Database webinar 20100309


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Database webinar 20100309

  1. 1. technology navigation Michigan Nonprofit Association for n on profits
  2. 2. Website Basics Andy Wolber andy@highwayt. org @highwayt
  3. 3. ' CREAI LAkEs '--—. -. / 3' i- a nonprofit alliance L for YOUTH DEVEl0pMENT flOflprOflEn : .i ff, " NEINPREIFIT NETWEIRK r Toledo Q ‘ Community ‘y . Foundation ( I
  4. 4. http: //highwayt. org/ resources Services Training Membership Resources Resources 1- i Here are a few of the web resources we find very helpful to nonprofit professionals seeking information technology resources. TechSoug. org - for artides, discussions and discounted software NTEN. g;g - for sector-wide technology dialogue, research and convening m — for software reviews and research National Council for Voluntary Organisati ons‘s ICT Hub publications - planning guides Negwgrk fgr 699g‘; Lgarning Qen gg - for web, email and online strategies The Case Foundation‘: Social Media Tutorials for Nongrofi ts If you‘re looking for resources on a specific topic, we suggest you go to our online bookmarks at n fig; / / www, g|§ig'gg§, gg_m/ hjghwgyg. WORKSHOP LINKS and RESOURCES Social Media: Keep it Simple and Strategic Web Workshop - October 22, 2010 For the U. P. Non profit Conference sponsored by the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development View the e. View the hgngggg hgrg. Follow Us About rAcu Contact Related links: Bookmarks Archived Workshog ‘ll
  5. 5. www. s|iderocke"i. com D Q I . Elm-ill: -Ii ~? tIll! llIml- 3I1|| !l'Ii'! |-. '< Reinventing presentations. Slide-Rocket is changing presentations for good, Learn More Slideflocket Presentation Tips / ~? l'Jfl9X-iii Now Playing =1§mun A-1:iIii ‘ml: '1! an ', -n' 4:191; mm, Watch a Tour > t i :3 lib -- D Master the Art of A Storytelling to Make , Your Presentations §, come Alive 1‘-
  6. 6. www. checkvist. com Checkoist online collaborative outliner and task list manager a, ,;¢Gb5’/ T 'daM"’ I” Create hierarchical task lists, share them with your team, print out or publish online. Capture ideas fast during brainstonning sessions using intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Work concurrently, notify your peers about changes, import and export to other formats. Sign in ¢', ,‘k, ,“ Wolcavn. mm tznemn - 5-an-ms mm mm nan: Oil IE1 G-QZI and nowermichianpr , c,, vEus, _,__, __, _m, __ sashilnrs n&e: tto—doz . ... ... . KlR‘s nearest / TODO l_l remember me forgot’ Toamcity 5.0 Idea °"°°““’”“’°'“" . .[llHE i. i caanmbanflfqn Words aid Phrases Checkvist: Mobile Ul/ IPVione Create free account qncx Usab-Iity Checklist 10.04.09 - My Activity Ul md Dashboard Xnrismn: command line Ul Chockvist: Test Plan "ldea trap": brainstorming with online outliner Speed of data input is critical for a brainstorming session It you ever worked in any desktop outliner. you already know how to use CheckvIst's keyboard shortcuts Enter} to add a new task. SnIlt—Enter| — a subtask. Del — delete. F2} or double-click - edit Switching between the lists’? Press ll Adding note to an Item’? Press nn Easy to remember. easy to use r~i. .nm» lrna . nn= p1-. u-g hnlnc . -nm~¢nn—. .o. nn An -. I-Ark -so hand '
  7. 7. Donor Programs Management (Clients: Volunteers) i Intuit . _ .1‘-'. n.‘o[s~ . ‘ l "Other" % % 41% Financials Source: Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management Study, 2008. Survey of 330 nonprofit organizations.
  8. 8. ‘r, ll[; ;b C‘? -.l"(*_= .l
  9. 9. One internal Web data database Auto-sync
  10. 10. One web database
  11. 11. Consolidate Connect Web-enable
  12. 12. http: //hwyt. me/ CXEzO6 Search You‘ Inna Home Videos Channels Shows MAP Techworks - Checklists for your Donor Database Conversion Favorite -9 Share Playlists Flag Subscriptions anlolber V History l. 'lAPTechWorks lloiember 13 2009 Si, b~: rrirv~'-
  13. 13. http: //www. r|weiner. Com/ resources Robert L. Weiner Consulting l('t'lllllilU‘_' . (lIlil"-illNllIll'l'lllll£lll(l l‘. (lll(‘; llllill1lllllllllllll| ll< . ii’. iti“; ;i Sfliri ffriVl(l‘u(iCl CA l, HQME CLIEHITS RESOURCES CONTENTS Services Implementation Help Needs Assessments Process Improvement Technology Planning vendor Selection Articles by Robert Werner Resources Presentations by Robert Weiner Robert Weiner's Blog Blog Archives Index RESOURCES Resources Home Donor Databases — Vendors Donor Databases » Strategy -11 . ‘i 1345'? R"l‘i‘i rntmrt -': rIwmIi (‘F ( 0/77 TESTIMOFJIALS A"«BC)Ul i:0llTi’4i: l Fundraising Techtlology Resources Below are links to articles and resources about donor databases, email marketing, online fundraising, spam avoidance, technology planning, and related issues. Do you have a resource we‘ve missed? Contact Us. Donor Databases-Vendors I Donor Databaseystrategy I Email Marketing I Newsletters I Online Fundraising | online Privacy I Social Media | Spam | Technology Planning | other Resources Donor Databases — Vendors Association of Fundraising Professionals: Advancing Phiiantnropy Fundraisiog Technology Roundup Mav/ June 2008 Note: Each listing spans two pages (requires Acrobat Reader) Campbell Rinker 2008 Donor & Member Database Survey (requires Acrobat Reader) Grassroots Fundraising Journal: Fundraisirig Software Comparison Chart (requires Acrobat Reader) NEW‘ Idealware and NTEN: Consumers Guide rc Low Cost Donor Management Systems Idealware: A Few Good Tools: Low Cost Constituent Databases Idealware and Techsoupz Comparing Lowervcost online Integrated Applications IT For Charities: Fundraismg Databases for UK Charities LVl'IC Systems: List of Fundraising Databases l -i_. ..a r-. .._ IVA- _. ... r-r. ... .L. z—. .
  14. 14. List functional requirements (3 meetings, 1 hour each) Identify options (up to 4 hours per participant) Discuss alternatives; narrow list of options (2 meetings) Get product details Vendor demos Calls to real users User visits Decision
  15. 15. http: //www. icthub. org. uk/ pub| ications/ I Other ICT ublications Why is ICT Important? Mamghg ICT ICT management series ' A Guide to Managing ICT in the Voluntary and Community Sector Funding ICT This easy to follow, in depth guide gives you all the information you need to successfully assess, plan, implement and maintain your organisroion's ICT. This publication has been supported by ESiT. 3'L1iIl- :12!-e1u! l:«i; l-, 'i -1 Events C‘ , -J‘ N l em on” I Order a copy of the ggide to managing IO’ ‘ Publications I Download a copy of the Guide to Managing ICT in the Voluntary and Community Sector mid” (PDF 1.6 MB) . ' Ho toCostandF ndlCT Research H W u _ , ,‘3', ,,", ’,§°, .‘; ‘1- This guide will help you assess and cost your ICT needs, and help you to C35‘ swam‘ i budget for total cost of ownership. This guide has been sponsored by Datek Audio i- -‘lm)lIlul. ‘i‘: i« i‘ 71 -‘l| lr", "Sl! Ii I Order a copy of the how to cost and lund ICT ggde cqscounted De“, I Download a cc of the How to Cost and Fund ICT uide [PDF 1.1 MB) Funk" Resources . ‘ From Nightmare to Nirvana - an lCT survival guide for trustees Usefu‘ Contact What has ICT got to do with governance? Why should trustees be interested in ICT. ’ This guide is designed to help your trustees understand the role of ICT and the importance of strategic planning to reduce the cost and risk implications, and to make a difference to your organisational (. -, ‘ effectiveness. I Order a copy of the ICT survival guide for trustees I Download lhe ICT Survival Guide for Trustees (PDF 399 KB) "ICT management series offer" - buy the full set of three managing ICT guides for just £65 (£45.50 for NCVO members) - saving £10 on the cover price. Buy the ICT management series online.
