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Daily message sms


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SMS message collection

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Daily message sms

  1. 1. Collection ofTodays Message (SMS) from Trichy Prasannan Have a Pleasant Day
  2. 2. Lifes tragedyis thatwe get oldTOO Soonandwise TOOLate.
  3. 3. Fact:Everybody seemsto be SPECIAL atfirst sight,But only theSPECIAL onesmaintain their levelof dignity till thelast sight of theLife.
  4. 4. Two places are theMost Valuable in theWorld:-"The beautiful place isto be in someonesTHOUGHTS"."The safest place is tobe in someonesPRAYER".
  5. 5. The 3 Cs of Life:1. Choices 2. Chances 3. Changes"Make a Choice to take a Chance then your Life will Change"
  6. 6. When someone is so Sweet to you,Dont expect that they will be like that all the Time…Because even the sweetest chocolate has an Expiry Date..
  7. 7. No matter how painful or difficult decision you have made in Life.As long as you can sleep well at night, it means you have notmade the wrong choice.
  8. 8. " DISCUSSION is the way for gaining KNOWLEDGE…."" ARGUMENT is the way for gaining ENEMIES…"
  9. 9. " TIME is a rareLuxury which cannever bepurchased at anycost. So whensomeone spendsit for you, itdefines the depthof CARE & LOVEfor you ".
  10. 10. Honesty isa veryExpensivegift.So dontexpect itfromeverybody.Becausenot all arerich byHeart.
  11. 11. Life is " X X X "Yesterday is Xperience,Today is Xperiment,Tomorrow is Xpectation.So, use your Xperiencein your Xperimentto achieve your Xpectation.
  12. 12. Baby mosquito came back after 1st time flying.His mom asked him "How do you feel?"He replied "It was wonderful, Everyone was clapping for me!"Now thats What is a Positive Attitude.
  13. 13. When Snake is alive, Snake eats Ants.When Snake is dead, Ants eat Snake.Time can turn at any time.Dont neglect anyone in your life.
  14. 14. A Good way to change someones attitude is to change your own.Because, the same sun that melts butter, also hardens clay!Life is as we think, so think beautifully!
  15. 15. Life is just like a sea, we are moving without an end.Nothing stays with us,what remains isjust the memories of some people who touched us as waves....
  16. 16. Whenever you want to know how rich you are?Never count your currency,Just try to Drop a Tear andcount how many hands reach out to WIPE that-that is true richness.
  17. 17. Heart tells the eyes"See less, because you see and I suffer lot".Eyes replied,"Feel less because you feel and I cry a lot"
  18. 18. When God pushes you to the edge of Difficulty,trust him fully… Because Two things canHappen… either he will Catch you when you fallor he will Teach you how to Fly?
  19. 19. There are 2 Kinds of People in the World.1 – Those who Remember the Names.2 – Those whose Names are remembered.Choice is Y’O’urs. Good Morning
  20. 20. There are 2 Kinds of People in the World. 1 – Those whoRemember the Names. 2 – Those whose Names areremembered. Choice is Y’O’urs. Good Morning
  21. 21. Dark is notopposite ofLight, It‟s justthe absenceof light.Likeways, aproblem is theabsence of aSOLUTION.Na Prasannan
  22. 22. Good MorningWhen we weresmall None of ourFriends had aWatch. But theyhad time. Now allof us have BrandedWatches. But noneof them have Time.Na Prasannan
  23. 23. “Every one wants Happiness, without Pain, but it is notpossible to get a Rainbow without a little Rain”.That is Life – Na Prasannan
  24. 24. Do you know the relation between Your TwoEyes? They blink together, move together,cry together, see things together & sleeptogether though they never see each other,Friendship should B just like that. Life is hellwithout friends. It‟s WORLD‟S BESTFRIENDS‟ week. Send this to all your bestFriends. Na Prasannan.
  25. 25. TIME makes usto Forgot Someperson.But someperson make usto forgot TIME.Don’t miss Sucha Lovely Person.Na Prasannan
  26. 26. We can’t Laugh again for thesame Joke, then why do we cryagain & again for the same pain.Always Be Happy, Life is Short .Lets Enjoy Na Prasannan
  27. 27. Nice Lines: Everybody can do something for U. Butonly some one can do anything for u. So don‟t missthem. Na Prasannan
  28. 28. Today‟s Life is only for Today. Enjoy Every Movement,because Even today‟s Newspaper will becomeTomorrows Waste Paper. That‟s Life. Na Prasannam
  29. 29. LIFE and TIME are the Two Great Teachers.Life teaches u the use of TIME and TIMEteaches u the value of Life. Happy Morning.Na Prasannan
  30. 30. Every one isGood Lawyerof his ownMistake andGood Judgesof othermistake.Na Prasannan
