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Social Media Fundraising 101


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Vanessa Swesnik from HelpAttack presented on Social Media Fundraising 101 at a recent NPower brown bag. She covered lots of tips, especially for smaller orgs and also helped explain how HelpAttack can help your org raise money online.

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  • The Prince and Princess Academy Team is planning to build a school in Tamale, Ghana to provide quality education for children in the community. Interestingly you can donate and choose a reward for yourself ranging from Postcards as thank you, traditional hand-made necklaces, bracelets, wallets, beads, scarfs, bag, recognition and many from Ghana (Africa). The reward will be posted to you after you have donated. Visit the site for more details
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Social Media Fundraising 101

  1. 1. Social Media Fundraising 101Vanessa
  2. 2. Who are we? | @helpattack |
  3. 3. You can fundraise on social media • Without a million followers • Without a post from Justin Bieber • Without adding another job to your day | @helpattack |
  4. 4. Getting there • Social media vs. email fundraising • Goals and groundwork • Tactics & strategy: How can smaller organizations find success? | @helpattack |
  5. 5. Social Media vs. Email Similarities • Why people give • Conversion rates • Who > How Many Differences • Storytelling • How people share? • How friends ask friends? • Conversation | @helpattack |
  6. 6. Social Media vs. Email Slide from Sarah Durham / Big Duck | @helpattack |
  7. 7. Social Media vs. Email• Shareable and Instant: o Kony 2012, Rush Limbaugh, Chris Brown...• Dialogue: o Komen and Planned Parenthood• Social AND searchable: o easily find, hear, and interact with actual people "Social media is a space where the individual reigns, relationships are required, and conversations are public."
  8. 8. More similar than different• Audience is crucial: Who > How Many• Experiment, test, and improve• Move donors up engagement ladder: Stewardship• "House File" is crucial: Supporter Database• People give because: o People they know give People give to o Theres an immediate need faces and o They are asked heartbeats, not statistics!
  9. 9. Social Media vs. Large Gifts• Know your potential donors o Made easier by apps, passive data collection• Make them feel special o Easy, and free, to do on social media• Its $10, not $10K, but the same model can work• Your new “slacktivist” will be your major donor in 25 years The big donors at your gala probably have a Facebook account to stalk their grandkids.
  10. 10. What are best practices for social media campaigns? • Set realistic goals • Grow your presence • Reward participation • Use em if you got em o Leverage a special event, celebrity ambassadors, corporate sponsors • Thank donors! | @helpattack |
  11. 11. What are realistic goals? 1. Get 10 new donors 2. Learn who they are 3. Thank them individually o Not with direct mail 4. Follow up Ten donors giving $25 per month all year is an extra $3,000. Not bad! | @helpattack |
  12. 12. What time and effort are needed? About 6 hours of work over 6 weeks. • 1 hour to brainstorm the right kind of campaign for your cause, and the supporters you want to reach • 1 hour to invite other stakeholders & discuss • 1 hour to ask partners or super-supporters to help spread the word • 30 minutes to write a blog post • 30 minutes to include in an email to your list • 2 hours of monitoring social media • 1 hour to download reports and upload into your supporter database | @helpattack |
  13. 13. MessagingGood. Better • "Did you know you can • Matching deadline today - donate by..." Donate now! • Please give to support the • Save this homeless dog Animal Rescue today. All it takes is your Organization $5 donation • Please share! • Donate, THEN share! • Were trying to raise $25k • Were trying to raise $250 this year. from our Facebook fans *today* Were only 3 donations away!
  14. 14. Use it: Leverage a Special Event • Earth Day, Valentines Day, event • …or create one! #oceangiving | @helpattack |
  15. 15. Use em: Partners, Advocates • Celebrity ambassadors o Local & personal are best! • Corporate sponsors • Local media, previous supporters