  16. 16. http: //hwyt. me/ aHYLoi Booiewfin Civics TM CRMG32‘ House S« Kidsr‘. :;r Misc ‘Ci peace 2-v Photos 5 Technology 351 Triathlon 26‘ Search « links for 2007-02-15 Ismael on the power of 3 CRM platform » What I've learned about donor management I've been helping nonprofits build databases for over a year now. I've worked with about 10 orgs of various sizes-the largest being about 20 staff. A big part of my work is mapping out how these groups do fund development. Tracking donors, members, grants, and payments is a big part of what all nonprofits do. I sit down with each org and talk about how they raise money, so that I can understand the work in enough detail to be sure the database I build will support them in that work. Tums out, these groups raise money in pretty similar ways. What I'd like to share today is some process maps that describe donor management at these orgs. Well start with two maps that focus on taking a new donor prospect through the ask process. There are many other processes that go into managing donors, but we'll start here. These process maps aren't about technology at aI| —they're about work and how it gets done. We're creating a snapshot of how orgs work, and who does that work. It's not about Salesforce. com, or even about databases. All this work could be supported by post it notes and phone calls. Taking the technology out of the picture gets us to focus on the work, which is the real point. OK, now some vocabulary about process maps. Circle is the starting point, rectangles are things that happen. diamonds are where decisions need to be made, rectangles with a wavy bottom are documents that fit into the process, and the last shape on this first page is a link to another page. Arrows show you the direction of the flow, which is generally left to right. Activities are put in a "lane" for the person who is responsible for that work. On these maps you'll see lanes for Donor Management and Solicitor-if things are happening in their lanes, those folks are the ones doing that work. So let's look at our first process map: n-. u. ,. Dc-Kt
  17. 17. Donation Processing Donation processing stens with a died: that wa sen! In. or an online payment Org Donor Management llthis oil was expected. update lhalirilormetiun, atherwlee create a new glll record. Some organlnfions have mornberships we! as donations. Usually the first gll that someone makes each year is considered their rnumershlp payment. Seefllhedonofs erruloyercan rreldilhis Cuiriacl rifle to the appeal gilt that brought them in to measure eflectlvenees. Seine gifts are purchases alildteislorevmls. Ilse, mark lhe gifi as related to the event. and send a tldset andlor receipt as necessary. Cancun lithe rnembershlp payrrarii is lrom someone more alremy e rriermer, renew theirrnerrbership Dundee UFWHII Morroorshlp rene-ml nalloes He sent out periodily. elleotivertess ol thcee appeals can be measured by lreckirig their SI}. The hat step to pulenewgill I2 months out on the calendar. This ill will be marked as prospecting and will do two things. It MI remind the stall that steps shotid be taken in the future to assure next years gilt It will also inform a lorecesl of revewelor naxi year. Thislurecling can be really helpful Irtlnrmatlan ln the budgeting process. Source: Steve Andersen's process maps at http: //gokubi. com/ wp-content/ uploads/2007/03/donation_pr0cessing. png.
  18. 18. layes Rd 3 Hayes Rd Photo source: Google Maps Street View at http: //tinyur| .com/ df79uj
  19. 19. Estimating Costs Initial price Time to Cost of implement implementation Entry level $1oo- $2.5k Upto 2 months 5times initial pfice Small/ medium $5k- $40k Upto6 months 1timesthe initial business price Small/ medium $1ok— $250k Upto 18 months ztimesthe initial enterprise price tag Enterprise $250k - $50 Upto 36 months 1-5 times the resource million initial price tag planning Source: wvvw. aicpa. org/ pubs/ jofa/ sep2003/johnston. htm, accessed 10/25/2009
  20. 20. http: //idealware. orglarticlesl idealware > reports and articles Reports and Articles View al slides on: Constituent Databases | Websites | Email and [ I Ollice Producg ‘ Featured Articles Data Warehousing tor Nonprofits By Laura S. Quinn, October 2009 Data warehouses can allow larger organizations to pull lnfonnation lrom multiple places to report on it or analyze it in a central place. We take a look attire solmare and processes yau1l need to create your own. Rgag rrlgl§> Greening Your IT Through Your Soltware Choices By David Deal, November 2009 computers and sewers can oonsurne a Iemendous amount oi natural resources. David Deal and the Green IT Consortium take a look Ire soltware that can help you reduce your environmental footprint Read more> Enlisting Your supporters to Fundraise For You: A Case Study By Anthea Berry, Odober 2009 How can online lrieno-to-lriend lunctaising help you to raise money and engage your stal‘ and volunteers? This detailed use study looks at how one small school raised $3000 from mostly new donors wiii a minimal investment. Read more> A Consumers Guide to Low-Cost Data Visualization Tools By Laura 3. Quinn. September 2009 vows get data. How do you transform it into drarts, graphs, and maps that will help your audenoe understand the data and move them to take adion? this 30-page Independent Idealware report provides an overview of the types of graphic formats that might worktor you. and then compares eight low-cost tools Irat can help you create them. Read more> Back Away From that Spreadsheet: Why Excel Isn't a Donor Database Ely Robert L Weiner. August 2009 It's ouiclc easy. and you already have it. Excel seems like it might be a oreatllt to manage un--I an. " 11-0» one am-e o. -my ‘III! -Ill «mm “WI. .-. .m-.4.-v. m.o ¢emn. -.- -. rm nfrnlel-nun Infiue un- Home | Reports and Articles | Online Seminars | Donate | Blog | About Us Sign Up for Monthly eNews Notify me monthly about new Idealware articles‘ Genre: your E'H3Il addressl ' I'm willing to participate in online surveys about my soltware usage Sign Up > Donate What You Feel These Resources Are Worth! Have the Idealware reports and articles saved you time’? Money’? Allowed you to make better decisions? It so, please donate whatthey are worth to you and help keep these resources coming Qgnatg ngw > Recent eilewsletters D_Ql.0_lLeL29_Q§ Se e m ber 2008 April 2008 March 9009
  21. 21. ‘I-N’. ,. ,¢. » ‘ Seattle l)lrI: ‘K I 1:11», ’ Training Calendar ’ Training F. -Q's ’ Scholarships 8: Discounts ’ . 'Po-raring: our Blog ’ Office Closure I-Ind out how hi’tp: //hwyt. me/ cKxS4F snemap logiu "xsearch Aboutus Membership Services ; I-. lI. i,-r-_lilvin Resources News Get Involved Training Scholarship: L Discounts Online Resources I Community Partnerships I Spring Private Training Special Selecting Donor Management Software Get": mg; thef~. 'ost‘: 'on1YourDe: ;:: o'1 Four Steps to Seiecting Donor I-»". :;nagerne:1t Software Thanlcs to generous support from Verizon you can now choose the right donor management software for your nonprofit with this free interactive & practical guide. Download the workbook and companion resources from the links below. Donor Management Toolkit Book Companion resources: —— Sample Major Donor Process Map —- Blank Major Donor Process Map new — Organizational Process Map Table
  22. 22. htip: //hwyt. me/ cft9Cs i: ls_| nfl;9.iJ. t.a__dJ. l_§ Fre uent site Questions How To Use Techsoun J_ei_ri_T_: di. $.u. n Register My Organization Edit Omanhation Profile Ql'_d_¢_l'_5.ifljLi iew am! Software uammm Qgdit Qagj Emgessing Securig ehso View Partner Profiles ABS CV8 Iia imite siarimiii-I i_-1. 'lDhIll. iii-wsvi-u‘: -m-ii-ii7+~ Home > Get Products > Telosa Discount Program > Exceed! Basic 3.0 (Discounted) Exceed! Basic 3.0 (Discounted) i Get Products | Log In | Join Techsoup | Register Organization | How To Use Techsoui Admin Fee: $299.00 USD Partner: Telosa ~ Discounted / ' Platform: Windows Product ID: G-3108 Media: CD~ROM Availability: Available Specify Quantity: 1 drutfiia . 1 This product has been generously discounted in support of the nonprofit community. it EXCEED! ’ basic I l I l flg. l§. ". l . Jhiiiiyii A . Exceed! ‘Basic enables users to streamline and automate many of the routine, yet time-consuming tasl<s associated with fundraising and donor management. As a result, nonprofits can focus more time and resources on their missions. With Exceed! Basic, users can organize donor databases, track critical donor and gift information, efficiently communicate with donors via mailings and emailings, and generate reports to analyze fundraising campaigns. Exceed! Basic integrates with both Intuit QuickBooks accounting software and Microsoft Outlook. The 3.0 version includes enhanced importing, reporting, and email management. Add-Ons Available from Telosa: - Anyone from your organization may use Exceed! Basic, but this discounted product entitles your organization to one "concurrent user. " If you need two to five concurrent users, you can purchase Multi~user Upgrades from Telosa. - Telosa do_es not provide free technical support for its discounted product but will provide tedinical support packages at a special pnce for Techsoup Stock customers. For details see httpzz/ te| osa. com[press centerjpress releases/ techsoupsp. html. Note: This product is the full version of Exceed! Basic 3.0, not an upgrade from 2.0. if your organization is currently using version 1.0 or 2.0, please contact Telosa for infonnation on how to obtain an upgrade: Deborah O'Sul/ Ivan, tel. (800) 676-5831 x 1 03, email services@telosa. com V I 5 l l V i -H H”; -E algnvnr i . . Back to top Iii‘ o Donor and Contact Management: Organize and track donors, prospects, board members, volunteers, and other constituents. - c. ..-.4-si. -:. -in Iflfirufinnntarufc frrI‘ri‘Ir find era. -I, Ann. ..» nice. ulna. -u. .— «net 4.. .»-
