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How to live, parents should advice childrens in good manner

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Foundation english

  1. 2. However tall the building may be, if the foundation is strong, it can take the jerks, the storm, and the earthquake. It might shake, but shall stand strong without collapsing. I heard one of my friends saying, "I just don't trust my daughter. She lies a lot." Her trust in her child was totally shaken. It actually made me think, "In spite of hailing from a good family, going to schools, why do kids lie? Is it because of the company they keep, the exposure, the temptations, or is it because of the uncertainty, because of some fear, or is it because of something else?”
  2. 3. However, because I Knew my friend, I couldn't help but turn a few pages in my mind about her. I have heard my friend telling others on the phone that she had come home 15 minutes ago, whereas in reality she would have reached home an hour ago. Once I ate something at her place. Cherishing the dish, I asked her, "Wow, you made it?” She said, “yes". In that moment, by noticing the way her daughter glanced at my friend, I could make out that actually she had not prepared the dish. These so called harmless lies are part of her life. And her children are observing all these.
  3. 4. Parents who want to go out but not take their children along would tell them, "We are going to the Doctor's clinic". When children bunk school for reasons not acceptable to the school, as parents, we help them by getting false certificate from doctor. So often spouses hide things from each other and support the same by telling a lie. To cover up that one lie, the same would be followed by a series of lies. Children are witness to all these-at times silently and sometimes as active participants. They grow up hearing lies, seeing lies, experiencing lies and being victimized by lies.
  4. 5. In all such incidents, the children are implicitly told that it all depends on convenience. It's okay to lie in order to escape a situation. Subconsciously their mind gets conditioned to it. The obvious question is, "Who is responsible for this?“ We may not have total control over the company of our children, the temptations and exposures they have today. But we definitely can guide them and mould them in the right direction, through the way we live our life.
  5. 6. Once the foundation of a concrete structure has been laid and the building has come up, not much can be done. Once the building is constructed, its foundation cannot be changed… But, as human beings we are gifted with the power that even if we have erred in the past and have a weak foundation, we can still strengthen it, work upon it and correct it.   Let us do our best for our children by being worthy role models, and HE will take care of the rest.
  6. 7. Courtesy: Frozen Thoughts = vol.9 issue 3 = September 2009 page No.25 Brought to you by Na. Prasannan, B.A., Trichy, Tamilnadu, India [email_address] , 9488019015, 9941505431 See my slide share side for 4 Language Power Points http:/ / /nprasannamenglish http:/ / /nprasannamtamil http:/ / /nprasannamhindi http:/ / /nprasannammalayalam