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July 12 2017 Announcements


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Each week we post our announcements and other meeting information.

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July 12 2017 Announcements

  1. 1. July 12, 2017 Meeting of the Rotary Club of North Raleigh WELCOMEto the
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Dr. Stan Elliot Director of Academic Affairs Shaw University
  3. 3. Last Week’s Photos
  4. 4. Last Week’s Photos
  5. 5. Last Week’s Photos
  6. 6. Last Week’s Photos On our website and on our Flickr album or
  7. 7. Follow our Social Media Accounts Scan here
  8. 8. Member News Avani Sutphin was born on June 19th. CONGRATULATIONS Chase and Tressa!!
  9. 9. Email the 2017-18 Board of Directors board-of-directors
  10. 10. Need to know Where and When? Check the club calendar on the website
  11. 11. Club Calendar
  12. 12. Next Week Meet District Governor Shafi Parekh
  13. 13. Save the Date!
  14. 14. Put your Announcement on These Slides Email info to: announcements
  15. 15. The Jack Andrews Golf Tournament Needs VolunteersAttend the Tournament Committee Meeting When: Wed. July 19th at 12 pm Where: Sertoma Arts Center Contact Matt Towler or Curtis Stevens for more details
  16. 16. Not on a Committee or Project? 50th Anniversary Board of Advisors Club History Communications/Public Image Website Social Media Bulletin Directory Local News Media Evening Meetings Foundation TRF Giving Palmer Endowment Fundraising Grants Membership Programs Socials Holiday Banquet Installation Banquet District/Zone/RI Total Life Center Gifts Miracle League Adopt-A-Highway TC & Bill Parker Scholarship NC Boys & Girls Home Raleigh Parks Projects Habitat for Humanity Interfaith Food Shuttle IFFS Mobile Market Guatemala Literacy Project Guatemala Student Support Group Global Grants, District Grants Dominican Rep Latrine Project Uganda School Electrification Rotary Youth Exchange Friendship Exchange Peace Center Adopt-a-Peace Fellow Disaster Relief Global Scholarship Fellowships Action Groups Service Exchange Vocational Training Team Vocational Award Rotational Meeting LaunchRALEIGH Bridges to Success Networking Events Club Service Community Service Int’l Service Vocational Service Take a Kid to the Ballgame 4 Way Test Essay Contest Alex Wilson Scholarship Interact Rotaract RYLA Rotary Against Drugs Speech Youth Service
  17. 17. Did You Know? Our Club has a LinkedIn Company Page Add your history in the club to your professional experience on your LinkedIn profile
  18. 18. Is Your Member Profile up to Date? Log into the club’s website and check It should look something like this
  19. 19. Use the Member Home Page To update your profile * Requires login to view Member Home menu
  20. 20. Presidential Citation ProgressREQUIRED ACTIVITIES □ Pay our July 2017 club invoices on time. □ Pay our January 2018 club invoices on time. □ Report volunteer hours and service project contributions in Rotary Club Central. SUPPORT & STRENGTHEN CLUBS Achieve at least 4 of the following goals: □ Set at least 10 goals in Club Central. □ Update the club’s strategic plan. □ Achieve a net gain => 2 members. □ Achieve a net gain => 2 female members. □ Achieve a net gain =>2 members under 40. □ Engage members in activities outside regular club meetings. At least one club social activity or more than 50 percent of our club’s members participated in club service activities. □ Sponsor or co-sponsor a new Rotary club or a Rotary Community Corps to expand Rotary’s reach in our community. □ Sponsor or co-sponsor an Interact or Rotaract club to involve young people in Rotary. X X X X X FOCUS & INCREASE HUMANITARIAN SERVICE Achieve at least 4 of the following goals: □ Sponsor, or participate in, a polio- related fundraising or awareness event. □ Partner with The Rotary Foundation by sponsoring at least one project funded by a global grant or a district grant. □ Carry out at least one project focused on the environment. □ Collaborate with other Rotary clubs in our region to increase a project’s scope and visibility. □ Involve Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary Community Corps members, or Rotary alumni in club projects and events. □ Increase our club’s total giving to The Rotary Foundation by at least 10 percent . □ Increase the number of members who give $25 or more to any Rotary Foundation fund. □ Attain a minimum Annual Fund contribution of $100 per capita. □ Use the Rotary Ideas platform, to contribute to a project or seek resources for our club’s local or international projects. ENHANCE PUBLIC IMAGE & AWARENESS Achieve at least 4 of the following goals: □ Use Rotary’s brand guidelines, templates, and other resources in all our communications. □ Regularly update our club website and social media accounts. □ Host and promote a community event to support World Polio Day, and register it on □ Engage our community by hosting at least one networking event for local professionals, community organizations, or Rotary alumni. □ Establish or continue a partnership with one or more corporate or government entities or NGO and work on a project together. □ Host a community forum or seminar about an issue that’s important in our community. □ Have local media cover a club project, event, or fundraiser. □ Promote peace and develop future leaders by sponsoring or hosting at least one Rotary Youth Exchange student or sponsoring at least one participant in a RYLA event.
  21. 21. Our Members’ Years of Service 0 - 1 yrs, 12 2 - 3 yrs, 6 4 - 5 yrs, 3 6 - 10 yrs, 9 11 - 15 yrs, 7 16 - 20 yrs, 2 21 - 25 yrs, 9 26+ yrs, 8