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Generations kalamazoo

  1. 1. technology navigation Michigan Nonprofit Association for n on profits
  2. 2. Getting Past Age: Managing Technology Changes Andy Wolber andy@highwayt. org @highwayt
  3. 3. How Will You ivianage? — kronosinc ‘Fortune 500 companies receive about “"3 ""‘*" 2,000 resumes E T Z. n j if-Iello V , , I ‘ Résumé Resume _ Hire Me!
  4. 4. http: //highwayt. org/ resources Services Training Membership Resources Resources 1- i Here are a few of the web resources we find very helpful to nonprofit professionals seeking information technology resources. TechSoug. org - for artides, discussions and discounted software NTEN. g;g - for sector-wide technology dialogue, research and convening m — for software reviews and research National Council for Voluntary Organisati ons‘s ICT Hub publications - planning guides Negwgrk fgr 699g‘; Lgarning Qen gg - for web, email and online strategies The Case Foundation‘: Social Media Tutorials for Nongrofi ls If you‘re looking for resources on a specific topic, we suggest you go to our online bookmarks at n fig; / / www, g|§ig'gg§, gg_m/ hjghwggg. WORKSHOP LINKS and RESOURCES Social Media: Keep it Simple and Strategic Web Workshop - October 22, 2010 For the U. P. Non profit Conference sponsored by the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development View the e. View the hgngggt hgrg. Follow Us About rAcu Contact Related links: Bookmarks Archived Workshog ‘ll
  5. 5. Why change?
  6. 6. Sometimes externally driven. .. 9 Funder requirements 0 Competition e Mergers * Changing needs / wants / desires
  7. 7. flit: -l 11‘-KlK07l| l'Vl”: ( http: //www. facebook. com/ press/ info. php? statistics H-tut‘-‘ 5‘. -Iflt; ?"’¢'laIl-, Lf« , lIl5I¢): - Press ROOITI Blog About Press Releases RSS Statistics General Growth More than 250 million active users More than 120 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day More than two-thirds of Facebook users are outside ofcollege The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older User Engagement Average user has 120 friends on the site More than 5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide) More than 30 million users update their statuses at least once eadn day More than 8 million users become fans of Pages each day Applications More than 1 billion photos uploaded to the site each month More than 10 million Videos uploaded eadw month More than 1 billion pieces ofcontent (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes. photos. etc. ) shared each week More t: han 2.5 million events created each month More than 45 million active user groups exist on the site EU at 93 3 Applications A Chat (12
  8. 8. http: //hwyt. me/ aBBEz9 Who participates (U. S. online users) Young Teens Youth Generation Y Generation X Young Boomers Older Boomers Seniors 12 to l7 !8 to 21 22 to 26 27 to 40 41 to 50 51 to 61 62+ assists What people are doing Creators publish Web pages. write blogs. : upload videos to sites it like YouTube. ‘ 3796 30% I996 12% 5% Crltlcs comment on blogs and post ratings and reviews. * I". [T . Fail! !! I _, .L_ E riinnhrnrrn 3796 34% 2596 isss use Collectors use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and tag Web pages to gather iniormation. 16% 18% 1696 15% 16% 11% Joiners use social networking sites. 70% 57% 29% 15% 3% 6% Spectators read blogs. watch peer- gencrated videos, and listen to podcasts. L$t% L 49% 59% 54% 4196 31% 26% 19% lnactlves are online but don't yet participate in any form oi social media. lfi Data: Forrester Resnrc ti 34% I796 21% 42% 5496 61% 70% l}A, "'y"‘ , _.. ,-, .
  9. 9. JOSH BERNOFF Cwurbar of G round SW! “ TED SCHADLER Fun: In Rnnrrla L‘ll. ~Rl. l~'. .'l>I l. l Iii . -K ,4-r Jnsii Bl~‘. RN()l~‘l-' unleash your employees energize your customers groundswe“ winning in a world transformed by social technologies transform your business "H". "Nu" “H” n. ” Inun Iuinnt lulu run
  10. 10. Sometimes internally driven. .. 9 Capacity building 0 Resource optimization % Process cycle time reduction
  11. 11. Capacity building Do more Resource optimization with less Process cycle time reduction f3St€l'!
