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  • Vision of the school—mission statement—learning for lifeWe need to enable students to be lifelong learners in the 21st century..
  • Kulik used meta-analysis—examined and synthesized over 500 tech/achivement related studies.
  • As we continue to move into the global age of information, independent thinking, self driven learning, and ollaboration are all essential parts of a complete education…
  • The picture is a diagram of how Apple sees the role of technology in the classroom. Before we begin to think that apple did a study to sell it’s products, it turned its research over to independent educational researchers who were to report objectively on the results of the experiments…
  • It is hard to test for and measure enthusiasm toward learning. Tests have their place, but we cannot mesure everything…also, ACOT DID raise test scores in some settings, Kitabchi (1987) reported the Memphis project resulted in “significant” gains on the California achievement tests…
  • West Virginia project: began phasing in basic skills tutorial software early 90s. By mid 90s each group had been included, and in 99 analysis of the most often cited research pieces dealing with technology and acheivement… clearly shows tutorial based software can be effective
  • The graph shows the difference in stanford 9 test scores among students who utilized star voyagers, a math simulation geared for 5, 6 and 7 th gr. Students…beg scores in yellow, increases in green…
  • Laptops-certainly a popular initative right now…but no research points to any level of success raising student acheivement
  • BECTA released a white paper on smartboards. Very interesting—lots of good information about how they found them to be very helpful in increasing student motivation and engagement…
  • All of these are important for any school. As we struggle with making AYP, the math achievement is very important. Of course, teachers need time to work with the technology developing their own skills. If we truly are a community of learners, it is a natural to think that teachers will be learning new skills along with their students!!
  • Technology Presentation

    1. 1. Why our school needs to continue to invest in technology Nick Amb
    2. 2.  Computer based instruction shown to be effective  Deeper Thinking  Apple Classroom of Tomorrow  ACOT FINDINGS  Tutorial Software  Simulation Software  Laptops  Whiteboards  Vision
    3. 3. Kulik (1994): Large research project, combining over 500 individual projects to see whether or not technology makes a difference.
    4. 4. Experimental Group Control Group 64th Percentile 50th Percentile Students Learn More in less Time No change More positive attitudes No change
    5. 5. Deeper Thinking Better Collaboration More involvment in their own learning Baker, Gerahart, Hermann (1994)
    6. 6.  Apple Computer worked together with educational researchers in the early 1990s to see what impact placing students in a technology rich environment would have. ◦ Students were immersed in technology ◦ Teachers were well trained, and knew how to use the technology and how to teach with it.
    7. 7.  1. Higher level reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving skills  2. Major impact was on student perceptions, attitudes, and changed teaching practices  3. ACOT did NOT necessarily raise “test scores.” Perspective: Not everything our kids need can be tested
    8. 8.  West Virginia Basic  Solomon (1999) found Skills Project: The iniative was more cost  Students provided effective than a 35 to 20 class reduction, more basic tutorial software instructional time, or in basic skills cross age tutoring. instruction.  SIGNIFICANT gains on the Stanford 9 shown through this statewide project. (Mann, 1999)
    9. 9.  Wenglinsky (1998) studied the impact of simulation software on student achievement in math as measured by the NAEP test  8th graders who used such software showed gains in math scores of up to 15 weeks above grade level.  Improved school climate  Increased higer level thinking skills
    10. 10.  Donovan (2003)  Nice to have, not a notes that there is no need to have! direct connection between laptops and improved student achievement  MAY contribute to a tech rich environment  As price continues to fall, we will see more students with access on their own
    11. 11.  British government agency BECTA: special report on white boards  Provided the teacher has adequate training, the research points to increased student motivation and engagement!
    12. 12. Better Prepared Tech Rich Environment Fully Functioning Students Computers in the classroom and labs Better Math Scores Tutorials: Elementary Simulations: Middle School Better Teacher Training and Smart Boards Engaged/Motivated Implementation Tech Rich Environment Students Better School Climate Students feel better about themselves and their learning!