US Embassy Tech Meetup


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Presentation about what the FOSS community in nepal are doing on, and where i am relovling for ICT in Education

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US Embassy Tech Meetup

  1. 1. Prakash NeupaneAmbassador | OKFN NepalFounder President | CSITAN Member | FOSS Nepal
  2. 2. Nepali Wikime OSM RAN MTAN ICTAN dia Nepal OKFN FOSS Nepal Mobile Nepal CSITAN NepalMitraku nj OSAC What I am doing? GDG Mozilla Nepal KTM NRICTS ROPC ITS UNICTS Nepal Nepal CAN ISOC NESO GPA UNI Nepal
  3. 3. Amrit Birendra sagarmathaCampus Sidhanath Patan Campus Campus New Nagarju St.Xavier Summit na College Prime New College Summit CSIT Association of Nepal Bern Aberdeen Herdt Himala yan Ambition Asian Herny NCCS Ford St.Lawrence Academia CAB Madan College Bhandari
  4. 4. FOSS Nepal communityInitiated on 2004 and registered on 2005 Around 1200 membersAround 4000 online discussion Students, Hackers, Language specialist, Advocates, Professionals, educatorsOrganized and participated on more than 100s oflocal, national and international programs
  5. 5. IOE KU KathOSAC NOSK OSAC FOSS FOSS FOSS Nepali OSM NepalWikimedia FOSS Movement FOSS Nepal Mozilla OKF Nepal NepalPokhara Butwal Chitwan Hetauda Dhangadi
  6. 6. FOSS ka kura FOSS Install Festprojects Activities FOSS Nepal FOSSTraining Localization FM Deployment Programs
  7. 7. Software Open Data Document Open softwareFreedom Day Day Freedom Day challenge LTSP NationalDeployment Exhibitions[InfoT Events ech] FOSS Nepal OERBootcamp Workshop FOSS MOST Linux Conference Orientation Migration and Training
  8. 8. FOSS Contacts:• Mailing list:• Website:• IRC : #foss-nepal
  9. 9. OKFN NepalNepali chapter of global community : Open Knowledge Foundation Network,dedicated to promoting open data and open content.(currently in Ambassador stage)Believe in the power of openness,promote open knowledge because to deliver societal benefits:•Better Governance : increased transparency and citizen engagement•Better Culture : greater access, sharing & participation to cultural materials/activities•Better Research : reap full benefits from research activities•Better Economy : development of new innovative tools and servicesStarted from March 1st.Hosted Document Freedom Day, localized panton principles, localized web content.
  10. 10. OKFN Nepal PrioritiesOpen Data Open GLAM Localization
  11. 11. OKFN Nepal Contacts:• Mailing List:• Website:• Facebook: Nepal/610321522327415
  12. 12. ICT in EducationWorking for ictializing education in NepalMotivating schools, teachers and students to use open content which is developedon the base of nepali curriculum and available freely.Training teacher for efficiently use technology in daily teaching life.Developing communication channel for implementing e-learning for schoolWorking for building standardization and certification.Team Member of E-education with Information and communication Technology forunderprivileged group(EEICT) and workingCollaborating with other similar minded organization.
  13. 13. Building framework Open BuildingEducational System Resources E-Education Training Teachers
  14. 14. Thanks