  12. 12. http: //hwyt. me/ bAcc3b Cars Auto Financing EventTickets Jobs RealEstate Online Degrees Business Opportunities Shopping ‘¢"‘3"°'§g Howdolflldl? subecrbe to paper BQGOIHIIICIDMMQHUSA YODAVoollllIurliIy mm! I Hcmie I News I Travel I Money I Sports I Lite I Tech I We: -itrier L995,” B, ¢o, ,_a, ,,. ,m, ,, _ Whats this" " Technology is WI-Fi center E El 9 Le'= se'l‘: 'L'S: Y/ ac; Foatundvldoo Asssclele c vi. ”-1;- nnen 23:5 : 3 Fl‘l Ccmmerlls Q 12 i Recnmmen: 0 17 E-mail | S.ave| Print i Hepvinisa Pen-nissiansi tioleges, oflloes scrap land Ines By Greg Latsliaw. USA TODAY Share Jennifer Wunder. an associate English professor at Georgia Givinnett College in Q rah“, B“: Lawrencevllle, Ga. . says she likes to keep her college-provided cellphone hanayto send text messages and e-mails to students. a . -.55 to Moor Wunder. 33. says her interadion with students is way up because she's reaching students on pacebcul. the same device they use C ‘v. mer ‘It's an incteoible educational opportunity. ‘ she said. u On Jan. 7. shall Join about 75 fellow employees who will unplug their otfice phone and go 7 wireless for good. said Lonnie Haivel. the school's chlel inlormation olllcer 5‘"’’"'‘’° The public college is one ofa growing number of businesses and organizations across the Y’ mi‘ 3"” USA that are shedding traditional land lines and replacing them with cellphones or voice over 8 1500956 Internet protocol (VOIP) technology in an eflon to save money during tough economictlmes II There are no national statistics available on how many olthe nation's businesses have cut the cord Lisa Pierce. vice president of Forrester Research, a marketing consulting tirm in Cambridge. Mass. estimates about 25% ot businesses are startingto phase out desk phones More than 8% otemployees nationwide who travel frequently have only cellphones, says Bill Hughes, an analystwith In-Stat. a marketing consulting firm in Scottsdale, AM. ‘In the business environment its really a matter ot a company saying, This will save us money, " Hughes said Robert Rosenberg president of The Insight Research Corp in Boonton. NJ sald U 5 businesses lao Flash lloods Titan trouble Kinect Raw video. Storm Pobce: Take a look at the swamps Oklahoma Quarterback Vince new gamng Cty Young cited tor system tor the assault in Dalas Xbox More. Vidgg “ Tech E-mall Nevvulotbu W Stgn upto get: 'i"ii.1lirl‘x't'. ‘ - i win. ill’! Sim: -. - 'H<illlv-l‘il‘liiiliI ll lill‘»'Vy rvxpnn-. dill‘ 'li. ,i. . What 5 ‘rn t5-’ Related Advertising Links Detroit: Mommy's Getting Paid! Shocking l. lone; .—lJlal'ing Secret is Exposed El. Local WorkFrornHorneTheMa azine com Brea king: Detroit Mom reduces debt by 60% Learn how to legally reduce tour dent By 50% Iwefinews corrvfinancel
  13. 13. http: //www. youtube. com/ watch? v=C| Dw75mU|6c J’ k ‘*5 , ~ » . _ _: -f~ 7: . . 1 -n ' ‘H ‘ ' 3
  14. 14. Communicate 0 Who will be affected by the change 0 What the change means for each persons‘ daily work v When the change(s) will occur 0 Why the changes are taking place (the “business case”) 0 How impact and use of the system will be measured and modified
  15. 15. http: //hwyt. me/ PewGenerations2009 P wln ernet rm». i'i‘l' . ~i is Av R£PORT: _L‘i, Q- , , , Li. ,: , L’. e , - Lyi, ,“'-, Generations Online in 2009 by Sydney Jones Susannah Fox . l Illliltiltii llll’ atrthl Iviiii-i" Jan 28. 2009 L‘: Print -: Share E; Ernst Read Full Report Explore Survey Questions VIEW ONLINE DOWNLOAD )— VIEW OMLINE OVERVEW RELATED RESEARCH Note: A slide deck of charts relating to this report is available here Orer half of the adult intemet population is between 18 and 44 years old But Government Online larger percentages of older generations are online now than In the past and M, 27' 2019 they are doing more actMties online according to surveys taken from 2006~ Aaron Smith 2008 Contrary to the Image of Generation Y as the “Net Generation " Internet users in their 205 do not dominate every aspect of online lite Generation X is the most likely group to bank shop and look for health information online Boomers are iust as likely as Generation Y to make travel reservations online And even Silent Generation Internet users are competitive when it comes to email (although teens might point out that this is prootthat email is for old P€°P'9) Baby Boomers in the Digital Age Lee Rainie Mar 19 2010 The Seventh Annual t’t'hat‘s Next Boomer Business Summit — Ask the Analyst ‘C. ."NTAl" H3 - 1-llB‘SCQiEiT SEARCH D RELATED TOPIC S Generations 2 Digital Divide I Seniors - Teens 2 Email D RE SEARCH TOOLKIT Getthe Latest Statistics 1 Find an Expert » Explore Survey Questions » Download Data 2 About our Research ) Subscribe NEWSLETTER ' ALERT S [3 Subscribe by RSS DATA POINT 80%» percentage ol all Americans who have made a contribution to a III
