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  • Do not need super high end Cisco equipment, but should stick with major manufacturers over the cheap ones.
  • Net Basics

    1. 1. Mark Shaw Consulting Manager MNA / Npower Michigan
    2. 2. Slides Available from…
    3. 3. NPower Mission To inspire and empower nonprofits to use technology to better serve their communities.
    4. 4. • Tech Assessments • Tech Workshops • Project Work • Managed Care – Monitoring and Help desk with remote support
    5. 5.  LAN and WAN  Internet Connections  Network Devices  Configuration Info  Network Printing  File Shareing
    6. 6. • WAN Wide Area Network Internet • LAN Local Area Network Internal Office Network LAN LAN LAN LAN WAN LAN LAN
    7. 7. Internet Connectors T1 Line (1.5 Mbps) Standard DSL Standard Cable download & download speed download speed (6 upload (1.5 Mbps) Mbps) “symmetrical” Standard DSL Standard DSL upload speed (384 upload speed (1.5 kbps) Mbps)
    8. 8. From LAN to Wan WAN Software Firewall ? Cable or DSL Modem Zone Alarm Router WAN Cable or DSL Modem
    9. 9. Networking Equipment Stick with top brands:
    10. 10. Modems DSL • 1 Phone In Line (from WAN) • 1 Network Out (Router’s WAN port or PC) • Needs Router or PC to “authenticate” Cable • 1 Cable In Line (coax) • 1 Network Out (Router’s WAN port or PC)
    11. 11. Firewall Secures traffic between WAN and LAN • Usually integrated into Router • Can be separate device Connected after Router Typically seen with T1 Service T1 Modem Router LAN Firewall 24 Port Switch WAN Router Cable or DSL Firewall Modem 4Port Switch Wireless Access Point
    12. 12. One for all! ADSL Router • DSL Modem • Router • Firewall • 4 Port Switch WAN LAN
    13. 13. Routers Separates the LAN from the WAN High End Router Basic Router Wireless Router Content Filtering Subscription Basic Firewall Basic Firewall High Speed to WAN 4 Port Switch 4 Port Switch Advanced Management Basic Management Basic Management Wireless Access Point Wireless Access Point
    14. 14. Wired vs. Wireless Wired Connections: More reliable Faster More secure Use wireless for Convenience and Necessity Buy the Wireless and disable the WAP
    15. 15. Wireless Routers Wireless G – Wireless N (pre N) – 54 Mbps speed 108+ Mbps 100 meter range 300 meter range Not a standard yet…
    16. 16. Router Integration • Router • Firewall • Wireless Access Point • Network Switch • DSL or cable modem • Print Server • USB Network Drive Port • Reset Button!! Erases configuration of router back to factory settings IT DOES NOT “reboot” the modem
    17. 17. Configuring a Router Use the Setup Wizard WAN Cable Connection Select Cable or use defaults DSL Select and setup PPPOE connection using your DSL username and password to “authenticate” DSL modem
    18. 18. Configuring Router Wireless Enable/Disable SSID (“NewDetroitOpen”) Channel ( From 6 to 11 ) Wireless Type (A/B, G, PreN, N) Security (default is OPEN no pwd)
    19. 19. Router Wireless Security Security Mode WEP  breakable WPA2 Personal (aka WPA2-PSK)  more secure Define Wireless Password or Key
    20. 20. Configuring Router Change Default Admin Password Router Management From browser: or .0.1 then.. Enter username and pwd DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Automatically sends IP information to PC’s, printers etc. Range: Defined (ie. From - .100) Can ONLY be one service (if you have a server disable DHCP on router) Hint: Label bottom of Router • Address: • Admin Pwd • SSID • Wireless Pwd
    21. 21. Switches Distributes Network Connections •Switches vs. Hubs •Managed vs. UnManaged •Ports (4, 5, 8, 16, 24, 48 ports) •Speed ( 10/100 or 10/100/1000 gb)
    22. 22. Cable • Cat5 (only 10/100) • Cat5e ( 1000gb up to 200ft) • Cat6 ( 100gb up to 300ft )
    23. 23. Wireless Access Point (WAP) •Attached to Switch •Looks like a Router but is NOT •Has 1 Network port for connection to switch •Setup for Wireless only SSID Wireless Security
    24. 24. Basic Network Layout Cable/DSL Firewall/Wireless Modem Router Switch Private LAN
    25. 25. Network Printers •Use Workgroup Laser Printers over Dedicated •Duplex, Color, Network Copier etc.. •Workgroup Printer Network setup •Setup with “Static IP#” out of DHCP range
    26. 26. Printers Networked Laser Color Inkjet copier 3-5 cents laser 10-35 cents <2 cents 7-9 cents Source: accessed on 8/9/2007.
    27. 27. Print Servers Network a non-network printer HP Jetdirect VS. Others
    28. 28. NAS Devices Used For Network File Sharing •Inexpensive alternative to Server •Reliable •Fairly easy to setup •User Securities •Fast
    29. 29. Cloud File Sharing File Sharing and Backup from a Hosted Server • Amazon Jungle Disk • Mozy Pro • Ibackup Great for “fragmented” org’s Can be slow due to down/up load times
    30. 30. Best Source for Professional Reviews: Best Source for User Reviews and Purchasing:
    31. 31. Mark Shaw Consulting Manager MNA / Npower Michigan