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  • NPower Northwest is where savvy nonprofits turn for technology. At NPower, we’re guided by the belief that technology can transform the nonprofit sector and play a pivotal role in creating greater good.  When you work with us, you understand all your options and can move forward with an approach that you are confident makes most sense for your organization, in terms of both impact and cost. Check out our website at to learn more about what we do and how we work.
  • Huge amount of information gets shared every minute of the day – content curation helps reduce the noise and draw attention to significant news for your nonprofit audience
  • GoogleReader – Use folders to sortTwitterLists – also can use Facebook lists
  • Explain thought-leadership
  • Social Media Content Curation

    1. 1. Social Media Content Curation Brown Bag March 28, 2012
    2. 2. NPower Northwest• Vision – A thriving community with high performing nonprofits.• Mission – To strengthen the nonprofit sector by catalyzing innovation and driving adoption of technology solutions.
    3. 3. Introductions Abby Nafziger AmeriCorps VISTA @abbynafYour NameYour OrganizationWhat are you hoping to learn today?
    4. 4. RoadmapCuration: Finding good contentCreation: Ideas for better engagementDiscussion and Questions
    5. 5. Content Curation “The organizing, filtering and ‘making sense’ of information on the web and sharing the very best with your network” – Beth KanterPhoto Credit Photo Credit
    6. 6. Content Curation: Why is it helpful?Allows your nonprofit to:• Become a source of valued information in your community• Build relationships• Serve as professional development for staff
    7. 7. Seek, Sense, Share Photo Credit
    8. 8. Seeking: Finding Interesting ContentGoogle Reader Twitter Lists
    9. 9. Seeking: Finding Relevant Content News Sites
    10. 10. Sensing: Content Curators“A human-powereddiscovery engine forinterestingness, culling andcurating cross-disciplinarycuriosity-quenchers, andseparating the signal fromthe noise to bring you thingsyou didn’t know you wereinterested in until you are.”
    11. 11. Sensing: Connect content to goalsHere at NPower:• Drive the adoption of technology solutions within the nonprofit sector• Establish thought-leadership in the nonprofit technology field• Share resources and educational opportunities with local nonprofit organizations and their staff
    12. 12. Sensing: Know Your AudienceWhat are your community’s interests?NPower example:• Nonprofit technology• Social media• Mobile technology• Nonprofit communications• Trends in philanthropy
    13. 13. Sharing: Add Value1. Commentary 2. Why read?3. Personal Touch
    14. 14. Questions? Photo Credit
    15. 15. Content Creation: Ideas for better engagement Photo Credit
    16. 16. Facebook: Tips for better Content1. Sharepersonalizedinformation aboutyour nonprofit
    17. 17. Facebook: Tips for better content2. Encourage staff members to post about events
    18. 18. Facebook: Tips for better Content3. Incite feedback anduse photos
    19. 19. Twitter: Tips for better Content 1. Connect Content to Social Trends
    20. 20. Twitter: Tips for better Content 2. Post breaking news
    21. 21. Comments or QuestionsAnything you want to add? Photo Credit
    22. 22. Thank You NPower Northwest Website: Facebook: Twitter: @npowernw