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Solarize Uganda Now Update


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Nathan Thomas, Director of All We Are, gave the club an update on the SUN project.

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Solarize Uganda Now Update

  2. 2. 1992: Born in Toronto 1999: Moved to Ohio 2009: AWA is born May 2015: B.S. in ME June 2015: Moved to NC Aug 2015: Joined Rotary July 2016: Inducted as President of Raleigh Midtown Rotary Club July 2017: Started serving D7710 as Membership Chair
  3. 3. We're on a mission to electrify 50 schools by 2025.
  4. 4. August 2015 4 schools January 2018 18 schools The Power of Rotary
  5. 5. 50% of Africa’s population is under 15 THE POTENTIAL
  6. 6. Unreliable power stunts education & growth THE PROBLEM
  7. 7. THE SOLUTION SOLARIZE UGANDA NOW (SUN) Stable ● Safe ● Expanded study hours
  8. 8. ➔ Training and hiring local workers Sustainability TRANSACTIONAL VALUE IN PROJECTS ➔ Investing in the local economy
  9. 9. 2017 District Grant - Solar Installations at 8 Ugandan schools - 600+ LEDs installed - 173 Teachers - 5093 Students
  10. 10. THANK YOU ROTARY!SUPPORT 2017 Rotary Club of Raleigh Midtown Rotary Club of Raleigh Rotary Club of North Raleigh Rotary Club of Cary Cary-Kildaire Rotary Club Rotary Club of Capital City Apex Sunrise Rotary Club Rotary Club of Clayton Rotary Club of East Chapel Hill Rotary Club of Crabtree Rotary eClub of D7710 Rotary Club of Research Triangle Park South Brunswick Islands Rotary Club Rotary Club of Cincinnati, Ohio Nateete Rotary Club of Kampala
  11. 11. Christmas 2017!
  12. 12. THANK YOU North Raleigh Rotary!SUPPORT 2017 Hope Vision Day and Boarding School Mityana, Uganda Students & Teachers: 520 Number of Lights: 76 Additional Hours of Light Received: 1548 (as of April 30, 2018)
  13. 13. PLANS 2018 Solar Village
  14. 14. Location: Butambala District
  15. 15. BUTAMBALA NEEDS ASSESSMENT Total Population: 100,840 Population aged 0-17 years: 58,791 (60%) Major needs: water, electricity, and healthcare
  16. 16. Solar Village Concept Solar Lighting Solar Powered Wells Solar Refrigeration
  17. 17. Solar Lighting - 5 Area Schools Nearly 3000 students and teachers Solar power would allow schools to board students and make sure they have ample time for night preps. Currently students walk home—for some, that can be up to 5 kilometers away.
  18. 18. Need for Water - Over 3000 residents There is currently one water pump in the community that produces 20 liters of water a day. Villagers are forced to collect dirty water from open wells. Solar powered borehole wells will provide 64,000 liters of water for the community
  19. 19. Solar Refrigeration - Kitimba Health Centre III Serves 8,000 people. At the Health Centre, the major issue is the lack of refrigeration. The clinic does not have access to electricity and stores vaccines on ice in a "cooler". A solar refrigeration system will enable long-term storage of medication and vaccinations.
  20. 20. Rotary Collaboration Cary Macgregor Rotary Club SUN Project Kaihura, Uganda Electrifying three School and Kaihura Health Centre Joining forces with the Rotary Club of Kyenjojo, Uganda to lead the project from community needs assessment, to fundraising, to implementation.
  21. 21. Rotary Collaboration Capital City Rotary Club Uganda Project Wakiso, Uganda In 2017, RCCC electrified Kinaawa Parents Academy. Joining forces with the Rotary Club of Nateete-Kampala, Uganda to lead the project from community needs assessment, to fundraising, to implementation.
  22. 22. January 2018 18 schools December 2018 30 schools The Power of Rotary