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S3 Presentation

  1. 1. Sunrise SoftwareSolutionsCorporate PresentationOctober 2010
  2. 2. Contents 1. Value Proposition & Growth Strategy 2. Customer Says 3. S3 Vietnam • Mission & Vision • History & Growth • Infrastructure • Services • Software Outsourcing • Market Development • Innovation & Entrepreneurship • Valued Customers 4. Why S3 • People Strengths • Low Attrition & Cost BenefitsPage  2
  3. 3. Value Proposition & Growth Strategy Software Outsourcing Services A Transformed provider of Outsourced Software Development Services from Vietnam offering creative solutions, predictability of delivery, strong commitment with valuable customer orientation Market Development We harness our Matured knowledge, professional network and deep understanding of culture to leverage and help our global partners expand their market reach and presence Innovation and Entrepreneurship ~ i.e.@S3 S3 is Different, i.e.@S3 is a nest where innovation and creativity is incubated by applying a range of skills and services. i.e. enables ideas of entrepreneurs to develop to the stage where it can fly on its own First Vietnamese Software Company to be Awarded a PatentPage  3
  4. 4. Customer Says  "S3 engineers are intelligent and hard working, and when working in our office they have blended well with our internal engineering team. They have been very responsive to our needs and have worked quickly to resolve any issues. It is my pleasantly surprised by the relative lack of turnover in the S3 team, which is a major benefit given the relatively long learning cycle when coming up to speed on our product set. It was also surprising to me how cost effective S3 was particularly when compared to India based outsourcing vendors" Steve Martin VP Engineering Ruckus Wireless Inc., USA  "S3 has been a responsive, talented, and professional organization for us, providing both quality assurance and development projects at a competitive price with the highest quality. We continue to use S3 because of these traits, and leverage their skills as an extension of our in-house development group. Our experience with S3 has been excellent." Dr. Tim Parker Vice President Research and Development Absolute Software Corp., CanadaPage  4
  5. 5. Vision & Mission  Vision  To be the change leader and innovative software outsourcing company  Mission  To be a leader of innovation in the Vietnam software Industry  To be the best in class value service provider for our stakeholders  To promote software development competency of Vietnam in the global market.  To deliver the best services and satisfactions to employees, customers and partners  To enable our partners enhance their business and social value through the use of information technologyPage  5
  6. 6. History & Growth History  Incorporated company and founded in July 2007  Currently 90+ engineers and growing  English is the official working language  Core and management team have 10+ years in software outsourcing Nortel NTT IBM TCS Sasken  Dedicated, talented, experienced and multicultural team Continuing to grow organically and through innovationPage  6
  7. 7. Infrastructure  Development Center  At 57 Bach Dang, HCMC-Vietnam, near Tan Son Nhat airport  Capacity for double size  Plans for expansion in Hitech Park  Power and Telecom Infrastructure  Power supported 24/7  Backup power generator and UPS  1 x 10Mb & 1x12Mb optical ADSL+ 2x1Mb leased line internet connection, supported redundancy  Intellectual Property Protection  Dedicated/secured lab for each customer project  Secure network: VPN connection, private subnet for each customer, etc  System following BCP/ISO/TL9000 best practicesPage  7
  8. 8. Software Outsourcing We reduce development and maintenance costs significantly through high-quality and low-cost predictable software and testing solutions Application  Full life cycle development Development  New feature development  Enhancement Maintenance &  Porting, migration Support  Localization  Product verification Testing  Test automation  Automation developmentPage  8
  9. 9. Market Development We work with best in class partners for synergy and market growth through our matured-knowledge, professional networks and deep understanding of cultures  WI-FI solutions  S3 is a partner of Ruckus Wireless in Vietnam  Billing Systems  Suntec, a global leader of Relationship based Billing Solutions  Telematics  S3 is a technology partner of TheNextBusIsPage  9
  10. 10. Innovation & Entrepreneurship Leading the wave of innovation for sustainable social and economic development, we offer  Prototyping to establish POC (Proof of Concept)  Building the system/application  Provide strategic and counseling/advice to management  Other advisory services related to:  Patents and IP Protection  Business Planning  Partnering 4 Projects under incubation, 1 Patent Awarded, 2 Patents PendingPage  10
  11. 11. Valued CustomersPage  11
  12. 12. Why S3 – People Strengths  Rich experience working with global companies:  Nortel Networks, NTT, IBM France, Tata Consultancy Services, Sasken, etc S3 Employees  Fast learning, dedicated, and high morale team  Modern organization and a strong management foundation  Multicultural team  40% have been onsite S3 promotes innovation and this is reflected in our worksPage  12
  13. 13. Why S3 - Low Attrition & Cost Benefits  Competitive compensation package  Payment  Insurance S3 Employee  Allowance  Various short term and long term benefits  Friendly and modern working environment  Good training policies Training  Good people development processes  Good care  Employee’s events  Employee’s family  Employee’s children fund Lower Attrition, Better Employee & Knowledge Retention compared to India or ChinaPage  13
  14. 14. THANK YOU CONTACT  Thanh Nguyen – CEO Email: thanh.nguyen@s3corp.com.vn Cell: (84) 90 305 6608 Tel: (84-8) 3547 1411, Ext: 2003 your Placeholder, enter own text here  Head Office Address: 57 Bach Dang Street Tan Binh District., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Website: www.s3corp.com.vnPage  14