthsFinder


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Learning about Gallup StrengthsFinder and how to use the information to achieve your natural potential.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Leading With Your Strengths - Crash Course in Gallup StrengthsFinder

  1. 1. Leading With Your Strengths
  2. 2. • Graduated from Benedictine College in 2008 • Served as the Resident Director of St. Scholastica Hall from 2010-2012
  3. 3. Photo Credit
  4. 4. Photo Credit
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  8. 8. What about YOU? • Name • Hometown • Top 5 Themes • Why did you decide to come to BC
  9. 9. o Credit
  10. 10. Achiever Activator Adaptability Analytical Arranger Belief Command Communication Competition Connectedness Context Deliberative Developer Discipline Empathy Focus Futuristic Harmony Ideation Includer Individualization Input Intellection Learner Maximizer Positivity Relator Responsibility Restorative Self-Assurance Significance Strategic Woo
  11. 11. Talent vs. Strength Talent – naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied. Strength – ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in a given activity.
  12. 12. Five Clues to Talent Yearning To what kinds of activities are you naturally drawn? Rapid Learning What kinds of activities to you seem to pick up quickly? Flow In what activities did you automatically know the steps to be taken? Glimpses of Excellence What sorts of activities do you naturally do well? Satisfaction What kinds of activities give you energy and a sense of passion?
  13. 13. Building Your Strengths Skill Talent Knowledge Strength
  14. 14. Barrier Labels labels undercut and unfairly judge a strength.Credit
  15. 15. Why Strengths? Photo Photo Photo Photo
  16. 16. “ ” A leader needs to know his strengths as a carpenter knows his tools, or a physician knows the instruments at her disposal. What great leaders have in common is that each truly knows his or her strengths – and can call on the right strength at the right time. This explains why there is no definitive list of characteristics that describes all leaders. - Dr. Donald O. Clifton
  17. 17. Three Types of People
  18. 18. Weakness Define it and move forward. Photo Cred
  19. 19. • A weakness is something that gets in your way or in the way of others. • Is it a non-talent or a weakness? Weakness vs. Non-talent
  20. 20. Dealing With Weakness • Open communication/transparency • Get the RIGHT training • Leverage other talents • Use support systems • Form complementary partnerships
  21. 21. Balconies and Basements Photo Photo
  22. 22. One Final Note About Strengths • Affirm and Integrate! – Learn to appreciate and value your own unique set of talents, then turn them into strengths. • Great leaders know what they do best and capitalize on those qualities.