  23. 23. vvww. Te| osa. com Basic lools for lundraising and donor management. ° Donor 8 (wind Mmapemenr §_(. (.. ;., ';[l : ,'. pff. * jb ' iunrhisiig Mmogerneni ‘starts at $4991’ : "“‘m"""“? °'°“l’°'. " . Compieliensive Reporting i . wdgwb hm” Download Order Form tools for iundraising and donor management. Includes all of Basic’: cupobiliries, plus: ° Urilimiled names for eadi contact record 3"‘-*: ':: ”:£u '7'-""'n5"" : ’ ° Customized reports and custom screens starts at ;2_o95| ° ‘Favorite’ saved reports and marings Reguesg 3 game ° Vohnreer Management Contact an Account Manager ‘ Gran! Making 8 Glilnl Seeking ° Guest Management ° Electronic funds Transfer ° Peachlree and MI? Accounting Interface ° Evenlldcncgcmcnl ' Online Furdroising
  24. 24. http: //hwyt. me/9SEy69 it-uliieivirrg 55* ' tel: Hel Contact Us Freguentlg Asked Questions w 5 II u J_ei_ri. _T_: ;l1$_im R_e9iS1:¢i¥ Omanization Edit Omanization Profile Q_i: d_: r_$et; r.s magi Erogra IYIS Software Hardware Hosted Applications §r_gdit Qaul Emggssing S_§£! Ll: iI¥ Il: §Lf1i_". fl Greenlech Techsoup Limited View Pagner Erofiles &5§ eva ' £1-ermslirl I1. , -"r7n-i“'i. ',- In-lily: -.'i‘-; -;'t, D.‘-Iri: iifvirviovi‘: -mm-Jfiiu T ' ‘ l Home > Get Products > Giftworks Discount and Donation Program > Giftworks Standard Giftworks Sta ndard i Get Products Log In | Join Techsoup | Register Organization | How To Use Techsoui Admin Fee: $99.00 USD Partner: Giftworks - Discounted _ _ Platform: Windows 5990” Q“a"t'tV: 1 . . ‘ ‘T "-' ‘ .1 Availability: Available T‘ . Wc'l<s . uu Product ID: G-41780 Media: Download This product has been generously discounted in support of the nonprofit community. Product Available by Download only it. .. *. i_ ,2. J _; [ . -mm “. ,., ,.m, ,'. . 1 f! ,t, ‘,3*§ “sf . ";. -:2.: *'1;'§'; ;.u Giftworks is fundraising and donor management software designed for nonprofits. organizations can use it to track donors and donations; build targeted lists of donors, supporters, and prospects; send mailings; and create standard and customizable reports. Giftworks allows users to import records and export lists and transactions to a variety of formats. Users can also update Quickaooks with their Giftworks donation information in a few steps. The Giftworks interface is clear and easy to use. Setup and customization are straightforward, and day~to-day activities can be perfonned with minimal training, so staff and volunteers can quickly become productive. Among the features added in the 2010 version is the capacity to accept donations with a value of 30, which improves in-kind donation processing. Other new features are batch entry of donors and donations and merging of duplicate donors. The Giftworks Product Support page provides manuals, a knowledge base, moderated user forums, and email support for all registered users. Telephone support is also available for an additional fee. when your request has been approved, an email containing download instructions and an activation key will be sent to the address registered for your organization. The version of Giftworks offered through Techsoup Stock is not an upgrade product. If you have an older version of Giftworks and would like to upgrade, please contact Giftworks at (888) 323-8766 x2. Back to top '1-.1’ . ]l‘: 'IVI! )l:2Ll-llg‘ Giftworks Standard is available in donated and discounted versions, depending on your organization's annual budget. For _i. .-: i- --- -i. - __. ._: _.. :___
  25. 25. GiftVVork " . .*“*: .°w. ;.. ."z: .°z;7.*: '.-*"'°°"°"“""“ Because cmworiu- is lalar-inane for the specld needs or neflvniiits. oirzwonr. s~ is powerful and intuitive; zuifliilrehanslve ma usy~ra~use. And yet. It‘: ef! ord8|Ie_ we know that tr-amonany fwldralstng sonwom has on-n prov-ibmvaty e'>®c-rIsIvE- Now. Indth omwov ks‘, r-or-events or .1 sun am: an ooaeus can uvo ma tools may mud to porrorm mam unporum work. Lnarn more about EJEEELBS hmn 02%| -2&0 Wiitofl tunnel! I Contact 5305 It I www. giftworks. com é. GiftWorks _ C on-. . nu. ..-. _ GiftWorks . ws. ... .. | CHECKOUT I MY ACCOUNT I VIEVV CART Giftworkc Events GIVIVVOIKS Events ls an and-In to Gi| tNorks“' 2008 slanaard and Premium Ina! allows nonproms to manaan all aspects orlholr mndralslnn avanis Buy II as an acIa~ln to c; irr. ~ori<s'- zoos Standard or Premium Price $209.00 Mimi Ul iAii: —, n| )lI i ll 1'll Giftvvorke Online Donations An online runaraislng strategy is imperative tor non-pioriis lodayi GlWVVOIK9'“ online Donations is an easy-Io-use and alromapie way I0 collect online donations lhruuqh your website, then download inern lo Gll'tNoIks"‘ with inst a law clicks Buy it as a new service to integrals with Glnvvorks "‘ 2008 Slanaara or Prernlurn After the one-lime seleun IE2. there‘: a rnonlhly tee cil 529 99 Transaction Ices are - 3,95% 4- s.25l'bin for Visa. Maslercarcl and Discover‘ - 4.8596 - 5.25am var American Express‘ o 1.7% 0 5.SOI! xn for ochocks GIItiNorks“‘ clnllne Donations ls only available for use by organlzallons registered as so1tc)(3) In the Us ~ 1 ‘no or DICQC V-nonetinn Inc: as re: ruii-iii-. ... -r emu lVI()l'1LD(lnIl: £ um. ii. our Price $149.00 Giftworks Volunteers Ginworxsm volunteers is an and-In Inai can be aaaea lo any Giltvvarksm license Buy for one Ginworks "“ Inslallalion or for all GIYIUVOIKSV“ Volunteers can be added IO either Cilfh/ VOrks"“' 2003 standard or GlflVVOI‘kS"“ 2008 Premium Mimi [IfIAlI mi: Iii nu PPIGO $199.00 -‘ ‘. *1 Mission neseisnci-1
  26. 26. http: //hwyt. me/ aJcGN8 Gifl2VV0l'kS' m~: .:~: :,. .-: ..--= ---- Broww by Category: 0-«won | I-no-nun‘ Iolu-no nun vlawunt. Inlulwe. May-to-use Ina Iflwoauex um and stations: by a noun mm In panlmulu Ibulk nvengthenuog nonoloflls LQDHI l| l)lO about fli - %I‘%‘l&1~I-0'2!-I€¢nn:1!tIloC ygIl3—SIJ-lftlfl fil. §| CIIECKGJI’ I UV ICCOIIIT IVEWCART ' ' CASSINCOA Address Certification S: -«e money on rnmlma can: my corur/ Ina mu : c:u-ac, or your done: addnaau cawouu: will «am your : ame: =I: . mun UDGIII morn In your Gvmvoms oalaoue G-«wows Prernoum user; Mu be suit to lure tun navanuou or USPS Sunauc Maul I-nnomauon omcounts or Giana addresses CA-SSIMCOA cemflvd and rump ban codes on rnanlmg Iaholi nu: some: works wtm GIlhVems"‘ standard on Prom-um AI you nan Gmvotks 2006 mu will naoa Io uootaao lo filggfljg How 0095 I! won’: I Add nus pvodvcno pour cart then check am through the stove 2 Arlcv chocu on Is cornpllnc you mu gal an e-mall wnh uuvuchon: on new In nroclvd If wur donor rucorda unread 20.000. Iho cos! 0! this senate I: 5159 Pneo: $149.00 uuvuuuv-runuaunuvuunn &¢It-ll an-can E] Xflliflfidifi Sundown Product Don": CASS Is In Coduno Accuncu suwcn syuorn ll onuuua he azuuacy on» codos and dowwrv pom! bar codes lam IDDOII on your man DIOEOI CASS cortncdlon Is vuudloc no can El NCO! INCIIOIIOI CIIIIIQO OIAGOIOAII COMOUII your fllllflfla IIOI Id mom than 160 mmen macs: dances. when I 9031:! eusumor Ina - oormanonl mango of odor”: MI: nu local Poul olloo. mo mow II 06006 In NCOA when name and adorns Intotrnauon on vouunadlrw Is! muons lllfflt Uld ‘OIT 080100! Imocmdlon on NCOA. 700! mfllhn H9! Vflll BO wanna wave no new aoolou NCOA coclncaton In valid lo: 00 non. NUU. |0N IIUBIHON