  16. 16. www. posterous. com is the dead simple place to post everything. just ernal LB. m who-, M-°, .? Skip In No setup or signup FIIII llrnnrs strap :2 Email anything to post@posterous. con1 Attach photos. video. MP3's. and files C unl hloggam Social moat. pron . '~: tr~= p 3 See the site you made We reply instantly with your new posterous at http: //yournameiposterotiscorn Fnmlllon una group: "Quickest and easiest setup I've over soon. " —u. .n. ... .o. . a. .. Try it now by ernailing post@posterous. com from _ Cmaii g _ n: .7r; .‘. :.i" A k , .,. L 4 A91. 3» or an, other mail program Posterous wares where. -er . nu Ia. e email Email post@posterous. com » Or see what others are posting. .. 5 ii Explore thousands H V V V V V . __ more » Questions? Answurs
  17. 17. pa311.posterous. com i pa311’s posterous Apm 27 20:0 Oltskype Presentation PA 311 Siqpefilsunfim 1 Scrlbd. Download Print Fulscreon <>Sham 03311‘: NW0 . Contrbutors I iyanamian I jun: -vim I uognnuamns I vunmmsuliri 7 ‘ pence! Ryan Christian ? _ g Nd: 1 E1-gang I Tm ' E saw E um Nourak _ M01 warm SW" '7 mm: mm: commgmg [0] Fasten by maevgang 7 bu. ? t mcdtsdn 7 manna Apmza 2mr: ~ Facebookstylasiatsdapalmentoominent I Ms‘-M . ? Maori Yns. I none that I1 Is I grant vraytn conned with ultzans. and its imoortantiov avurvness. — BUT. I lnlnkthal me department should nave Its‘ own look A looklhatvlould assodate me I 1"" 93”" page with ‘on mats a state department lung‘ and not ‘on faeeboolf. 7 ‘ humuijibut cnmniams ml Fame : . emlll ’
  18. 18. pa311.pbworks. com D3311 ‘__J Vlliki l Pages 8. Files vfiw EDIT FrontPage est er: ted tn ) Andy Wolber 1 mo ago Course Description Examines the use of computer applications to consume, manage analyze and disseminate public information. improve worker productivity and achieve agency mission. Attention is given to improving students' technical acumen and to examining important public/ nonprofit sector IT issues Grading Technology Explanation / Demo / Presentation — 40% Explain a key technology tool or issue, optionally comparing two distinct solutions. Share your knowledge with the rest of the class in an appropriate method, ranging from an article explaining a tool, a set of detailed instructions, a recorded screencast, or a video. All material must be shared with the class online and presented during a 10-20 minute session in class. Example of the type of projects I'm looking for include: A Explanatory videos by CommonCraft, such as their explanation gf R§$. — Software comparison articles by Idealware, such as their article Comparing Online vs. Traditional Qffige Sgftware. — Detailed instructions for a specific task, such as configuring Google Apps for a non-profit grganization. ~ Instructions for a specific task. such as the CBC Spark program posting on how to set up a blog, in multiple formats, sggch as text and a pggcast fgrmat (the segment on "Pat" wanting to learn to blog starts about 19 minutes and 55 seconds into the show). — Screencast demonstrating the features of a specific tool, such as Q§mg§irl'§ sgregngast Qf Deliciouscom. 2/8: Since a few people asked, YES, the technology tool or issue that you explain DOES need to be related in some way to public/ nonprofit sector use of technology. Presentation / topic engagement (in class. online) — 30% Active participation in class (by asking thoughtful questions) or online (posting, tweeting. bookmarking, or commenting). Let's use #pa311 as our hashtag for relevant content. ; ) Page historv cig ll‘ help 77 TOkifl&k BQI. Aread. haxe an account-‘ Lo in‘ Narvigakor Baragar , Juli anna K ; .; , ' Blackwell, Stacy L Bonnie Hudson - Christian Ryan D - ComDanv Policies ' Course Files : :t 27‘: 4) Sideflar A This is your Sidebar, which you can edit like any other page in your workspace. This Sidebar appears everywhere on your workspace. Add to it whatever you like ~- a navigation section, a link to your favorite web sites, or anything else. aeceiit Actrvlty PAJII Class edited by Julianna Baragar Baragar, Julianna K eifimd by Julianna Baragar Baragar, Julianna K edted by Julianna Baragar PKSII Class lll
  19. 19. http: //hwyt. me/ iTunesUbasics _ iTunesU iii. ..-s. ..m. ,ti i. .ii. , — Let the learning begin. iTunes U brings the power of the iTunes Store to education, making it simple to distribute information to your students and faculty — or to lifelong learners all over the world. With an iTunes U site, your institution has a single home for all the digital content created or curated by educators, which can then be easily downloaded and viewed on any Mac, PC, iPod, or iPhone. ‘$.23 9' Public Access Internal Access Content Distribution
  20. 20. Provide training resources.
