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Epic R&J project


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This is the handout I created for my Romeo and Juliet Project with Van Meter schools.

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  • Can you tell me how you assessed this?
    Also did you provide the students with a 'summary' of the other scenes so that they 'got' what was happening within the play?
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Epic R&J project

  1. 1. Grosse Pointe South and Van Meter High School Present: The Tragedy Of Romeo and Juliet Photo courtesy of jaffera from Flickr
  2. 2. The Epic Romeo and Juliet ProjectIntroduction:For the next 8 weeks, students are going to write, act and produce an act fromShakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Each class will be in charge of aselect act that they will work on during the course of the unit. At the end of the unit,all 5 acts will be pieced together on video and shown at a premier event on SaturdayApril 30th.Student Responsibilities:Every student will have a role in the class production. They are responsible formeeting all of the guidelines for their job.Class work:Students will spend Monday through Thursday in class discussing the play andtaking an in depth look at one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. Every Friday,students will be in the computer lab working on their assigned projects for theirspecific role. All students will be given due dates for all of the individual works. It iscritical that students use the in class lab time to complete their work because muchof their work will be needed by other students for their jobs.Homework:This project is too large to be completed in the class alone. All of the students will beexpected to work on their specific roles on their own time as well as class time. Ifstudents ever have trouble completing any work at home, it is important that theycontact their teacher as soon as possible.Important Dates:Monday February 28th – Project BeginsMarch 11th, 18th, 25th, April 1st – Computer Lab work DayApril 15th – All work, including filmed Acts, is dueApril 16th – April 22nd – Spring Break (Editing of film will take place over break)Saturday April 30th – Premiere! The completed movie will be shown at school
  3. 3. Student JobsDirector – 2 per classResponsibilities: • It is the job of the director to oversee the work of all of the other students in class working on the Act • It is important that they communicate with the other students • They will make sure that all work is completed when due • Directors will also work with the directors of the other Acts to ensure the movie flows together well • Directors will need to communicate with the Producers (teachers • Directors are in charge of securing locations for filming • Directors will be in charge of keeping a written account of their work twice a week using a student created blog o This blog can be used to share ideas, pictures and other thoughts on the process of making a film o Multiple directors may share a single blog • Any other work assigned by the ProducersCameraman – 1 per classResponsibilities: • Works closely with the director o Help scout locations for filming • Film all parts of their designated act • Work with the advertising crew • Provide final pieces of film to the Producers • Work with the directors and Producers in editing • Maintain a blog that details the filming process
  4. 4. o The blog must be updated twice a week. o Photos of locations with explanations must be uploaded once a week. • Any other work assigned by the ProducersActors – Around 20 Total*Note – Students will audition for the various roles in themovieResponsibilities: • One of the biggest jobs during the course of the project, students will memorize the lines provided to them by the writers • Actors will need to work with the directors closely and be available for filming • Students will write a blog post twice a week detailing the work they are putting into the role • Any other work assigned by the ProducersWriters – 2 per classResponsibilities: • Writers will be responsible for meeting virtually with the writers from the other classes o It is critical that this is done early to determine the type of story that is going to be told • Once the story is decided, writers will be in charge of editing the text and providing the actors with their scripts • Writers need to work closely with the directors • Writers need to work closely with the prop-masters and costume designers
  5. 5. o Writers should provide detail to props and costumes so they may acquire the necessary materials for the movie • Writers will be responsible with providing pieces of the script to the Producers and the rest of the class at the end of every week. Producers will make copies if scripts are handed in at the start of the day • Any other work assigned by the ProducersProp- Masters – 2 or 3 per classResponsibilities: • Prop-Masters need to work closely with the writers and the directors to ensure that all materials are ready when filming starts • Prop-Masters will be in charge of designing and acquiring all of the materials for filming • The Producers must approve all sketches before they are created • Prop-Masters must keep a blog they update at the end of every week detailing sketches made and how the props were created and/or acquire • Any other work assigned by the ProducersCostume Designer – 1 or 2 per classResponsibilities: • The Costume Designer will need to work with the directors and writers to find the correct wardrobe for the actors • The Costume Designer needs to work with the other costume designers from other classes to ensure that
  6. 6. actors are all wearing the same clothes in the different acts • The Costume Designer will need to work with the actors to make sure the find the correct sizes and pieces • The Costume Designer will need to create sketches of the costumes for all of the actors in the film o All sketched must be approved by the Producers before they created/purchased • The costume designer will be responsible for maintain a blog that will detail the various sketches and costume designs they have created o This blog must be updated every Friday • Any other work assigned by the Producers.AdvertisingAdvertising will be broken into 3 departmentsPrint Advertising – 9-10 per classResponsibilities: • Designing Posters and Fliers that promote the movie to the school and the community o Prints ads should contain the following  Title  Show date  Location  Actors names  Visual elements  Lines from the movie • Work with actors, directors, prop masters, costume designers and other students to get pictures for print ads • Maintain a blog that will be updated on Fridays
  7. 7. o Blogs will be used to showcase the student created ads  Each student will need to provide a detailed explanation with each ad • Any other work assigned by the ProducerVideo Advertising – 2 or 3 per classResponsibilities: • Create videos that promote the movie • Work with the directors, actors, writers and other students to create clips and film trailers • Maintain a blog that will detail the work done each week o A video must be uploaded every 2 weeks  All videos must be approved by the Producers before they are uploaded o There must be at least two blog posts every week detailing the steps taken to create each video • Any other work assigned by the ProducersSocial Media Advertising – 1 to 3 per classResponsibilities: • Coordinate with the other advertising students in the class • Use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc) to promote the movie o Suggestions:  Create Twitter accounts for the play • Characters  Create Facebook Accounts for the Movie and
  8. 8. characters • Coordinate with the other classes to have a central page  Create blogs that character might use o Parent permission to use these tools is required. See the Producers for more details o The Producers must clear all content created using Social Media before it is published. • Students must maintain one site that provides links to all of the social media projects they create o This blog must be updated every Friday • Any other work assigned by the ProducersSoundtrack – 3 to 5 students per classResponsibilities: • Work with directors and writers • Use creative commons music to match the mood and tone of the movie o • Maintain a blog that details the music choices for the movie o The blog must be updated once a week with a new song and an explanation that details where it is used in the move and why it is a good choice. o The blog must be updated once a week with a playlist that character from the movie would listen to  These songs can be popular songs with links to videos  Each song should have a few sentences that explain why they like those songs.
  9. 9. • Any other work assigned by the ProducersMISCELLANEOUS • Students will be graded on the work they complete • A student’s grades will not be impacted by the work of other students • Communication is key o Please keep in touch with your director and Producer if there are any problems • The due dates for assignments are firm • If there are any questions, please see the Producer as soon as possible