  27. 27. www. donorperfect. com : T;‘TW‘. 'TFfi” v‘m"'; "7‘l'w”'1" Helping Nonprofits create 1 ! .. V . J ‘ ’ ' “"91”; 4,1” ‘m‘-n%; g‘[s; ‘m‘ , ;am‘( ‘I ‘K " a Betterwortd lor Over 25 years! ‘CLIENTS ' 3-IIIIOI! lUlI0l'l= lI‘R= l'fi‘“‘ 1r-_l3tllIl'I-'! -1=lI'llIl‘—l~""‘ Imiiii in‘? | Search I ‘~'3‘| .=rr. tllIlilll: r£L~ru. .yafilqrlili 1 A . L ! FL. i'1ii “ l M. " "1 . _ ‘lI‘~[. IilI-ft nr Onlmu Furuimi-. mri So n. Installed or Online Fundralslng Software. nd I V . ‘J ( - r ‘x ‘ choose tlie option that best suits you. your stall and organizational goals. -gaér ,1.-a1-ell Demo 'li"l| l—“'{-It-ll'll| ‘ Don0rPel'fed 0nllne'5 hostfid , — — . brochure and pricing. ‘*0 T “-'0' I W‘-" 1 '--I 1 5°"m°“ ”'°“des anywti erelanytime access for both PCs and Macs. with cost-ellective subscription pricing Or call: 300-220-811 1 P"°‘“°‘ °”9""‘"' that cuts way down on your IT soitware YOUR Way! W _ __ expenses. 0:. choose our state- Dorior Management ‘ of-the-an installed soltwarelora ‘ low one-tirne investment Fundralslng ‘lools Online Fundraising Donation Processing Your Software. YourWay! b View Op-! I(ori. xl~ Truly Customizable P Reporting 8. Analysis . p. .,. .ug. ,,. .,. h _ WM? ‘ "aw, , 5lm, _,, _ mm Online or Installed . L. Ir-rtyr-mts Features List M '““ W Scalable Solutions V References ' '-”~‘5 _ _ - -no-warms -ESE [IE3 P"°'"9 sum. » nuns Request Info 1-0‘, mm, mun, mi-il. i.<. iil Fundraising CRM Sottwire | Constituent 8- Donor Management I Accept Donations Online Donation G Gilt lacking | Online Fundraising lools I Online Donation Form Fundralslng Site | Online Fundraiser | Online Donzuons DONORPERFECY HOME | CLIENT LOGIN | FREE FUIIDRAISIHG SOFTWARE DEMO Contact Sales Lav 800-220-8111 0 -Cci|1yrighl2D09 Suflerlllare. lnr:
  28. 28. “| f donors are also. ..” - Program participants / ticket buyers then look for Client Relationship Management solutions - Volunteers then look for Volunteer Management solutions - Event attendees then look for Event Management modules
  29. 29. www. sooia| so| utions. oom ® Socialsolutions % TWAFII - C C '. 'r'- %l-. ‘''‘ Social Solutions is Ihe leading provider of performance management software and services lor human services organizations. Founded in 2000 by human services professionals. OLI w _: i“ l. -: l »; _ and i give organizations a clear picture orwhich erlorts are having the greatest impact on the social issues they strive to address with this Knowledge. organizations can reinlorce what's working. adiust what isnt_ and more easily‘ report quantified successes to Key stakeholders EIO Sottware® , , 3'; is the leading performance management solution for human services organizations. issues Areas Social Solutions addresses multiple issue areas. including‘ l'. ‘». " 1.: -133 ii’ ETO Soitware Demo See how ETO Software can impact your organization view DEMO now u scuenutz A DEMO fl Pertonnance Management Webinars Maytd _ , , Recorded‘ 2. ». i <1 », : Recorded , , Recorded. =-. ETO| ution 2009 Conlerence Novemoertfi-17 i l Recent News Apr, 16. NTEN the llexl step: Peitniiii. xn_ii l, -,l, ~‘tlL-Ulf‘ , , , Mar 25 Feb. 27 Press Release 'ii ‘. :1ll. “.: i': ,;'. li Feb. 27: Press Release ‘)1 . ~ I'--
  30. 30. www. vo| un'teermatch. org ["‘ ~. Vo| unteerMatch Whom volunteering begins. Search Volunteers Nonprofits Corporations About Us My Account , 7! '. ~, ' xt, s C i ». "L lg r . r.l :3‘ k ' I‘ = ‘ Search for Virtual Opportunities ' Enter your ZIP code. city or state and keywords describing the opoonunlty you're looking for. Or enter the skills you have (or would like to develop). Afinggd Sggrm H with Just a click and a desire to make a difference, one Volunteenwatch member become our 4 millionth referral. in hW' Donna Pool Her children hope that one day she'll team now to say ‘No, ’ but that hasnt stopped Donna Pool Weyman Johnson Growing up In a family with MS. Weyman Johnson feels lucky to be born at the 'I'tghtfime' to get treatment Today he‘s on the national board of the National MS Sooi'ety. helping lead the fight againstthe disease. the age or 61. she's lust getting started‘ - ' from taking on new challenges, At . .~. ... ;- . . 5°i"L‘ L if A A 34;, [o| unteerMatch - , ___ :4‘; “ i g _ S<; .:. v’m‘«<). “~: : Ewigli in | R: -{mi-, -i | Help I9‘-. t Si: -': A About Vo| unteerMatch i/ olunteerltlatcti strengthens communities by making it easierlor good people and good causes to connect 57,096 Active opportunities 65.365 Participating organizations 4.097.200 Referrals since 1993 We rely on the generosity olpeople like you to help transform people's passions into action S Donate to VolunteerMatch Virtual Opportunities virtual Opportunities have no set IOCSTIOIL and can usually be completed from home or using the Internet Enter a keyword to find the right virtual opportunity tor youl keyword
  31. 31. www. a|| i"orgood . org/ posting '/3'i~’ ir i«' About Blog Help FAQS Apps API Posting Listings Privacy Policy Terms of Service Content Policy -Thin Ii ‘. 'llll :17-L. ‘-; !.kNL.1I‘lQ§. £.§N! :r: ‘ ‘EL-ii: . S>3C~llCltl-E'll‘E E-tgi. Ellllililiillli '-‘lzizlllit i‘t—. Iuii: t = I|IIl5['-ii TlYl= )0}~‘fll: . ttziiil-in : uliuirll- Submit your volunteer listings to All for Good All for Good can help your organization find volunteers and reach a wider audience by spreading volunteer activities on our website and across the web All for Good functions like a typical search engine - we list a "snippet" than direct people back to you to learn more about your volunteer activity and to sign up The process works best when your full volunteer activity is available on a webpage that All for Good can list We work with existing organizations and companies like Vo| unteerMatr; h. Idealist and MeetUp to gather and distribute volunteer activities listed through their websites If you are an organization with fewer than 10 volunteer activities lfyou only have a few listings to post. the easiest way to get them on All for Good is to post them to one of our partner web sites. These sites have already integrated their listings with All for Good. so anything you post there will automatically appear on All for Good. (Note that this won't happen immediately, so don't worry if your listings don't appear on All for Good instantly ) lfyou'd like to use this option. we recommend you post your activities on one of these sites a i ll r o wvmsefl gov o wwwvolunteermatch or o www m m o www craigslist org lfyour listings are already posted on one of these sites or any other site we already receive listings from (see the Iigg hgrg)_ you don't need to submit again! If you are an organization with 11-500 volunteer activities: The simplest way to submit your volunteer activities is by using the All for Good online spreadsheet template Online spreadsheets let you easily coordinate volunteer opportunities across olfices and within a single team by inviting others to collaborate on the same spreadsheet. instructions in. . L. .. n. -.. .1 ___. :_m_____; _ . i.__. __; :_u_ . ..i__ -__. _._. :___ __ . i__ _i___. : i-. ii-
  32. 32. http: //hwyt. me/ bw| ygD Revised November 25, 2009 in SLllJSC" be to my blog and the when if‘lS aeb site l‘3 updated, her. l'ESC'V. ll'C€‘S are lamched, etc. Don‘t t. l‘: C‘i‘: lien to SLlDSCl'llJ€7 See this blog subscription tutorial. _. . A free resource for nonprofit organizations, llG0s, ‘.9: civil society organizations, public sector organizations, _ 5 and other mission-based agencies. I From Jayne Cravens ' 1 www. coyotecommunications. com Listing of Volunteer Management Software Some of the most frequentlyasked questions to me are about volunteer management software/ constituent relationship software: what's available, how different packages compare with each other, the cost of each, the features of each, and on and on. Ido not have the resources to create a comparison of all the different volunteer management/ community relationship software out there. And Iwill not recommend any software on my web site unless I use it myself. But later on this page is a list of al of the volunteer management software geared towards nonprofit organizations (as opposed to corporate volunteering programs) that I know about, or nonprofit-related software/ community relationship management software that has substantia/ volunteer management functions. There are around 40 volunteer management software options available (the number varies at any given time). Ibelieve it is the most comprehensive list available anywhere. How do I define volunteer management software? Software that allows an organization to, at the very least: 0 track all contact information about volunteers (postal address, phone number, email, etc. ) a track where a volunteer applicant is in the volunteer orientation/ participation process (completed application, completed orientation, first assignment undertaken, inactive because of illness, permanently withdrawn, etc. ) a track volunteer / communrtyl constituent participation in events, online fora, etc. .