  21. 21. .. 'if. ’v-It-.1-. ~.'a). i, ? l§fi*s"! "Wi9: Digiul Literacy Home Getting Started Access the Curriculum Access Instructor Resources can Studies Frequently Asked Questions Display Vour Personalized Digital LilIrI(y Certificate cumculum Survey http: //hwyt. me/ iViicrosoftDigita| Literac . lIl. i '1r| i- or--I : .. . . . ~; .- 1 it . . M _’, / :3 A‘ 1 ‘ D. .. ‘ I Nil Ifllileli" l lLc, Iii= i . ii: ir: i~, v Welcome to the Microsofl Digital Literacy Curriculum. The goal of Digital Literacy is to teach and assess basic computer concepts and skills so that people can use computer technology in everyday life to develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities. Whether you are entirely new to computing or have some experience, this curriculum will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. From using the Internet, to sending e—mail, to creating a resume, the Digital Literacy Curriculum helps you develop the essential skills you need to begin computing with confidence. The Microsoft Digital Literacy cumculum now has three levels: 0 Microsoft Digital Literacy Basic cumculum 0 Microsoft Digital Literacy Standard curriculum 0 Microsoft Digital Literacy Advanced curriculum The Basig gurrigulum features a course called A First Course Toward Digital literacy. This course teaches absolute beginners to computing about what a valuable tool computers can be in society today, and the basics of using the mouse and the keyboard. The interactive, hands~on lessons will help novices feel comfortable manipulating the mouse and typing on the keyboard. There are two versions of the Microsoft Digital Literacy Standard gurrlculum. The pnmary difference between the versions is that the examples and screen shots in the original curriculum feature Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP, while version 2 of the Digital Literacy Curriculum offers examples and screen shots from Microsoft office 2007 and Microsoft Windows Vista. While there are minor changes to the content coverage between versions, the overall course objemves remain the same. The Agggnggfi gurrigulum features several courses that expand on what learners mastered in the Standard cumculum. These courses explore core topics like writing a resume, social networking, creating an internet e-mail account, and searching the iriternet. The Standard Digital Literacy curriculum is currently available in over 30 languages. The Basic and Advanced courses are in development and will be available in other languages in the near future. This page will be updated when other languages are available. Use the menu below to see the Digital Literacy Curriculum offers available in your preferred language. After you select a language, click 'go', and the offers available will appear in a new dropdown box. Selea an offer, and click 'go', and you will be taken to the appropriate curriculum page. Choose your language El W,
  22. 22. 5!
  23. 23. htip: //hwyt. me/ SeniorNetTraining _i dint! nl i'it-I11-I. '¢'l: l-iiiiasi-. L~L— _I: l=l-‘ Sent 1: s Home Membership Learning Centers Seniorllet Google Yahoo’ Q Search the SeniorNet site , , Chairman's Award Help Computer Skills Online Courses and Tutorials Tutorials Boost Your Computers Performance Ciear or Delete Stored Passaords Copy and Paste D splay a Persona‘ Photo on You’ Desktop Emai and Receive Attachments Force Quit a Program Google Tools and Options Keep Your Computer Ciean L‘ ze the Windoxs Functon Keys I-Iow1’o's Accessibil '_y Tools Cell Phone Buying Gu de E: ings Compute’ liito Macintosh First Aid Make S€| 'llO'HEI You’ Home Page t. lii: rosofI Outlook Email Settings Seniorhet Members E. ‘.D€Fl€‘l'lC€S ‘. ‘ tn Vista Share Photos On we Viruses and Anti-Virus Soft. ‘ are ‘U, ’ Fi V, ndo. -is keyboard Sl'lO"(CUIS 't‘. lldOi'. S Vista Overview About Us Donate! A caring instructor with every course up 1 H-l‘. 'l~‘ 1 1 EH1-< I -riiiimaip, 1 ~‘iq‘. >.-‘. .. Monday. June 14th 2010 ~10:34:49am Ioin SeniorNEt TODAY! i'. L.- dd‘. II| ltlg'_| ' or exrlum 9 nwiulwr Ivenel its. 1 wily»! «at ("lick lien‘ hi n-new, hm! Support SenlorNet DONATE TODAY! AdubyC00g[£ Computer Training Degg If and Computer Training Prepare for Today's IT Jobs. r~; t.Er. ere5>. edi. i Computer and IT Training Let New Horizons help your career. 1'! ’ and Microsoft Certs, plus Jobs. . '/'-‘: .y‘l rvrigréat a-ES mm Computer Deals at nall
  24. 24. www. goog| advanced_search Wehlmagesmdmslldapsuemsfilnnnmsfinailnnmv Si. gn_ln O ‘. ) I 6 Advanced Search Advanced Search 1'ig§ Ifibwt le Find web pages that all thesewords INS exact wording Of phrase oneormoreciftheseworcls OR OR But don‘t showpages that anyollhese Lrmanteclwords‘ Need more tools? Resuls per page 10 vesdts - Languages any language ' Flletype any formal ' Search within a site or doma'n lE’g HULHLIS‘? Ci: i:*‘t 90.1 : +}Date, USE lg‘ NS, l'lLlTlel‘iZ and lTl0l'E ‘ Altlvoncedgeoith Topic-specific search engines from Google: _G9gIe Book Search apple Macintosh Us Government G<_3ogIe Code Search New! BSD Unix Universities he Scholar L| _nl. D(
  25. 25. Clarify who to Contact for help. Define an escalation processg
  26. 26. http: //hwyt. me/ CaseFndtnSocia| THE CASE FOUNDATION Staylmomred ‘ conraclus Home Abou1 Us Blog Bug Ideas Studres seam . ,u, s,1e 9 Gear Up for Giving Overview Lrve Video: Ask the Gurus About the Grvmg Gurus FOR G| V|NG§, FAOs fifififihfilll Gear Up for Giving: The Click Daly Show on Soci. .. t ‘k t 1- 1 How to Jom the Lwe Q&A me e 1, There's no regrstratron needed! 2 Mark the dates and trmes on your calendar 3. when rt‘s me for a session. just go to www casetoundatnon org/ socraI-medra- tu1onars1q-and-a and tune In to the Iivestreamed session rt. .. 15.. ... - . ... . 5.-. - a. . -. ... ... ._ . .-. .
