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Six mistakes of the past and present


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Six mistakes of the past and present

  1. 1. Six (6) Mistakes of the Past and Present
  2. 2. Two thousand years ago (106-43 BC) there lived a versatile genius called Marcus Tullius Cicero in Rome. He was an eminent Orator, Lawyer, Political Leader, Writer, Poet, Philospher and Critic. He has mentioned that the mistakes of lthe men of those days were folly. Though many years have passed and many changes have taken place, the mistakes of men have not been eradicated. It is pathetic to witness the mistakes among men in the Past and Present. Cicero identified the mistakes among us by his sharp knowledge. They are as mentioned below.
  3. 3. 1) People have a wrong notion that they can get their own benefits by pushing back or destroying others. This attitude may appear to be beneficial for a short period but not for a long time. Naturally when we progress in a right way by overtaking others, it is not only a right path but also we are sure to come up in life. Instead, if we try to progress by overtaking and destroying others, our time and energy will be wasted for the same and we will have to be in the same place. We can't advance in our life. Moreover it is not possible to push back others or to block their progress for a long time. Those who wish to attain success in any field and life should wisely get rid of such mistakes.
  4. 4. 2. TO WORRY ON THE MATTERS THAT CAN'T BE CHANGED OR MENDED In each and every one's life, definitely there are many mistakes that can't be changed or mended. To worry and shed tears on such matters will be of no use in any way. Nothing will get changed for our sake taking pity on us. If we are not able to accept unchangeable matters, we should at-least develop our mental maturity to tolerate them. Otherwise our life will become an endless sorrow.
  5. 5. 3. THINKING THAT OTHERS CAN'T DO THE THINGS THAT CAN'T BE DONE BY US. There are many things in the world beyond our knowledge and power. Today's innumerable scientific miracles could not be even imaged in those days. During the period of Cicero, if Radio, Telephone, Aeroplane, Motor Vehicles, Computers etc. had been invented, they would have appeared to be great wonders to man. Similarly today's unimaginable miracles and inventions may become very simple matters in future. So an individual should never imagine that others can't do a thing that is not able to be done by him. Such an imaginary pride will be the deficit of his knowledge.
  6. 6. 4) NOT ABLE TO GET RID OF ONE'S OWN WORTHLESS WILL AND PLEASURES AND OPINIONS. Many incidents that rock the world take placed daily. We witnessed Lakhs and Lakhs of Japanese who lost their belongings and relatives within a few seconds due to the recent earth quake and Tsunami. We also witnessed the pathetic condition of Japanesse who lost their wealth which was earned by their hard work for a long period. Man's life is not that much certain. When such is the condition of man, it is funny to note that the people worrying and boiling on silly matters such as, "He is not following my advice, he is not giving due respect to me, I have no costly car, some people criticize me unnecessarily, work is not completed in the stipulated time" and so on. It is the curse of the narrow minds that are not able to set aside the thoughts like, "I am the greatest, everyone should recognize the same and everyone should watch me everything should go on as per my will and pleasure" etc. If this type of attitude is developed, it is enough to convert the joyful life in to a hell even though there are no great problems in life.
  7. 7. 5) FAILING TO CULTIVATE THE MIND WITH GOOD HABITS AND FAILING TO DEVELOP THE HABIT OF READING GOOD BOOKS Man works hard throughout his life to enrich his wealth and facilities in his life and he is able to measure them. Everyone is with a common attitude that people honour others by means of their wealth and facilities. But the mind is not that much openly seen and hence most of the people do not take much efforts to cultivate their mind. But really an individual's peacefulness and happiness defend upon his mental maturity. The accumulated wealth and fame may astonish others but they never satisfy the mind of others. To most of the people, education ends at the college level. Very less number of people have the habit of reading good quality books and developing their knowledge after their college studies. Cicero found this defect among Romans and the history says that the same was one of the reasons for the downfall of Rome. Hence one who doesn't want his downfall should cultivate and conserve his mind in all respect. It is very important.
  8. 8. 6) TO COMPEL OTHERS TO THINK AND LIFE LIKE ONESELF. It is the greatest mistake to think, "Only what I think is the right one, my ways are the best". Apart from thinking like this, it is the greatest crime to compel and expect others to think and behave life that. But from the past to till date we are able to find this criminal attitude among many people. We have the freedom to determine the route and flow of our life. But expecting others' thoughts and principles to be similar to that of ours is more or less taking efforts to make others our slaves. Though we consider that our ways and means are the best, we can't force others to follow them. If we force, the same will not lead to success. The world cannot be a Xerox copy of us and it need not be so.
  9. 9. These mistakes were able to withstand even after thousands of years. We should sincerely check up whether these mistakes are found to be with us. If they are found to be with us we should eradicate them and get the benefits. We should be role model to others to get rid of their mistakes. That only will be the greatest success in life. So my dear brothers, and sisters, let us all throw our aforesaid mistakes into the Bay of Bengal and let us march majestically towards the path of Success! All the Best!!!
  10. 10. Translated by : Shri C.CHANDRASEKAR, M.A., B.Ed., Headmaster (Retd), Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trichy, Mobile No. 9843769972 Brought to you by: Na Prasannan , Mobile : 09941505431,, See my new slideshare site for English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam Power Points go to the link