  33. 33. ellelilil 7 r Lwiier-iiaimiilaiiltuét-z: i.iu+ 7 Online Event Registration Made Easy. How itworks > Kcteateztourrnéventrl P I 1 2 3 ( Publish Promote Sell Out create your own event web page Free tools like email invites, search start selling tickets immediately I and get details online instantly, listings, and website Integration. and collect money directly. It's free to try out. Get started now. create Your Event r
  34. 34. www. ConstantContact. com IN YOUR AREA USER C OMMUMTY CONTACT US C USTOIER LOGIN .3} ' a We're here to help: l8G(SJ5764-1464 con5unt(3o, mxt' noairy to say? 1B00.Z21.2705 Home Email Marketing Online Surveys Event Marketing ‘ ' ‘ Learning Center — Home . B1 lnduary A t'~li: irii'-ri: irt. : ‘ mammary ovowroiu “T519 Byinuustry Home See how it works! Assocgwons ink» A i)iniii. it triiii consultants Enema‘: --nem FREE Goday Trial am” No credit card required F’ °S_ Looking to lioop your monitors in the know M9'"'°°‘""V°"“°lS"**1*= " and up-to-onto? Ir: easy. ran. and nonprofits oflordoblo with constant contact. Personal Scrvlce: _ _ _ Pr ' badger _ ' With Email Marketing, you can create and send ° “S "ms professional email newsletters, fundraisers, Real Esta: renewals, and more—for far less than direct Relfious Organizdions mail. R°"“"""" ' Online Sun/ ey lets you easily and cost- Retan effectively track member satisfaction, get event gyms and 5,35 feedback, and evaluate programs. SD0rls&fIdRe0redi0I1 ' Use Event Marketing to set up, promote, , Travel and Tourism manage, and track the success of events, wsflme conferences, and fundraisers. ugggmgrorum In our Community tn minutes. you con: Inuit tornplatos for Nonprofits: ' Inform members ofthe —_ Youll get a wide _ . .- latest organizational news selection of email and information templates including newsletters, conference ' Generate low—cost, high- invnations and imnart firnrirakinn anneal:
  35. 35. http: //www. e—benchmarksstuciy. com/ Email & Fundraising » Text Messaging » The new 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study is now available for FREE download! READ THE STUDYI Social Media » Co-aulhoredwilh: -i 3'-“J READ THE STUDY» llaliplniit Technology mimi- READ THE STUDY» 102". ‘ T}; i '. ~,IZ 31¢, A XII‘. It‘ I‘ M+R Strategic Services helps organizations and campaigns we believe in develop smart and effective strategies to mobilize their members, build grassroots support, and raise money— online and offline. As part of our research activities, M+R publishes studies that provide metrics to analyze the effectiveness of online programs. L». riin Go! ; ::. : . i +‘-> or check our latest reports above. 5113:: I]_I ollli At. .. l]_l lliinlolz. Ill ll; l-Ii: M irziii-L -in- i: ;i'1;. in -i-in-: -i uliniolr-[H1-Lg, iii: i-ho nlfollfollk, oiiio inioiiz. . '.: ::J-1Iro| t:Lolt-~»1:: .~At-t= i» l rjygo-ii. .1i. M'i'i : t». _g]_“, .:r, i,. ;i i 'i'I. »1‘. It. Lo| IIOWIOYOIGV l f{Iy_£('I_"_B'L: !.l <~I(llloIm: ::5~1lr-Ila-It-a~Y4.vlI-44i
  36. 36. www. blac: kbaud. com Welcorriel i i | I Siteseaich Go Blackbauds Make the world a better place. higher education hcalthcarc 1Lll l'L; CKl‘~iL| l .1LLl OUR CUSIOMLRB Li'lL§l NL‘§ Looking for a technology partner We're 22,000+ nonprofit 1214/2009 instead 0fjUSl a software vendor? customers strong Check out out‘ i i I i’/ e're so glad you found us i White Paper ‘ , _ Beyond! ” Basic Ell/ efi{JListtri1thbe l| |;nIlS|0tfl8i2lifn0l0gy ; » i — , 12/V7009 nkmg pm 0 0 er e es so U ions or ) - l , - . _ Website Stapla to the Next Level ) ‘ ‘ ° Learn more : ‘ V‘ " i‘ l"‘ V’ : " f‘ i0'‘l‘l{0lll l‘L>0Ul{CLS imgiog , l 7 , i ii’ i , Read our 3 _ l i g r _ , i, t , “ , and ‘ i Lsoo 445 9441 , ' ~ A suliitiiinsgriihiuckbautl com ) V J , ’ ' , iclrhud. t’ - request l'l(V€ trifnrvititinri I _ 5) :1 feed OW i’ii’§, ’> LVL xi [5 Online fl‘. ]VlE[lf1l1'. O ‘ reach more senile. /H
  37. 37. www. Wi| dApricot. com &. MlLlL! l§llIlD2fl| HNl§l19.M. ID ,9; mild Put your organization on autopilot. A APricol; Get your sanity back. mm: rim-. Wcrm A t We iM'| | respond within lbustness day Meiiiberstiip Event integrated Toni tiistaiitDeiiin Pricing Partner Resources FAQ Management Registration WebSite &FreeTnat Program Integrated Online Tools for Clubs, Associations and Communities Quick info: Powerful Membership Database and Website . 0' Top 10 Benefits Software - Setup and Launch in a Few Days or ‘KeyFeature5 Even Hours 0‘ Executive Summary Wild Apricot brings together all the 9. : lljlS9c”” and Prim organizing and communication tools to run an association, group, club or Try our Membership Management and . Communilli Communitv Website Software now! Next Steps‘
  38. 38. www. bbnow. com What is Black~baudNow? You are only 5 minutes away from publishing your very own website and accepting donations online via PayPal. You will have access to many industry leading resources (tips. tricks. and best practices) to help your organization succeed. Read what BBNow customers are saying. Get Started * How Does it Work? It's WebNow. Publish your own website and accept donations in minutes Learn More It's Donorflow. Manage your constituent accounts and run reports. Learn More Signup for a BBNow Webinar! It's ErnallNow. Send emails to stay in touch with your constituents Learn More
  39. 39. www. eTapes"i'ry. com Logln | Home I Contact I Orderetapestry Revolutionizing the Charity World via Technology and Service T Your Needs what Is It? What Does it Cost? is it Secure? D I d can I Seelt? °w" °a 5 l . , . i Ktlllli. ‘-Ill" . ‘l: :l'. 'i: - »‘l-Ii'. ‘r. ii: -.t. ~r. i»~‘l: i-'il-1: 'l'H0}~‘i'lK‘—a= ~'1‘—II'l'iIl'~P E)-iulil>in= 7Ii| III‘l~| i'i')I ' . ~.». .: .. A truly one-stop fundraising solution what-s New We want to make your lire easier and your nonprofit organization more eflemve. iryou need a 0330,09 Blacicau-1 and F’a; .Pai Crier New Loi. v—Cosi catasase. a weaaiie. an online giving page, orspecialized €'T‘l3|| tools‘ eTapestry may be able to was Tools for Nonprofits help. our on demandtools give you the afiordability, flexibility, integration. and security you wont find with any other iundraising soitware. [More News; 80 whether you are a small nonprofit just getting started (we'll provide you our database for free), spomgm or a larger organization needing more sophisticated tundraising tools_ we invite you to explore eTapestrrs weo—based solutions Boys and Girls Clu‘: DfEV3l1S’/ ille ' ngffl. WE'U- BE [Hcire Spotlights i "iioo. ..'3'° 6001) FOR Ii. -(‘I{ OTHER Videos Build your own website. .. . .,. .,, ,,, OR "*5 “Wk Gleaners rooa Bank Stan raising funds online_ ‘2:', _,', },' Learn h-3.» eTapestr, . is wor-‘mg with Gleaners Get started for free F°°“ 93”" [i. lor-: - ‘-xideosj
  40. 40. @lesforce. com _ — — Product Discounts Product Donation Community http: //hwyt. me/96iZ6y . « "“‘: ‘J, il i '_i’ri; «l: i.i‘i i«i~» ~; ii‘. i:ii on‘ '~. r:'3LLl'. TEE‘S FDA? -IT? Qnmlriunitx FAQ 1% product. 0 . Training Resources Take advantage of trainings, workshops and more The Foundation delivers targeted workshops webinars and events to address the needs 01 oLir nonprofit comniunitv We invite you to €)‘. DlOlE the following workshops Renieiiibei to check back new resotrces are released on a regular DaSlS 9 Sign in for our webinar 8- Watch recorded workshops 9 Leam about upcoming workshops and events 9 Watch recorded Dreamforce sessions I3l, ‘F' l= ;=T'lEP’: -i R‘-37;’ ; i. A community of good people doing great things. Explore the salesforce com course catalog Sign up tor free on-demand training Find a salestorce com event near you éhéiéié Join our dairy best practice webinars Check out upcoming events lor % developers Check out upcoming events lor % customers Watcti tiowvtc videos lcr nonprofits =42) Wrieii i: Llstonie's engage-i: l us for a stlppoit reifiiiest Iypica ly our response times had been iiieasuied in days ni: >w . e and TlCilll‘: 5a E‘Sli)'C6‘ Cxiii measure in miniit ieail» drives our i: i,isti3mei' v Ce values DE‘C3llSt~? it C)| 'lSl/ E*IO‘. ii1.»3l ; Y lS SO '63
  41. 41. http: //hwyt. me/ dvYmCZ ‘ Search awolber V (-4 Sign Out Home Videos Channels Shows Subscriptions History Upload Introduction to the Salesforce. com Foundation Donation Program - Part 1 -f~? - ‘ — '3‘ ‘J’ 8V‘9W5 T SaiestorceFoundatIon SHMUMW ‘ December 10 2009 more mic) Favorite -0 Share Playiists Flag Send Video l. 'ySpace Facetoci. more share o(: tucns~