  27. 27. http: //hwyt. me/ CrapDetection your a: here ’ SFGa'I: e h, r'rié dike Saufranrisoo (£l)tnn'u: l¢ Subscflhc K0 the weekend Chronicle in . SF€nte 2 web search by vmoo! ,‘ Advanced Search sign xn i Register Home News Sports Business Entertainment Food Living Yriwel Columns Buy E Sell Jobs Real Estate (ars Index ' Don’! MI“: Photos: Ultimate S. F. treehouse i Garchik i On the Couch i Jimmy Dean dies i 'Facebook Effect‘ i Bodega Bay Loop 1 Where to watch world Cun Tmtter Litenacv (I. .. | Main | Mindful lnfotenticnz. .. » Crap Detection 101 85 “(Ii 0 fcifi "Every man should have a built-in automatic crap detector operating inside him. " Ernest Hemingway. 1954 The answer to almost any question is available within seconds, courtesy of thei dtered how we discover knowledge A the search engine. Materializing answers fr out to be the easy part — the part a machine can do. The real difficulty kicks in w down into your search results. At that point, it's up to you to sort the accurate - misinfo, disinfo, spam, scams, urban legends, and hoaxes. "Crap detection, " as H it hdf a century ago, is more important than ever before, now that the automati has generated its own word: "spamming. " Unless a great many people learn the basics of online crap detection and begin a critical faculties en masse and very soon, I fear for the future of the In temet as . credible news, medical advice, financial information, educational resources, sch - scientific research. Some critics argue that a tsunami of hogwash has already ren useless. I disagree. We are indeed inundated by online noise pollution, but the p - - — . . . . The good stuffis out there if you kn ow how to find and verify it. Basic information literacy, ARCHWES widely distributed, is the best protection for the knowledge commons: A sufficient portion of Al SEDTEMBER 2009
  28. 28. http: //hwyt. me/ TechGapA‘lWork o . au“§ HI: I “I: E-- "H r - Ev I“: H: I . ‘IF ‘law 1 I Ifiil or. “vi-‘la: V —— Subscrbe to Readwrteweh ‘I , _" . f 1 I it -'l. t_ca:5l-W. iicvillicia » W1‘ E Search Readwriteweb Ga l The Technology Generation Gap at Work is Oh so wide Sarah Perez 72 Carnrrierts Recently. business intonnation solutions provider Lexisrlexis released the results of a study that examined how technology was used in the ‘ /31 American workplace The focus of the study was on the differing ' opinions between generational groups Their findings? The generation " gap at work is really wide with vast discrepancies when it comes to what the appropnate use of technology is ~ a problem that leads to increasing tensions in the workplace The Findings: Boomers and Gen Y are Wands Apart at Work The survey compared technology and software usage among generations or working professionals. including Boomers (ages 44-60), Generation X (ages 2943) and Generation Y (ages 28 and younger) The total sample size was 700 legal and white collar professionals with 250 coming from the legal protession According [0 the survey - ‘two-thirds at all Boomers agree that Personal Digital Assistants (like the Blackberry. for example) and mobile phones contnbute to a decline in proper workplace etiquette. and believe the use ot a laptop during in»person rrieetings ls "distracting, " less than hall of Gen Y workers agree. 0 Only 17% of Boomers believe using laptops or PDAs during in-person meetings is "eftiI: lent. " while more than one third of Gen Y do - only 29% percent or Boomers think blogglng about work—reIated Issues is acceptable. while tony percent of Gen Y workers do 1:-. _.. v ru. .. .. ; -“.4 rrA- . ..- .4.. ... ... ... ... ,. ... .4 . ... u-. ..__. .. ... -.n m. ... ... ... . . - . ... ... ... ... .-. ... i.- in. .. . ..- it . au thin- Timer is 3|’ cheer cutthe Real. Time Web FOLLOW @RWW ON TWITTER JlV9 Bets on the TWMEF FHETIOSE and me Data intensified Social Enterpnse http lloit | _i’9VKDGI I: :ul 5 h: ..'s sq: Microsofts Proiei: Natal Controllerto be Called 'Kinei: t‘ http llblt ll*d1‘5x7L i. :ut i3 ~i: ag: Cool, @d: -mdlenehan says that Polldaddytor iPad is now live in the app store ht1pi'i't; il| _iiarl3elo -: :.i H ~: .rs 2;: Whats a ‘Twitter Wedding‘? Funny you should ask htlp libit lw'aesYBD -: :.i ii r-: ws lg: lollow @Mw on Twitter "'" Readwriteweb on V r I . .a ('5 . i- e Read‘t'1rite‘t‘/ eb has 17,874 fans
