05 let our elders bless us


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05 let our elders bless us

  1. 1. LET OUR ELDERS BLESS US ! APOORVA RAMAYANA tajpy; bghpath;fs; thH;j;jl;Lk; !
  2. 2. Ravana, equipped himself with arms was ready to march towards the war - field. He had covered his chest with a shield and had a bow in his hand. There were a number of powerful arrows in his quiver. His majestic appearance was wonderful to look at. All the subjects of Srilanka were astonished to stare at the great warrior. But everyone was deeply thinking that the war could have been avoided by sending back Sita to Rama. Even then all were shouting at the highest pitch "Long Live Ravana!". They wished that their king should win over the war. But they had a doubt whether victory was possible to Ravana as Dharma was on the side of Srirama. The deaths of Indrajith and Kumbakarna in the war had plunged the people into deep sorrow. A kind of fear had surrounded the heart of the people.
  3. 3. Ravana's chariot was ready to start. The Charioteer was ready with whip in his hand. Mandodhari, who came with Aarathi, applied Thilak on the forehead of her beloved husband, the Royal king of Srilanka. Her eyes were filled with tears. She wiped off her eyes quickly without the knowledge of her husband. Mondodhari said, "Swamy, a humble request!" Ravana said "Tell Mandodhari!" "Today you are going to the war field where Indrajit, Kumbakarna and others went!" " Yes, No doubt in it!" "Get the blessings of the Elders and proceed please. I normally send you off with Mangala Aarathi and apply Thilak on your forehead when you go anywhere. That is one of the customs. Similarly, it is the best custom to get the blessings of Elders before going to the war. Please follow it!"
  4. 4. Ravana laughed loudly and said scornfully, "What nonsense you are talking my dear wife! Is there anyone greater than me in all the three worlds?" Mandodhari sighed with distress. She was much pained to think that Ravana's ego had not reduced even after having lost many of his relatives. Having hidden her thoughts, she said with great affection, "I didn't mean the great people who are mightier than you, but I really mean the elderly people". "Why! should I bow before them? Why should I get their blessings? What is going to happen because of them?"
  5. 5. "Swamy, we can become greater than others by means of money, fame, strength etc. But we can never become greater than our elders by age on any account. It is the law of Nature. It is not an unknown fact to you. Is it not one of the good manners to honour the elders and their age? It is believed that if we respect the elders we will live long by their blessings" "I have a control over all the nine planets as well as all the Gods and they all worship me. For the only reason that people are elder to me, should I bow before them? Except their age, what other qualities they possess to be bowed?" "Swamy you are aware of all the Dharma Sasthras. Our elders are greater than us by virtue of their life experiences. It is a well - known fact that they have lived longer than us on this earth. Nothing is wrong in honouring the same. If our elders bless us to live long, it will become true. That only I mentioned".
  6. 6. "In that case, all my subjects are greeting me in chorus "Long Live!". Among my subjects, there may be many who are elder to me. Let their blessings become true. Don't worry Devi! I will return soon victoriously. Today I am going to the war - field, not only to kill Rama. Before that I have another important duty". "What is that duty Prabhu?" "I have decided to destroy the treacherer who has joined the opponent party. After destroying Vibhishana only, I will turn towards Rama to destroy him!" "Please think over it patiently Prabhu! After your victory we will call back Vibhishana to our side. My brother-in-law Vibhishana has not committed any mistake. As I wished, he too wished you to go on the right path of Dharma. You rejected his request and he had no other go but joining the opponent party. Natha, your brother Vibhishana is also my son, like our son Indrajit. The relationship of a sister-in-law is equivalent to that of a mother. If Vibhishana is my son, he automatically becomes your son. It is not fair to magnify the faults of your own brother!"
  7. 7. Ravana stared at Mandodhari for some time. Then laughing loudly said firmly, "Mandodhari, I am not as generous as you are! As the treacherous Vibhishana who is on my enemy's side acted as the spy, it caused the death of my dear brother Kumbakarna and my beloved son Indrajit. I will kill Vibhishana and conquer Rama! Good Bye!" Waving his hand, Ravana rushed and boarded the Chariot. The Charioteer whipped the horses quickly and they galloped towards the war - field. Mandohthari was straring at the direction of the chariot with her eyes filled with tears. Then, exhausted Mandodhari walked into the palace. Her legs lead her to the Pooja room to worship Lord Shiva.
  8. 8. Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman and the army of monkeys were staring at Ravana's Robust appearance. The monkeys were scared at the standing pose and terrible laughter of Ravana. Srirama said to Vibhishana affectionately, "Ravana is an efficient musician, ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and he possesses innumerable good qualities. Except his atrocious interference in my life, I have no other reasons to kill him. I am not intended to kill this great warrior. Now you go to your brother and try to change his mind. We'll stop the war". "Yes Prabhu, I will try. But I think that changing Ravana is impososible. There is a saying that the crocodile and people of adamant nature will never loosen their clutch. Similarly though my brother possesses a number of good qualities, he is adamant in nature. If he once takes a decision, even if it is a wrong one, he will never step backwards. Even then as you have insisted me, I will go to him and try my level best. Vibhishana bowed Rama and marched towards Ravana. Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman and others were looking at him.
  9. 9. All heard Vibhishana saying, "My dear brother, let Janaki Devi be free at least now. Please follow the path of Dharma. You too don't get destroyed like Indrajit and Kumbakarna". Before Vibhishana completing his version, the shocking incident took place. Ravana roared ferociously and said, "You bloody treacherer!. Go to hell! I shoot a powerful arrow at you and it will never leave you alive". Ravana shot an arrow at Vibhishana. In the next moment the arrow came flying towards Vibhishana. Vibhishana had no time to defend himself or to make himself steady. When all were stunned without knowing what to do, Lakshman shouted, "I will never allow anyone who has come to my brother as a refugee to die!". He rushed quickly and stood in front of Vibhishana hiding him. Ravana's arrow came flying fast aiming at Lakshman's chest. Hanuman was in panic. He cried and said to Rama, "Rama Prabhu, is it not your duty to save your brother? Why are you standing idle without shooting an arrow against that of Ravana?". Hanman's cry was heard by Ravana also.
  10. 10. Srirama smiled without any tension. He greeted loudly "Long Live my dear brother Lakshman!" Perplexed Hanuman was standing puzzled. Just like pulling out a grass, Lakshman pulled out the arrow that pearced his chest. He came smiling with Vibhishana towards Rama. As his powerful arrow lost its power, Ravana stood puzzled as he could not understand the reason for the same. At the same time Ravana heared Rama saying to Hanuman, " Anchaneya, if we bless our youngsters heart to heart saying "Long Live", the power of the blessing will definitely defend them. They will never die".
  11. 11. All who heard Rama's gracious words rejoiced. Lakshman bowed and worshiped Rama. Mandhodhari's words when starting to the war - field echoed in the mind of Ravana who witnessed all the aforesaid incidents and heard Rama's words . Ravana sighed with distress. SO MY DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, LET US ALL BE BLESSED BY OUR ELDERS AND LET ALL OUR YOUNGSTERS BE SAFE AND LIVE LONG BY OUR VALUABLE BLESSINGS! .
  12. 12. Translated by Sri C.CHANDRASEKAR, M.A., B.Ed., Headmaster (Retd), Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trichy Brought to you by Na.Prasannan, 94880-19015, 99415-05431 [email_address] [email_address] See my slideshare for Power points http://www.slideshare.net/nprasannam Courtesy: Dinamalar Bhakthi Malar Dt: 08-04-2010