  42. 42. http: //hwyt. me/ aSGCFr ‘I300-N0-SOFTWARI - I-SW56?-6389 sales rce. com Stmanflnsafiinnc Salesforce CRM Force com Platfonn ‘wan Salesioroa CRII, we hm visibility inio Ina elledmness oi our client program and the ability to sel and rack memo-uasod bonaimarts Ior drum progress Our-vision is In use this system as a model to help other agendas to evolve liar organlzahons uyleveraging I12 power ollhe Inlernet' Family semce Agency or San Francisco Events & Community Company Services Dmuuosaioo CnulurAuIIeuriProgIII Collllbviiyfilopoomnhl thick PM cnicomiiouuluwaovty Cunooutomlhg With Saiesforce CRM. FSA Transronns Hearth and Human Services °°""'"°'°: “ Delivery for Increased Client Recovery Enuuva sauauuurrnuugs-via C"’“°"9° ruoyscnnecnuucyorsanrnnabac ° Far‘-II, S-: -".1:-3 4:: -': u IFS: 01835 ‘van: sco tie art. 5 Ci: -3si’C"= -:-'. 'I.9l1an, nrncrrzffchani-3*! 2:3!-ser. ~:r. -S Goomuvma-on pr~Zn‘~: >:-r rreecc-as S3Si£-. "ri‘37I-Eifi‘ : '2;ra'n ~1ana-gers and rrrmtms “E 2!; c»n12JJ= J went; muggy. I. '1n3;e-«~25 1:9 sought1:re: ;:etne argencv 5 :3ce'u: :r; =.= ujgxmma ° :5 3 ~1a. :'~: n crrntrrsefner vine‘ an: Czunr, or San i. -ant SC»? ! F3: . 5"T>3c a I- = ’~‘. ¢~: :~w: er: er: -IuL~; n Ihlnesotlfllnomtulol ' ‘he , rv: t ~; r_r; ' , r. rnr . . 2 rgcr. -:-' ‘*1. In: -‘.1-lrliri’ zfarv Ir-‘, -soia ragesrn 1' '“'‘“-''°‘''’°''“'‘'5¢'‘°°' ma, »:<r languages «.35 ca; 1er; e-11¢ st: ‘*1 2-. ‘:s: e. . e:cr: s1or o‘ e'. '.Irat. -. I; arc www‘ SGHWOCMIIIBI I-EEOITIHG '»‘3F. ‘:‘; €‘iS CICIHDK -’1.'In2 *2J3« 302-2'35 EC‘ "J3i3 0'1 'E- 3;? ‘ ‘T-3i'»2S mucous
  43. 43. htip: //hwyt. me/9Y3sUx I I _=1f1=. 'ui'L'L= :-3:ltl5.‘: is=1uen: :.-. —_u. .it : «.i. .. ; 1-| I|i . . r'iI. m. 3lI.2.| nIr'- 'Iri‘ldI. » :1--iu, ‘. lioi. p P’: Put Your Data to Work: 52 Tips and Techniques for Effectively Managing Your Database by WES TIOCIIIII. president, Eflecfive Database ililanagernem E mail TM: pa 2 E J v At the heart ofa data-driven organizational strategy is dependable data. And data will only be dependable ifit resides in a reliable database——one that is welI—managed and understood by not only the IT staff and the membership department but by everyone who uses it. In Put Your Data to Work, membership database guru Wes Trochlil gives us a user-friendly guide to better databases. Among the practical advice found in his : _-_', ,‘-3:-___*'___, 52 tips and techniques: Banish data redundanI: y—-and its ugly aftermath. Seek and destroy shadow databases. Test early. Test otten. —. 1"’ Pursue success, not perfection. Open the database--once and for all. . Queryyour database. Use the answers to refine strategy. —-. ..---- It doesnt matterwhetheryoute the CEO providing the vision ofwhat will be important °"’°°" V9‘ 55° '°"'V "13-95 to your community in the future, and therefore what data should be captured, the chief technology officerwith overall responsibility otyour information management systems, or the marketing or membership director, both ofwhom would undoubtedly benefit by knowing as much about your members as possible, implementing the sound tips in Put Your Data to Work will help your organization operate more etticiently. --5 ‘Eng. win. I Pi int Vei sion: Only $23.95 * $3.99 S&H "As a CEO, I'm not invoived in the nuts and bolts of managing our database, but data is one of our greatest assets. This book made it easy for me to understand now investing in good data practices strengthens the whole organization. ” -Mary Pat Paris President and CEO International Registration Plan, Inc. Samole oaoes
  44. 44. www. mapa| ist. com ‘nu-W‘ . (lob « map a he ’ 'i'""z'V°"'hw home i about i help register | signln what is map a list? _ I a wizard for creating and managing customized Google maps of address lists what are some cool features? 0 the addresses for maps come from your own Google spreadsheet: o modify your address list and maps are automatically updated. done so daily, or on demand 0 you can privately be the only viewer of your maps. or publish them and show them on any website 0 you can access the address lists and maps from anywhere I it's easy. no code required 0 it's free - download KML of your maps I export them to Google earth [As Featured Ir} [""‘ I d$@® . . mflfln life]; _ Orlandosentinelcom [notices] [From the Creators of] 0 Tutorials Live in Atlanta, DC. a Add images 8. iframes to maps or Sacramento? a Add email 8. Skype to maps ""‘ 0 Add hyperlinks to maps Check out AraYouSafe % o Basic I Advanced grouping for the iPhonefiPod 0 Latest Release: 61181109 u&fl*°d‘°C23“*‘J . .“. ‘%d"; ‘l MooAListO bv limovn-onG¢o. LLC 2037-SI Terrm oi Use I Questions. comments issues. mums? helofimaonlist com
  45. 45. http: //www. smartsheet. com/ crowdsourcing smartsheet Home I Product Tour I Houislused? Crowdsourcing r. What's Possible? Smartsheets flexibility enables you to submit and track any type of work request U Get email addresses Generate prospect lists Conduct surveying for feedback Gather data to enhance current lists Competitive data on prices and products Categorization of produds, websites Writing copy tor website catalogs Transcription from PDFs orwebsltes LL66!-CG Icustomersl Use Smartsheet + the Power of the Crowd to get work done faster and cheaper Blog I Pncingfistgnup | Try for iree lll nil ‘ lliifilliliiilpm T How it Works Quality Results Watch this brief video to see how Smartsheet can Smartsheet enables you to get high quality work expand your capacity to get work done, 0 J done by top on-demand workforces Set up your Smartsheet the way you like it Submit WOIK requests from Smartsheet (O the crowd Smartsheet handles all the worker recruitment and payment processing Completed work entered back into your Smartsheet For more info. download our How To Guile o Srnartsheet has partnered with two leading on- demand worldorce providers’ agonrnechanical turk livework a Consulting Services are available directly lrom Smartsheet. whether you need basic advice on getting started or complex. high volume data management Contnctus to discuss. Crowdsourcing + Smartsheet = Smartsourcing Smartsheet is the only collaboration tool that makes it possible to connect to an on-demand workforce We make it easy for you to get work done with co~ workers. clients. and vendors so it made sense to us to take it to the next step — we make it easy for you to get work done with a global workforce that's always available You may have heard of crowdsourcing. for example Wikipedia. where people do work for free Smartsheet has created Smartsourcing. . .A. ... .|— . . . . 1.. ... . .4 . ... .;. a . ... .. .i . ... ... .. . .4.. ... . . ... .. . ... .. 1.. . u. .. . ... ..i. a- n. .. 4.. ... . ___: i. ... ... . . ... ... ..i. .. ... ... .. ... ... ... r . ... ... bl. .. . ... .i; ... .1 u. .. . ... ... .r. - o. ... ... ... ... ... .:. ... :. ..
  46. 46. :(V i 3 i I‘ I. ‘It', ‘lIIIc. ‘=Ib Xobni {J Fc: ‘L C E"- ; . . Compare Products What is Xobni? www. xobni. c0m "lI1hIll‘L- ‘I ‘. v w n-> Intro to Xobni 1 arrmvillanova Iijwsi Ivercres. ., villanova_anw_2009@gm. .. O (4 15) 555-2345 Director of Business D. .L: j bTlL_iW3U : llII‘_‘I_| llL'1; Entrocéucing nobni. Free Download San Francisco Bay Area Director ol Business Develo. .. 5INBl'Cl’€S[ Industries Comoixer Software 213 connections Unit Test Results - CA Rumirlg late. In by sta. .. . , Leaving early tornonu. .. Dlseover Xobni Plus Lightning—F: ist Email Search Search email 8. people faster than you can type. Learn more Stay in Touch Contact info. profile pictures. company info, job titles. All organized. Automatically. Learn more Social Conncctions Xobni searches the web for information about your contacts. Facebook. Linkedln. Hoovers information 8: more. brought into Outlook. Learn more Thf:3d‘: d Conv: rs: tions Email how it was meant to be read. with conversations in context Discover hidden associations between your contacts. Learn more Find Attnchm nts Historical attachments available instantly without searching. Learn more lll
  47. 47. www. rapportive. com pportive . “l; i; L. “.f_l_f as it w». .'W«; i.. - «ta vi- ra ‘ ‘l L ‘ I i I Rapportive is simple social CRM built into Gmail av rang! «-13-»- llmitfi lIjI1Jb| ‘| lIl&|1I&fl ' ' : —--. . 1--an .311 -an n-i-. — an I--in mo: nu-an 1 Invlx i_n. .._g 7uLp. Lv, >.1»; . o-min-u rm. » . u.. -n-no. -oun- Rlll 7Ip1(UIIUII9dI‘l»vulV! 'IN'1 ___- . ... —.r 3 . , _ social : -nan»: -l-nu-nnammuu sonuxau. -yzosolun Ixihtu lab-than . ._. _.. CRM install | faq