  29. 29. docs. google. com Start Page M_afl Calendar Documents Web rnoreV Create new v upload. .. iten-.5 3 v Share v Folders v Delete Rename More actions v Owned by me Name opened by me YESTERDAY Shared mm me ‘Q Capital Area United Way Lansing (CAUWI IT Notes Starred Hidden EARLIER Ti~iisi. vEEi( - ' - Trash La] Group Discussion - 20101004 Staff Meeting “ems by type _ 3 Marriott Core Va| ues. docx More ssawhes , 7:; Welcome to Memeo Connect /2.0.1.pdf '5 Quick Start Guide ‘Q,0,1,pdf V My folders’ I _n Record and Share Video HowTo I Aviary Files _ I Stall‘ Meeting Team I Folders shared with me J mpg: -‘(lu( iogle. (i: ri1‘a’l1ighu~. -a. i.i'iEt-‘ Search your Docs I I Search highwayt. net Docs Ea, All Stat? Seating 5 Recommendation Q] Kresge Tech Assessment Groups 2010 LEI] Tech Clinics Attendees EARLIER THISYEAR [E] Highway T Tech Donor Prospects [Q Home network devices $ VCM September 2010 3 VCM Notes September 2010 g exported 3; Northsky_Services_Agreement. doc 3 Program Modifications and Update La llorthsky Task List E Website Developers conference call scheduledoc 3 Web Dev 2 5 Web Developers Interview Questions 3 Website Developers conference call schedule 5 Google Apps overview for Rotary Charities 5 Google Apps 2 _Q ferndale 2 Nard Request-2010 New Features! I and Show search oflinns B rowse tem late alle 1-50 of hunaeds Last modified v flmet l- ; i i ébmet: 9 e . r:ii9 lg) Srs“l'r. —r. —tr'; Tearr' meti - H lat: :09‘ H li, l ll'‘‘ 3 ill ll‘ ‘ 3') Sta""l’eéti'; Tean‘ metr 9 9 ' — B it l ‘llr“ vfimet i- ii “ i 9 met: 3 : : . — — §)met: 9 ' 9t: i E it i l lli ‘ ©met, ~ . i‘l ©met: 9 9 . =:r'i9 3 ll , li» H lat éDmet:99ui: i'9 5) me to everyone. 5 COllEtl)C)T€1[DTS H lizt ' ai9" Q lfli ’iir‘ 3 met: l : i: H li: i : 2i9‘ ébmet , Qme , , , , r0Adam~ri —. i H l, l; : ll~: ‘ hi hwa . net V I I Settings V I Help] Sign out Refresh llll an on Date i oCl1I'I'§ Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 29 me Sep 28 me Sep 27 me Sep 27 me Sep 17 me Sep 17 me Sep14 ms Sep14 me Sep 14 me Sep! ) rrs Sep1 «-9 Aug 27 Ashima Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 17 me Aug 16 me Aug 11 me ill
  30. 30. http: //wwwihefacebookera. com/ home. php Fatgeebook Era Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, Sell More Stuff. 5_ clarashih Topics to avoid tweeting: http: /Iow. Iy/1eI0h and how to react in a tweeting disaster (hint: remain calm): http: /Iow. ly/1elP4 For/ on/ C/ara on Tw/ rrer » become afan - r read the l3<'7:)k‘B 3 ap e.3:‘anE; ‘ buy the ", .. A must-read for CEOs and other oecutives who want to understand Facebook and more irnponamiy take the nght actions to stay relevart and stay compe1i1ive" ! 4 I Dwid Mather Prsiderll. Homer's hn ‘ Buy>: > uurmuu see ’ gfllmcan endorsements from Facebook Share on Facebook and others» .0-oooOQoono: ¢oug Why should I read Thi Facebook EI’I'7 see all appearances and wdeo>> - You want to understand how Facebook and Twmer are
  31. 31. Use technology to reduce communication barriers, not create them.
  32. 32. www. netvibes. com/ andywolber -{SJ (10) Michigan Nonprofit Association Blog RSS ' Giving Wisely This Holiday Season Does Volunteering Impact Your Happiness? How diverse and indusive are Michigan's nonprofits’ Nonprofits Partner for 2010 Census Uljliring Evaluation to Demonstrate Impact Why Detroit? Tuesday is Section Day! [3 (23) I'-1llAion| ine's Updates MNAon| ine: RT @JHUnonprofit: Listening Post Project laundies blog ht'l: p. t. |y/6GvUQ1 MNAon| ine: Today is World AIDS Day: htl: p:[/ worldaidsday. org : :Wor| dAidsDay ' MNAonline: RT flleagueworldwide: A few LEAGUE staff members, alongside staff @MNAon| ine, volunteered three hours in a. .. ht'tp: ,"/ bit. |y/ ZgTd6q MNAon| ine: RT ®Kari6U44: RT @npquarherly: Nonprofit: are 'd<ing up the state's s| ad( in Mid'iigan, here are numbers in uman terms http: [/bit. lyj89xqiL MNAon| ine: Michigan dlizens -Tips for giving wisely this holiday season http: /[www. mnaon| ine. orgjdonor. asp (cc @mid'ifoundatJ’ons @MI211 ®Mike_Cox) MNAon| ine: Posted a new blog today: Nonprofit in Michigan Partner for 20 10 Census http: /.’bit. |y/ YXHOO MNAonline: Thanks ho @rickp| uta @rinarisper @robswkar @l’inoentflu @ifracassi, @jamsardar @5iwlinds1rom @ldnd'icomm r talldng tio afnonprofits rezmedia older Resource Page -I (35) Delicious/ npowermichigan ' Find what's blocking sales with less than a day of work 100 Different Evernohe Uses - Andrew Maxwell | Web designer in Portland Oregon Ditching The Clutter: How Long To Keep Important Papers. I Simple. Organized. Life. Forget book