  16. 16. Reward Participation • Reward participation o “Like” for a chance to win… o Submit a picture for a chance to win… • Nonmonetary gifts o Facebooker of the week o #FF (follow friday) o Pizza box autographed by all staff | @helpattack |
  17. 17. Whats a free and easy way to keep supporters happy? Thank supporters/donors right away on social media. Its free and powerful. | @helpattack |
  18. 18. Real World "Thank Yous" | @helpattack |
  19. 19. Real World "Thank Yous" | @helpattack |
  20. 20. Best Practices for Thanking Donors • Provide inspiring stories about what donors are accomplishing with their giving o "Susan just donated enough for 20 thanksgiving meals! Thank you!" • Be personal • Be specific: "Thanks for volunteering today Brian!" more: donors-can-make-you-lose-your-shirt.html | @helpattack |
  21. 21. Grow Your Audience
  22. 22. Special nonprofit benefits • Google Grants: Ads • YouTube: Special features • Hope140: Ads, features • LinkedIn: Volunteerism | @helpattack |
  23. 23. Facebook AdsWho: AXIS Dance CompanyGoal: Get local likesMethod: 2 ads one general (website) one specific to LikesCost: ~$15/dayResults:~30 unique visitors / day~10 new Likes / day
  24. 24. Facebook Ads Use them when you... • need to jump start a new community • need to quickly reach a specific audience • have the budget Be sure to... • Target by location, demographics, and interest • Test your ads (try different versions) • Invest in your landing pages Or try sponsored stories... | @helpattack |
  25. 25. Facebook Pages • Make it pretty o Timeline cover: 850x315px o Add photos o Faces and heartbeats: Your story, not your logo • Pick the right name o Hard to change after 100 Likes o Admin Panel -> Help -> Request a name change | @helpattack |
  26. 26. Facebook Pages • Post the right stuff o Like other pages and tag them  "....@[page name], FB will auto-complete  Build informal partnerships o Paste URLs for automatic photo, synopsis • Encourage discussion o Ask questions o Polls o Private messages | @helpattack |
  27. 27. Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest
  28. 28. Small to Medium Nonprofits Use Free / Low Cost Tools • Listen: Hootsuite, TweetDeck, SproutSocial, Google Reader • Measure: Google Analytics, Facebook, SocialBro, Insights, Feedburner, TweetReach • Manage: Reminders, Bookmarks, Shortcuts, Buffer, Tweriod Spend an hour creating social media / online response guidelines for your organization. Share the logins. Its OK! | @helpattack |
  29. 29. Smallness as an Advantage • You can really know your supporters • Grow the right audience • Easier to ask them for things Try this: Choose a random hundred and look at their profiles. How did they find you? Who are they? Why are they following you? What value can you provide? | @helpattack |
  30. 30. Small Org Fundraising • Set appropriate goals • Individual attention o Tie individual donors to specific results o Personal thank yous • Get a leg up o Borrow an audience o Partnerships o Spend when appropriate • Long term investment | @helpattack |
  31. 31. Metrics • $ per unique visitor o Divide total raised by "Unique Visitors" in google analytics. • $ per staff hour o Divide total raised by number of hours • Click to share ratio o How many people shared? (+1, Like, RT, share) o How many people actually clicked on it? • Donation page conversion rate o Divide number of donations by unique visitors, multiply by 100. | @helpattack |
  32. 32. ROI Return on Investment (ROI) The ROI of social media should be measured as a long term investment with compounding growth, rather than a short term balance sheet. Where would you be without your email list today? | @helpattack |
  33. 33. The Takeaway Slide (Wake up! almost over!) • Social media fundraising is far more similar than different from other fundraising • Sharing is critical o Make it visual o Make it specific • Focus on your foundation o General online donations o Supporter database o Create culture of listening & openness • Then pick appropriate tools & campaigns • Try it, measure it, fix it, repeat | @helpattack |
  34. 34. Social Media Fundraising Tools • FirstGiving • Chirpify • Causes • HelpAttack! | @helpattack |
  35. 35. Share your pledge
  36. 36. Make a pledge!
  37. 37. Cause + Specific campaign
  38. 38. Thanks for coming!Blog & resources: http://info.helpattack.comSign up: 934-2410Questions?