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06 let us be humble


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we are not higher than animals

Published in: Lifestyle, Technology
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06 let us be humble

  1. 1. LET US BE HUMBLE ! Please read
  2. 2. When compared to all other creatures, we are fortunate to be born as Human beings in this world. It is a proud previlege that the human beings are born with six senses. But are We fit enough to feel proud of the same? If we think it over a little, we will definitely say, “ No” .
  3. 3. The cow's dung, urine etc., are considered to be holy ones and they are used to perform Pujas. It is quite unholy in case of human beings. A dog which is at the back-yard of the house, rightly identifies a person who stands at our gate by its keen sense of smell and barks whereas we come out and identify the person after hearing the sound of the calling bell. The Cats dig the soil and pass motion and urine and cover the same immediately by instinct. But the human society makes use of the open space as toilet without bothering about others or atmosphere pollution .
  4. 4. All the birds except the cuckoo bird build their own nests. But most of the human beings find it difficult to construct their own house during their life time . Even the earth worm makes the soil fertile without the knowledge of others and without any advertisement. But the man blows his own trumpet as loudly as possible and boasts a lot when he happens to do a small service to the society. Even the plants and trees consume the carbon-di-oxide which we exhale and give us oxygen in return. But the human beings cut down the trees that leads to atmosphere pollution as well as poor rainfall. The fruit-bearing trees give delicious fruits to those who pelt stones at them. But the human beings take revenge on the persons who attack them.
  5. 5. If a dog or cat is dead in a room, we can sleep silently in the room. At the same time, no one will be dare to sleep with a dead body in a room . When human beings are alive, they are respected and honoured, but when they are dead, they are considered to be the evil spirits and devils.
  6. 6. The claws and teeth of the Lion, Tiger, Jackal etc., and the hair of the elephant are adorned with gold and silver and worn by the human beings. The shoes and Chappals made of leather are kept safely in our cupboards. But we treat the teeth, nails, hair, skin etc., of the man unholy and we are terribly afraid of keeping them in our houses. We come across a number of people starving and begging. But all other creatures get their own food daily and they are self-contented. But knowing very well that our wealth and other properties, will never come with us after death, man happens to be the store-house of money and other wealth. By thinking over all the above mentioned facts deeply, let us humble ourselves as we are not superior to any other creatures in the world .
  7. 7. Conceived by : Shri C. CHANDRASEKAR, M.A., B.Ed., Headmaster (Retd), Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trichy Delivered by Na. Prasannan, B.A., Trichy, Tamilnadu, India, 94880-19015, 99415-05431 See my slide share side for Power Points