diaries, how about a book blog? Harvard study: Computers don't save hospitals money Food banks go high-tedi to feed the hungry - Yahoo! News Scratch | Home I imagine, program, share '5 (20) Slideshows by User: npowermichigan ' Tips For The At Web ' Free and Low CostToo| s - Coldwater 10—09 ' Tech Essentials Webinar ' Tedi Resources for Food Bank SCM MI Conference 2009 ' Tools & Databases For Small Nonprofits ' Sodal Meda, Facebook &Twitl: er 101 For The Ability Center ' Practical, Free And Low Cost Tools You Can Use There is no news in this feed Wew Andy Wo| ber's profile 5lgI1l_lp J Sign In H (15) Uploads by MMAOn| ine 2009 MCC Service Leadershio Camp Michigan Nonprofit Superconference 2009 MCC CASE Grantee Carol Plas Establishes SOS Satellite MCC CASE Camp Refurbishing Project How To Access Your Americorps Education Award Midiigan Service Sdiolars OnCorps Reporting System Michigan Nonprofit Superconference 2009 - Service Project older 0 (20) Uploads from l-1IlADn| ine Compost bins , MNAOn| ine posted a photo: Allison and Kari M. build a new compost bin spreading the compost ‘- — » MNAOn| ine posted a photo: Kari P. and Kelley spread the compost on the community garden raised beds i . MNAOn| ine posted a photo: Rachel, Brandon, T’it"fany, Ashley G. , and Wes laying the groundwork for. .. older
  33. 33. www. yammer. Com Profile Settings Agplications Invite Sign Out mnaon| ine_org — 0. Home ii-I-; -riibe-is Groups More V Find YOU? (-0”€39U€< "FW 1 =5, What are you working on? 5 2 l Welcome i ate Andy Wolber (edit) e L: M mach me Get started Ci ccimoieze m-, - Profile E Follow colleagues and JOII1 groups to receive their messages in this feed. X G DO. .,, .°ad d. s_m. _,D the, ” 5 Adam King: Taking the day off to finish packing for tomorrow F°"°"' V°'" c°"‘°9"°‘ ‘ «.4 2. , » . —i : i reply Shelley Long x Ex-. -cuhvu Amistan: _ Laura Kummer Adam King. Iniorum, Freedomi-louse, Motown Museum -1 MC: ttrn-. (iL‘. Orps vrsn X . : . :., -. . _i. ;‘” I llrnrv i/ Phone reply M H , Zakia Beshara: In Lansing for Support Stafi Meetingl ‘ . : l. 'J; r: 7 Desktop reply MY Feed '_ . ... l VIC‘/ I all Received Mark Shaw in reply to Andy Wolber (Private): Knew you would like it! Just make sure to get the "detailed" reciept! I Sen! got rejected by accounting for not having it from there! :( —v' G . :c renly All F Ryan Fewins to Andy Wolber (Private): Good to hear! - Favo, -“es How does Allison feel about you servicing Ohio? ?? : ) ‘ — 'riJ: *r‘ Desktop reply RSS Andy Wolber to Mark Shaw (Private): Had dinner in TC A Add G'°"p ” E @ Phil's: was great! Lobster bisque soup, crab cakes entree, chocolate pate dessertl . .' :5‘ . -1;: an reply Andy Wolber: Toledo workshop went well. Slides online as usual @ www. slideshare. nel: /npowermi. .. 4: J5‘. 3 3;: ll“ reply
  34. 34. http: //socialmedia. policytool. net/ feedback PoIicyT<§c. >l" for Sociol Medic Need d policy? Need IT quick? Gei STC] rTed Toddy. Policy for The Masses 02010 mldion ~AlI Right Ruuvud | Privuq Policy | Tum: oi Una | Polio/ Tool | Comm: Us Policy for The i/ losses PolicyTool is a policy generator that simplifies the process of creating guidelines that respect the rights of your employees while protecting your brand online. ‘ I t's easy. The streamlined process simply requires you to answer a brief questionnaire and provides you with a complete Social Media Policy customized to your company. PolicyTool has been developed by rtmction in collaboration with Harrison Pensa lawyer Davfl R. Canton, one of Canadas leading authorities in internet and technology related legal Issues. 53 rtroctlon ' Yhis tool is lnmndm to pvovidu ngilnma to uni: n nodal media polio] - it does not ptovldu legal advice, We do not wurnnt the nnmplolnncs. timallncu or sauna; Mme output Mm:
  35. 35. htip: //hwyt. me/ DODi| etGenp87 , S|idCshare HOME BUSINESS CHANNELS EVENTS BROWSE Net Generation . Email Favorite ( Download 0 comments lilore. .. 99?‘ .99.’. !‘. "‘. ‘.’; fl. ‘ UPLOAD i guest‘ Signup . cg‘ Ai_3igiiage5 Search Deparlmentol Defense 1 month ago ‘:7, , F_mbed— 506 views, 3 favs, 5 embeds (El Like Be the first of your friends to like this. Related Recommended Morebyuser Leading Vii1ualEffectiveness: i. ,. Four Strategieslor Effective Social Media and User Generated Content For nalists T The 2010-2011 U. S. Hispanic ‘ Social Media Guide published : .., ... ,mi u. .. .., . pi. .,. ,< thn Cnunn About this document © All Rights Reserved Favorites 3 Downloads 21 Total Views 506 M" li‘~" i» Embed views 67 views on http: //slephenslighthousecom 14 views on mtp / /socialmedia delensegov 4 views on http / /lonewolflioiarian worupress com 2 views on http: //static slidestiaiecdn com 1 views on hiip. i/translategoogleusercontent com ' re