  31. 31. We are bornalone,We Live alone,We Die alone,Only through ourLove andRelationshipswe create ourown world thatWe are not alone
  32. 32. Our Heart is the Greatestcheater in the World. It makesthousands of different Excuses toStay in Touch with the People we love.
  33. 33. Some oneaskedBuddha.What isPoison? Hegave a GreatAnswer.EverythingExcess in Lifeis Poison.
  34. 34. Human Life isVery Interesting.He sacrifices allhis Health to earnmoney. Then hesacrifices all hismoney to earnHealth.Strange but True.
  36. 36. Trusting Godwon’t makethe MountainSmaller. Butit will makethe Climbeasier. Hopeyou’ll be ableto climb alltheMountains.
  37. 37. Trees get new leaves in place of fallen leaves!There is always something better to replace the lost!Life goes on. Never stops
  38. 38. “TIME” is like aRiver, You cannottouch the samewater twice,because the flowthat has passedwill never passagain.Enjoy EveryMoment of Life.
  39. 39. If u think Positively,Sound becomes Music,Movement becomes Dance,Smile becomes Laughter,Mind becomes Meditation &Life becomes Celebration.
  40. 40. " Doing business withoutadvertising is like winking at agirl in the dark,You know what you are doingbut nobody else does " - Late Stevart Henderson
  41. 41. Fact:-Remember that What is right is not always popularand What is popular is not always right.
  42. 42. Love Life and Life will love you back.Love people and they willLove you Back.
  43. 43. Amazing (General Knowledge)The Letters of A, B, C, and D, do not appearin the spellings of 1 to 99.The D appears 1st time in HUNDRED.„A‟ apears 1st time in THOUSAND,„B‟ appears 1st time in BILLION,„C‟ appears 1st time in CRORE,Interesting.
  44. 44. Feel the depth of this Sentence……..“God does not likethe hardness inTongue and Heart”.That’s why he madethem boneless….
  45. 45. WORRYINGdoes not takeawaytomorrowsTROUBLES,it takes awaytodaysPEACE.
  46. 46. Sea is Common to all.Some take Pearls,some take Fish andsomeone comes with just wet legs!World is common to all, but we get what we try for!
  47. 47. All things in life are temporary.If going well, enjoy it, they will not last forever.If going wrong, dont worry, they cant last longeither.
  48. 48. Old Friends areGold!New Friends areDiamond!If you get aDiamond,dont forget theGold!Because to holda Diamond,you always need aBase of Gold!
  49. 49. A blind personasked St.Anthony:"Can there beanything worsethan losing eyesight?"He replied:"Yes, losingyour vision!"
  50. 50. When you pray for others,God listens to you andblesses them,and sometimes,when you are safe andhappy, remember thatsomeone has prayed foryou.
  51. 51. Days begin with Hopes & Ends with Dreams.It starts with Expectation & Ends with Experience !That‟s Life, feel it !Don‟t Plan for Result ?Plan for beginning….!
  52. 52. Isn’t LIfe LIke a grammarLesson?? At times, we find thePAST – PerfeCt… And Sometimesthe PRESENT - TENSE ! Read again ithas a wonderful Meaning.
  53. 53. Opinions are likeHand Watches!Everybody’swatch showsdifferent time fromothers!But, everyonebelieve that theirTime is correct!That’s Life!!
  54. 54. “Adjustment with right people is alwaysbetter than Arugment with wrong people.A meaningful silence is always better thanmeaning less words”
  55. 55. Always keep thecommunicationregular.Because ?what disturb themost is not the"VOICE" of thestrangers….But ; the"SILENCE" ofDEAR ONES
  56. 56. GOD Uses Broken things beautifully:Broken cloud pours Rain…….Broken Soil sets as Field…….Broken crop yields seed…..Broken seed gives Bread….If any hard situation, if you feel your Heart is Broken, pleaseunderstand that GOD is planning to utilise you for someGREAT Purpose.
  57. 57. In this world of e – mail,e – ticket,e – paper,e – recharge,e – transfer,Never forget “E – shwar” who makese – verything,e – asy fore – veryone,e – veryday.
  58. 58. GOD always has three replies to our Prayers..1.Yes.2. Yes, but not now,3. I have a better plan for you.There is never a NO!.So trust him.
  59. 59. “Beautiful Life is just an Imagination…But Real Life is more beautiful than imagination”.Life is Yours…So Live and Love it ”
  60. 60. The best thing toLearn in Life is theHabit ofCOMPROMISE..Because Its better tobend a Little than toBreak a BeautifulRelation
  61. 61. A DEEP relationship doesn‟tshine by Just shaking handsin Best time. But itblossoms by holding handsfirmly in PAINFUL Situation.
  62. 62. Have a Nice DayBrought to you byNa. Prasannan, B.A., Trichy, Tamilnadu,, 9488019015, 9941505431See my slide share side for 4 Language Power Pointshttp:/ / /nprasannamenglishhttp:/ / /nprasannamtamilhttp:/ / /nprasannamhindihttp:/ / /nprasannammalayalam