  48. 48. Tour Pricing About Blog Login or Sign Up Free Social Media Marketing Made Profitable Behind your customer list is a goldmine of l_1’1fOIT1’1ElTZl()I1. We dig it up. Learn More Try It Free! facebook in As. NETHIX i ai . ... . i % THl. ‘'. lLLSlRElTl. l0l| RN. L. 0", -'l)l‘: .'l'tlI1_lork€'ili1r5 Bloomberg F/ S1" (QMPANY Inc "I think Flowtown is a tool that " . .one of the most exciting new "If social and email had a baby. it every marketer needs in the social media tools l‘ve seen. " would be called Flowtown. " toolbox. " ' ~ —~; »r—m=
  49. 49. www. practicefusion. com $ fl SIGN-UD fl LOGJN suvvonr IlOO. K.UOIOC‘b(Il06I(I%IHPOX(0lOl NHY PRACTICE FUSION VUHO IS USING US FEATURES BLOG 0'“ The fastest growingAEIectronlc Health Record community! *IlII1I(ll'l‘-P.1.l4Ilt a. mum. (| .“. '{: l.’l n ‘. IliI. '.'l g It w l". ‘Y| : P. ’/lI)II‘. .. -.vmm l<--r- . -.. .- -l'tvll Save all your money. It‘: freol Jslgn up no: our can > | Practice Fusion‘; EHR is absolutely free. N0 hidden casls lor licensing or support. Ioglnor for n dunno > Download .1 wnlu-papm > KI‘ a case -study > YPCEHK announcements Pracllto Iuuon Annoui-not Invnlmonr noon suouorcmcovn and cloud '"‘"°‘ ""'°" """'"" ’°°'°°° ”""""‘ """'" "" '""' """"""' ¢°mpm. 'I~‘“‘~. ___m°“, Vo¢. oInc-. Ia-hrlovvnhcociondontlcduldollnosmu-ox salc_s)6roe. §_'c>m E '3 _ 9. what our users are saying i upclates from our experts Matldby. oa. a.. .-- M. .. wlttu run: - nidrv.! - wealth Ilelorm M-ssml Ihe soul on 0:95 > Thursday. 10.15.09 - nun b. mm. mll-mg - - Lynn hlcfallum. Bl! ) Thursday. 10.15.09-no-inn W94-In In-vi-uv II up - mad man Icnurnon-filo - vvbdnosdoy. :o. u.o9 - The emugvvste or emu-enes > Tucsdlv. 10.13.08 - Ptcaltll : o and H-0 a». nun. - many. 10.09.09 . nun Ind Dnnucnhz nu. .. . "one ofthe be-arjearurca ofPr0crtce Puason has to be rh-ctr It-chnlcalaupporr. They have been e. ul-ernclu responsive to technical (sane; and very helpful as u-c pol nrartrd. .. " ‘: - «oo n-ova Dvocllaa anion nu ma; non: - About cnnuvunu fllntlnno Pvaollooludontln Iooavuooo conoulrykoiln EIAOOQQON We-u Ivnyivoaooluoaon Iloahaflluovvnolon QOOCCOIIMI ‘V03 80$! WVIOIUOMQI &JQCCCCl% 011150!‘ 7060010 57“! 7&3‘! Odflflflflfii c-an um-n ran ca-gnu; vvv-I-0-n can-am vn-— runny. .. c-nu: -one-in- Omoonrnaua-Ina-isttlhunbhnnuvcn
  50. 50. www. kareo. com scan. -nu ‘rouu Features Izcvmws Support Pllclnghslgn up lacy. Aflordobtc. Web-Outed Medical Du mg Truatod by thousands of doctors. Karoo Is tho wob-bu 6 modlcu bllllng -oicwuro -ad pr-enzo In-an rnol-II usual with In o rnlod o new-ant: cl. nu procossm. that Is aosignoa to slrhpllly your no thcaro buslnoss (D K 0 Inn». llovlovvn-u 0 lower rosq in. .. pay :1 Irn-«Ir-Dy mo (50: ; .:. ..-, i. Ian will: not . -pom. »-. -41-r (nnvl-nl urn wmn Iron“ nnm-. nlil-I’ . nr nu ma Inna . . In minm-. am" up unlluu . ... u ‘lav I mu o in“ nun lln um". .. mu. Jlrltl um Inns; Inrrn rr-nlnnx l u. ... ... .. s.. ... ... ... .. . ... ... ... .v. .. Scc Plans 5. Pricing v Ugh .1. u. .. u nun. In V. n: ~J '. |KIl, II'I'wpllior1_I0o, rIIw$Ilb: IIIiI, t'uol¢ilnQnu IMIMII-0. uIoIoIIIIw. '-Iranian: orluoannd A'lIoI—Ia¢oII1IIIIin. ' M“ can c-—. . sun. 1: up -on o-— — o vhyucuns offico Mann; rs Modlc I DI on Moan: I an Ilnj so: -mcos um. .. —. ... -.. ... .e. .». s--—. . . ,.. ... um -. ... u.. .n~. .-. ..u. . vnth uvrtwnra u. ..-u. -.. ... a.a-- . . -. u.-. ... ..n. was . .u. .u. .-. -.. ... ... m.. ... n., .. Iuoov, Ana emu. .. an. ‘ an In . u . o. born nnanuo -.4.-. u.. .. at an. 0-way u. .. . ... ... u. , .a. .- u. ... ... u an . . nu . . Fb§. uI. rVonnAl. QIoIO"I¢O Pb. .n. I&vV. |oIom0nonoO&¢o : Mnungv mu: m uncut: uwck Iruurnmu lmmuiiw ‘r . '-and I louaonic l. IaInI ‘--. Mall vamom xunom-nu n. .. .-. . pl! !!-ul Iuxloc V . --u V. .." . ... .,. ... .. .. ... .m. In em. .. . ... ... .-. ... _. .,. .-. . . W. .. It -. .‘. ... .. ... ,. .i. ... . .4. : ... ~.. ... in-a. ... .u. .s. ».: .<: - an g. ,.. .4u gm. .. -. ».. ... ... ... «.. .u. s. -. Lon. -.. t.. ... ..». s.. . . .l. - ax . a.n. v.. ,.. .a. .- . ..p. -u ma. ..- I w- no. .. on nun-aa am". vcrv-I . . Iv bat: -all r (or an. run run. u. ..-I . ... ... ..~ :4 rom- E, -ac». -.1.. n. u. .u. -nu Nrnn um -um. ntnrnnxpnlq Anln non Ihoynu-nlu ‘- - <-. .n. .-. .n— um I man It-pnn-. u. ..u—u-. -an-o-; ~.l-—-u Iv 515'-. 'oI --as-. .—-ca. ..-—-n. no. ..--. -ouiax--I»--«. --.0-. ..u I-<! ))o-I ¢——. -4-ops-um ---e . -.. ... ... .. ye. .. u. ... u.. .t¢. -a. ..u. .. . .(. ._, .i. -.. .~. ... x.. ... ... ..: . ,0.. . IKDI) . ..; a.. .». . . ... ... ..: .a. .. .u . .. . ... .u. ... ... .. n—. no. ’ u. .. = ..u. . . .e~. ~.. .. ». u. . ... ‘ff: .- l. .. . -_. l-= ... ..:4. — l. .. . ... . Ihhucllxinl nllllnu Surrwm c ». ..m. -e--. w-n. ... ... .q. <nre. g.. .. =.. .ua. ~u. .x-. ..~ . u—. «.. :.. -;u. .,. u._¢. ... ... v.. .m-. (., . M-» . r. ..‘ . -.. ... .-», ... m. Ma-. .. ... ,._-. .u. ... -l. .». ... . ‘k"}V-um . .,, .,. ._ . -., _ . .,. ~., i. .. . ... ... . . ... —.. .,. .. as n. ... ... ... ... .. .., —.-. , .04 l». .-. ..: -.. .-. . 0.. ... .“ un. :. ... .:. u.. v 1.. .’. .1.. .‘ m. .m. u.. ... ~. v. .x. t.. ... ..». .. . u- : --um. hrs‘! .. ... -.. ... u 1 rural». . w< . .. , .. ». -1l. ».- x-«. . 5 cu. .. . .; dun . .». l.. _- . l —-n -». .—. g --. .a-. ». nu». oolivvllt -nu. .. n on-Io: w-. ..a. ¢.. .. .u. ... . _ pi-1. ll<- —. ..«. ... ~.m .0 . .- , , '1-‘. !<fl blit- . u.g«. .,». a~». >elI~ - _ pan! ’ M. -w-zw. -——. .-. . . —.-- um. .. pn. .:. .nu. ... I-n‘Ivu-lhPvI«‘Ufi M. -.. l.. .n n. ma. no. »--I F’ ‘4 (one; o-cdlcul. -can >o4—o . n no -ma-. -u. »y-u Io’! -varo " lwlxv-i . -is ed-no-<9 IEVIQVU) and qeu. ... ,.. ... u
  51. 51. www. goog| hea| th/ mmIbor@gmalIcom| nenL£e1m12sIIake_mLsmuxLI$2LhngsIH2JAlS1an. nm Google health search «newer: Read about healh to ics n awolber Profile summary 6EL’n. t' Haligej r__‘/ V) No nernfs ha: tfiaeen added to mugmumus @ Add to this Google Health groflle : ,', i,§', ‘,’ "° ° '“ ‘‘‘'‘ 8 B. _9_fi, g g, _,Ia, J5 Leam about your health Issues and fund helpful resources _ common 3-L “ "°‘ '“ Im on medical records ' mf: ,§. a§: °ns __2jj__ - C9_'1d_1Lm5 £1 Copy and gel automatic updates of your records gig: mggumngns - Irrrmnnauons _ 6) Exglore online health services flmmfi Fund onhne tools for rnanagmg your health “J ‘ L ‘ ’ Bngadutes Lesuasuns £3 fl I W . Search lryname. lowtion. and speoalty Insmanszs Em§_and_un: s:: [_1 Add 19 mg game I] ImLl ca Eohxsheamjemces 0‘ $J m0°9G°we- -mmmm- - -mmmm
  52. 52. www. hea| thvau| » w mon- ‘ ‘/ ~ , v. -cLo~. ~c. And '. 'eI: c: 1 1 I-iealthvault ' IIA-. I1!I| lnl<-In: vliu- I 1‘ Andy Wolber Andy Wolber's health information Condtuons Measurements Conracxs . ~ Flcs . .. Med-canons Heath Hsxory Personal Profie . ‘ '-crcnoft
  53. 53. www. patients| ikeme. com patientslikenwe . , . 4. 4Iv. .. ..q. ..‘. . Find Patients Just Like Youo . ‘. , ‘ -: .~. -nru. -gpno; -as-—-sunny. ..-og- _ monoy¢oan¢-. v-u¢o¢n': -oau. - c u-nun: llnhnnsl A -nun. -nu -—°: _~—— 1". ': I* . K’-; =s"‘_ rm-m-w. uu. . nxv/ AIL . --->«-I r- Shara you: health pvotllo to Find pnllcnls like you - Loanl hom olhovs 10 . ... .-n. Auowuv p---c onus: -one (U can. u Scorch Dv on-4--. sac. Lg. -u Ovuvvi non-sun photon! no-Au. on: -no co no how Iaoctmomo. wmmoo. -o. o-4 Q-nun Ivoauv-out pod ovovovloo-o ""'°"" yarn doing ovur umu. uncu as-gag-u to -um cu-noes rouunu, run. -n ¢II: ul—cna. .1.-‘. ... ».. .. ‘ -man p-to-up I-nu -mu. nouns pcvlnnu. can-on-on. cnnvcvbohoan and nsor can an-9.-. ..w: r: -.. ... ... --. — : -.. ..). .s. _.. n um. .. (v. ..: .| 1.. . . .¢. .r M. ..“ ; ..‘. ... n.. ; m . ~x. ... .. n-. .n. »nu| arm" ~ Auk . .- unytruno w-- as w. u-mug. ovnnncnn . -4 whit -yam your pnvlcyfi . . mm who . . . . . .. .. .> up. . rnnvno m a. .. n . .. .-m mm 9.. .. * warm I. - kn--yv . .. Una! " -It obaul - blown do 0-O . ... . -.u-. .—. ... ... u.. ..: n. . : . vvuyk m n». - '1'. V|V’l4: r‘1IlA‘wA* IV 1.. . . . . .I- Lookuho rm Inc! ‘ usnovnnvo . .-. .. co -. .m rmm «pan. -.-ma and-or-I -. -g. .u. o¢. -‘v You an nna out nuns nlrevi mu among. nu: luncheon on our oarinnrn . .-. — . . I‘ll'Al . u_ m. ... _. Ir . .. . .-’. .. . ... ..4». ... v ‘ 9.. .: . u. . -. . . .-. .. ~. .m. ..x- -. r-. - u-. .,. ... ., . - page . :.. a., .-. .. . : ..p. . . ,u. .. on. .. Ow-1 poo voor «nan-oar --. .—- - IV 1: a; ..¢. s ha .4. Inc vuothl. p. :ucnum. crn¢- m. ... ..u. C-r-1 . flaunt! V-b g _'nnN _-. m-. —, .y. . . .,. ..-M. v. Onunnn . uqg: Anlu-n u nnac : .. 5-. ... ~- . ..-. .. ‘ .4.
