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Headlines and SEO


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Headlines and SEO

  1. 1. Headlines & SEO
  2. 2. Headlines make or break the story 2
  3. 3. Three P’s of a great web headline Parsability -Is it easy to understand? -Do you understand the story without additional context? Promise -What the reader will get? Proper Nouns -Words that the reader seeks. 3
  4. 4. “A joke that works is complete knowledge in a nanosecond.”Steve Martin
  5. 5. 5 Steps to a great web headline1. Identify relevant words and information (proper nouns)2. Identify what’s interesting about the story3. Write, then rewrite4. Find better verbs5. Check with a colleagueo Bonus: Is it Tweetable? 18
  6. 6. Relevant words: Relevant information:Budget Deficit Women should make up half of the committeeSuper CommitteeWomenDebt CeilingCongress$1.5 trillionWhat’s interesting about the story?- Women, who represent half the population,should make up half of the super committee.- A committee that decides our tax obligationsshould represent the population by gender.
  7. 7. Women missing from Super Committee on deficit dealWomen absent from Super Committee on deficit dealCall to action: Super Committee Must be Half WomenSuper Committee Must be Half WomenSuper Committee Should be Half WomenBudget Deficit Best Solved by WomenBudget Deficit Best Solved with WomenWhy the budget deficit should be solved with women*Is the budget deficit gender biased?*Women: Deficit in the Super CommitteeFemale Deficit in the Budget Super CommitteeDeficit: Women in BudgetBudget crisis needs a league of extraordinary ladies*Secret weapon for the budget crisis: womenThe case for a half-woman Super Committee
  8. 8. Relevant words: Relevant information:water -Drop in precipitation by 4 - 5 %peril -Will be 5 - 6 degrees warmer in the Central Valleyrain -Existing infrastructure cant keep up withdrought changes to climateglobal warmingclimate changeinfrastructureCentral ValleyCaliforniaWhat’s interesting about the story?-Something has to change in order to break even-Existing infrastructure cant keep up with changes to climate
  9. 9. Report: Less rain, more pain this century for California water suppliesRivers and dams cant keep up with California climateRivers and dams fall behind Californias warming climate*6 degrees of separation between…6 degrees in Central California: The difference6 degrees of heat in Central California may pinch water supplies6 degrees of heat in Central California: the state is not ready6 degrees of heat in Central California: state water supply not readyCentral California temps to rise by 6 degrees...California still has no waterCalifornia still has water issuesCalifornia yet to overcome water crisisFor California water crisis, glass still half empty*Why California rivers need more rain
  10. 10. SEO likes 25
  11. 11. How does Google work? Crawls text, imitating user behavior -Google crawls from left to right -Google crawls from top to bottom Headlines rule 26
  12. 12. What does Google like? Fresh content – news rules Text, Text, Text Relevant proper nouns Linking out to quality pages Being a credible established source of news Quality sites linking to you 27
  13. 13. SEO dislikes 28
  14. 14. What does Google dislike? Little or no text Bad headlines Abbreviations New domains vs. 29
  15. 15. Titles Exercise 30
  16. 16. Questions?Ki-Min 31