  36. 36. htlp: //hwyt. me/ Hospi'ialTechS'ludy l2lllilPUTEllWllRLD as »~~«--= ~ mwm Harvard study: Computers don't save hospitals money Hospital computer systems are often built for administrators, not doctors LIICGS Meariari November 30. 2009 tggmplltenivorlg) A Harvard Medical SCh0Oi study that looked at some Of the nation's "most wired" hospital facllities found that computerization Of those tat'. II| tleS hasn‘t saved them any money Or improved administrative efficiency The recently released study evaluated data on 4.000 hospitals in the U. S over a four—year period and found that the immense Cost Of installing and running hospital IT systems lS greater than any expected COSt savings, And much Of the software being written for use in clinics is aimed at administrators. not doctors. nurses and lab workers The study comes as the federal govemrnent prepares to begin dispensing $19 billion in incentives for the health industm to roll out electronic health records systems, Beginning in 2011. the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act will provide incentive payments of up to $64000 for each physician who deploys an electronic health records system and uses it effectively The problem "is mainly that computer systems are built for the accountants and managers and not built to help doctors. nurses and patients. " the report's lead author. Dr David Himmelstein. said in an interview with Computerworld Himmelslein. an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. said that in its current state. hospital computing might modestly improve the quality of health care processes. but it does not reduce overall administrative costs "First. you spend $25 million dollars on the system itself and hire anywhere from a i: ouple—dozen to a thousand people to run the system. " he said "And for doctors. generally. it increases time they spend [inputting data] " Himmeistein said that only a handful of hospitals and clinics realized even modest savings and increased efficiency -— and those hospitals custom-built their systems after computer system architects conducted months Ot research He pointed to Brigham and women's Hospital in Boston. Latter Day Saints Hospital in Salt Lake City and Rdated B1055 Regenstneflnstitute in Indianapolis as facilities with some success in deploying Doug, “ 5c, ,we, .,, ,._ efficient e—health systems That's iwmqea two hour; (or naming: because they were intuitive and aimed
  37. 37. viii.
  38. 38. www. de| icious. com/ highwayt HighwayTV '—2Ir‘: c< ,1 delicious l__ . . .. Ea. -2. Highway Ts Bookmarks 5. mp Bookmarks lletiuon Tags Su: a=: ri; :lu: vns inset , / an :3 Site: rtl: Mgr a_. t C’; 0) Em“ See more bookmarks in Popular, Recent, or look up a URL. 7-. .. In Bookmarks . Tags Sips, CC‘_llZr‘S v vTop1Cl Wordpress Extras Mv Favorites «< Amv Sample Ward 5 Version of NPTech B°°“““ amysampleward. orgIll; Ll Z: ' _. -l. i.: r‘e> '. l‘*_s; u'. :l; .r"e 'mp°ne{ Wordpress plugln pluglns lools toms online How to repost content with Posterous | SOC| aibl’| t(-3 mania w-. r-. /.soci.3Ebrile. org Ill‘ '11 ‘ll 1': 'i: C. -'1—'-3L: s'-C: l’frE"i-c. 'l‘-Lest-arts: '. t"' ' ' Samoa, posterous soclalmedia not-/ to web; 0 H phone Prism tr‘ free prism. nioz: l|a. com coiiabor imported Bookmarks mo: ‘la prism webdev webapps llrefox applications desktop D All Tag Microsoft Mouse Mischief '. N.N. I.micr0soft. com "'. ‘it: "1 "W: imported Bookmarks microsoft powerpa int inieractwe tools free Don't write a business plan wwv. / C l: . 31§l2T~ . ECC imported Bookmarks planning strategy business businessplanning Digital Age May Differ from Real Age '/ ww. marketingcharts. com': -Pl" ': r'-rea -a; :- ‘€ ‘ "at-age-na, »:“e imported Bookmarks age generations digital use adoption adoptionpatterns The state of social learning and some thoughts for the future of L&D in 2010 ‘ c4lpl. co. ui< "a": r:: i <. '3f{- "fin lI'l'lD0l‘tBd Bookmarks elearning edearning social collaboration web2 0 learning education First Steps VVlth WordPress «. WordPress Codex " “' rip-rJr~rln1r>/ ‘r>rrr f>f‘= V'. .-.7" . . . .t—i,7..
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