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a small sentence give though provoking

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Today's message 2part

  2. 2. I asked God to keep YOU happy.God said - OK, only for 4 daysI said OK, Summer, Winter, Rainy & Spring DAYSGod said - No, only for 3 daysI said OK- Yesterday, Today & TomorrowGod said - No, only for 2 daysI said Day & NightGod said - No, only 1 day I said OK - "EveryDAY" God Laughed & said OK
  3. 3. “Our HOPES should be likeour Hair & Nails,No matter how many times they getcut, they never stop Growing”.
  4. 4. Life Sometimestakes unknownTurn!Dont be afraid totravel it!Some day that turnwill take you tountouched heightson top of the world!
  5. 5. Be Simple but Look Stylish!Be Tough but Look Soft!Be Tensed but look Cool!Be a Winner but look like a Beginner!That is the Way to Lead Life!
  6. 6. The Trouble with the World is that,The Stupid’s are Full of Confidence &The Intelligents are Full of Doubts.SHAKESPEARE.
  7. 7. Every one Say "Neverexpect anything fromanyone". But the Truthis when we really loveor like someone wenaturally expect alittle care from themand try to do little helpto them nothing butaffection.
  8. 8. Friendship is not a just a word!Not only a relationship!It’s A silent promise which says" I WILL B WITH U "WhateverWheneverWhereeverForeever…..
  9. 9. Lifes theory: Everyone isgood to you, till you expectnothing from them…! Andyou are too Good to themonly till you fulfill theirexpectations.
  10. 10. A paper flyingin air is due toLUCK.But a birdflying in air isits EFFORT.So dont worry,if LUCK doesntsupport,EFFORTS alwaystake us HIGH.
  11. 11. "Time is always with the people who have the courage to fly…Not with the people who stand on the ground and watch the sky…"
  12. 12. Life is a rope that swing us throughhope, Always believetoday is better than Yesterday andTomorrow will be better than Today.
  13. 13. WORRYINGdoes not takeawaytomorrowsTROUBLES,it takes awaytodaysPEACE.
  14. 14. Actual meaning of Morning is “More + Inning”Means 1 more inning given by God to Play and Win.
  15. 15. There are millions of people in this world! Then whyare you born? Because God is expecting somethingfrom you, which is not possible by millions!
  16. 16. Very True:We evaluate ourselves by whatwe are capable of doing:Others evaluate us by what wehave already done!
  17. 17. When God takes away something fromyour hands, Don’t think? He ispunishing you. But He is merelyemptying your hands for you toreceivesomethingbetter.
  18. 18. Believe where others doubt!Work where others refuse!Save where others waste!Stay where others Quit!You will win where others lose!
  19. 19. Why do weneed a Closefriend, whenwe have somany friendsaround us…. ?A great writersaid: There aremany GASESin the Air butwe still needonly OXYGEN.
  20. 20. There are two Short ways to buy peace in Life:"Forgive what you cannot forget, andForget what you cannot forgive.
  21. 21. Desire is the starting point of all achievement,Not a Hope, Not a Wish, but a keen pulsatingdesire which transcends everything.
  22. 22. Read deeply to get the inner meaning.He knows not, he knows not he knows notHe is a fool – shun himHe knows not, he knows he knows not - He is innocent. Teach himHe knows, he knows not he knows. - He is asleep. Wake himHe knows, he knows he knows. - He is wise. Follow him
  23. 23. Friendship – One Good Book is equal tohundred good Friends…But, one understanding Friend is equal tomore than a Library…!!
  24. 24. “Life is all about three things…“Winning, Losing, and Sharing”Winning others Heart.Losing bad things andSharing Happy moments.
  25. 25. “In order to have a comfortable journey of Life., Reducethe Luggage of Desires”
  26. 26. Intelligence is not to make nomistakes, But quickly to seehow to make them good.
  27. 27. All things in the World are Valuable only Twice in Life…One is before getting and other is after losing it.
  28. 28. "Success with a Negative Attitude is calledLUCK,Success with Positive Attitude is calledACHIEVEMENT.Be an Achiever always.
  29. 29. Forgiveness does not change thepast, but it does enlarge the future.Forgiveness is the glue that repairsbroken relationships.
  30. 30. A correct decision will double your Confidence…!andA wrong decision will double your Experience…!
  31. 31. OPTIMIST-A person who while failing from Eiffel Towersays in the Midway See I am not injured yet…!OPPORTUNIST:A Person who starts taking bath if heaccidently falls into a river.FATHER:A banker provided by nature
  32. 32. Sweet Trust:“If we GET whatever we LOVE, there is noRESPECT for TEARS”,“If we LOVE whatever we GET, there is no NEEDfor TEARS”
  33. 33. Negative thinkers focus on "Problems"..!Positive Thinkers focus on "Solutions"..!So, Be Positive at any time in your Life.
  34. 34. "Missing someone when you are alone is notAffection".BUT., "Thinking of someone even when youare busy is calledReal Relation".
  35. 35. The First person thatyou think of in themorning and the lastperson you think ofin the night is eitherthe cause of yourhappiness or thecause of your pain.
  36. 36. The Great Distance in the World isJust 14 inches… from the mind tothe Heart… But… We spend ourwhole life to cross it.
  37. 37. TRUE LINES:Smooth Roads nevermake Good Drivers.Clear sky nevermakes Good Pilots.Problem free Lifenever makes a strongman.So, Dont ask life"Why me?" Say,"Try me!".
  38. 38. MISER:A person who lives POOR so that he can dieRICH.
  39. 39. TRUE LINES:Smooth Roads never make Good Drivers. Clear skynever makes Good Pilots. Problem free Life nevermakes a strong man. So, Dont ask life "Why me?"Say, "Try me!".
  40. 40. Never win Someone with argumentbut defeat them with your Silence.Because people who always want toargue with you,Cant bear your Silence!
  41. 41. One Rainy day, a mother picked up her son from school thinking thathe will fear the Lightning….On the way she found him smiling at the sky for every strike oflightning…She asked him why? He smiled and said "God is taking my photo.I have to look good. Thats why I smiled.Life is very simple. It is the attitude which makes it complicated.
  42. 42. UNIVERSAL TRUTH:We learnt that SUN rises in East & Sets in West.FACT: Sun neither rises nor sets, only earth rotates.MORAL: Education spoils our common sense.
  43. 43. "Distance never separates anyrelation!Time never builds any relation!If feelings are true from heart?Then friends are always"FRIENDS"till life ends...!
  44. 44. BEST QUOTE: "Lead your Life Like aDictionary,providing meaning to EVERYONEWHO refers to YOU!
  45. 45. Everything is "Pre written" and Nothing can be "Re written" So live the Best! and Leave the Rest!
  46. 46. NICE LINES: "The hardest thing in life is to explain the reason why you care about someone?.It is like trying to explain the taste of WATER!!!"
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