  54. 54. tii‘i: i.= nntiii Xl. lil0App6caliona Ourserfioee Abotrtlnleiieelth Home For the Hospital For the Physician For the Practice For the Patient For the RHIO Free Secure Ema‘ Free Secure PHR Corning Soon‘ DDcun‘er‘: l. less9nger E Careers Contact Us ltit: I|| L_; :i~: i t: r:lli'ti: :i. r: XLMD Health http: //intehealih. com/ x|mdhea| th. htm| Zijut Itl‘ II| }.‘: . : ,l: IY~l‘ I‘. ll, ‘lIIl Carr. -Pad Sponsor 51.14‘! Do you linow what to do if your family member or close lriend is in a henlthcare emergency? Where do you find their critical health information; such as allergies. current medications. physician. insurance. living will. elc. ? XLMD Health otters a secure Personal Health Record for Consumers to manage their health on the web. with XLMD Health. .. I Store health information securely. Similar to online banking. accessible to the consumer and those designated ivy them. all health information is stored on a secure server. and is only I Share what you want. with whom you choose. The unique ‘Share’ leature allows the consumer to connect and share their health inlonnation with their Physician. Famil or friends. and designate who can see what in your health olile. The Share function also allows you to designate privileges, we as ‘View Only‘. ‘View Emergency lnlon-nation Only‘ and " ull‘ (read and write capable). I Track health information access. The messaging design notifies you when a connected user has viewed or modified your health information. I Print health infonnation. The print function enables the consumer to avoid lllling out the same medical questionnaire at every office and hospital visit. I Communicate securely. Combined with XLMD Connect. communicate with the physician. office stall. busines office staff, hospital and other vendors in a secure web environment. Click HERE to sign up for FREE XLMD Health. Or go to Facebook. search forthe XLMD Health application. and sign up. XLMD liealth Benelits I Secure Persona’ Hes zh Infonnation I Imptwed Productmly 0 Ensure Corny‘ awce I Impto, -3 Afldll Reportmg I Enhance Satisfaction XLMD Health Key Features I Secure Storage oi Data 0 Share and Pm: options I Access and Act: -.ity Tracking I No C-anrficates Sc‘. v.are or Hardware Required I Free to 2 users
  55. 55. www. facebook. com (XLMD Health application) fit-t-All-| -It-K 3:-; ..: .i ~. .-: r‘:4 r. :«. :-x mr. -7.‘ : '-«‘. a‘. 'r«: ‘-. ~ -‘.4!----v “}'. '.‘l“ . For pnvuy lessons. hteflelm. not Fnccboot com-.1: yourxulb Hum Moms: -on on servers oedema In hulncm. flflfli Mann news For sure 2;} mn $I $ Leg]; . Two Steps Io Much I file: Pml Preview ‘l‘Eoruvse_ ' sup 1. 3 ‘ . uov1.-ncuaaz 4/2311969 i J mat ‘EL document crea. 'e<I“eoa'¢d on menu 5ll2.3L's1h'.1|L'Jl51LL5ll5FL-. '.? l:'. iL':1Es| L5.ll5il: '.? l:. lh'Jl5ll5' . ... ... ..- . . AV-W -. ... .. -. ... .. . :. ... c.. .-. -.. v-_ . . v; ;-)-t- . ..i. .
  56. 56. http: //wwwthefacebookera. com/ home. php Fatgeebook Era Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, Sell More Stuff. 5_ clarashih Topics to avoid tweeting: http: /Iow. Iy/1eI0h and how to react in a tweeting disaster (hint: remain calm): http: /Iow. ly/1elP4 Follow/ C/ara on Twitter » become afan - i read the 656i] 3 ap e.3i‘anE~e: buy the ", .. A must-read for CEOs and other eaecutives who want to understand Facebook and more imponamly talue the right actions to stay relevart and stay competitive” l 4 l l Dwid Mather Prsiderlt. Homer's hn l Buy>: > uurmuu see ’ gfllmcan endorsements from Facebook Share on Facebook and otl'iers>> .0-oooOQoono: ¢oug Why should I read Thi Facebook EI’I'7 see all appearances and video>> - You want to understand how Facebook and Twitter are
  57. 57. http: //hwyt. me/ SocialCR| /iLink . ‘ ‘I " r Social CRM ~ the new rules 3 ' There are changes underway across the worlds of sgigl media marketing, social media applied inside business (what some people would call enlermse 2 0) and where these tools connect (or not) to the R business processes in (J based) CRM and ERP systems. Products like Saleslorce are adding Chatter. and Twitter connectivity Enterprise 2.0 tools that started as wikis or fonims are adding micro blogging along with more and more social functionality. Content Management Systems are adding or acquiring a social dimension. Marketing departments are struggling with, or looking for tools to help with, brand reputation monitoring and management, One significant segment of this change just got much clearer with Altimeter groups 3 ‘Ra ' Wan and Jeremiah yang producing Social CRM The New R! f Itinhi Mna mnt. Soci. -il CRM: The New Rules or Relationship Management R told the Entermse lrregulars earlierthis rooming that this report is the culmination of 6 months of research. collaboration. hours of white boarding. phone calls. and skype calls in the eaity morning and on weekends working with an ecosystem of 42 partners. The document identifies 18 use cases for Social CRM, capturing the best practices of 100 customers. They are providing this as open research free to all to use, and plan to build on it overtime. Supporting the report. there will be a series of4 webinars, the first ofwhich they plan for March 18th at 10:00 PT. Qhggk gut their uggfor details. The executive summary savs: ‘ Search / 3.. ‘L , [Iv ‘ W Jr V « 3042 readers E iiiisnr up HEP NoSQL Is Not SQL And That's A Problem Ileport on 1B Use Cases for Social CRM Dissecting Steve Ba| lmer's Cloud Talk Social CRM - the new rules Under the Radar: Commercializing the Cloud - Apply to Present / Discount Tix Here
  58. 58. www. de| icious. com/ highwayt HighwayTV '—2Ir‘: c< ,1 delicious i__ . . .. Ea. -2. Highway Ts Bookmarks 5. mp Bookmarks rletiuon Tags Su: a=: ri; :iii: vns lnsoi , / e. - :3 Site: rtt: high a_. t org 0) Em“ See more bookmarks in Popular, Recent, or look up a URL. 'i'-1. In Bookmarks . Tags Sspa, ccticrs v vTop1Cl Wordpress Extras Mv Favorites «< Amv Sample Ward s Version of NPTech B°°“““ amysampleward. orgIll; Ll Z: ' _. -t. a.: r‘es '. i‘*_s; u'. :l; J"€ 'mp°ne{ Wordpress plugin plugins tools toms online How to repost content with Posterous | SOC| aibl’| t(-3 mobile w-. r-. /.sociaEbrite. org Ill‘ '11 ‘ll 1': 'i: C. -'Z—'-EL3S'-CZl’fE"i-in 'l‘-Les‘. -:—r(. : '. t"' ' ' Samoa, posterous socialmedia hO‘/ I0 web; 0 H phone Prism PF‘ tree prism. mozil| collabor imported Bookmarks mo: ‘la prism webdev webapps lirefox applications desktop D All Tag Microsoft Mouse Mischief '. N.N. I.micr0sof! .com "'. ‘it: "1 "ii: imported Bookmarks rnicrosoft powerpo int interactwe tools free Don't write a business plan wwv. / c l: . 31§l2T~ . ECC imported Bookmarks planning strategy business ousinessplanning Digital Age May Differ from Real Age '/ ww. marketingcharts. com': -Pl" ': r'-rea -a; i:- ‘€ ‘ "at-age-ra, »:“e imported Bookmarks age generations digital use adoption adoptionpalterns The state of social learning and some thoughts for the future of L&D in 2010 ‘ c4lpt. co. uk "a": r:: i <. '3f{- "tow imported Bookmarks elearning edearning social collaboration weo2 0 learning education First Steps With WordF’ress «. WordPress Codex " “' rip-rJr~vln1r>/ ‘r>rrr f>f‘= V'. .-.7" . . . .i—l,7,.
  59. 59. _ . technology navigation for nonprofits Andy / /olber a_no! y@l-lighiiIe_yT. org @highriIe_y’i'
  60. 60. Next steps. .. a (beginner) Go to www. |dea| ware. org to review a "short | ist" of commonly used databases. 4* (intermediate) Read and discuss Wes Trochi| |'s article, "Five Steps to Ensure the Success of Your Database". * (advanced) Develop a plan to integrate social media and your CRM/ database systems. Use the Social CRM report as a guide.