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Save Energy in the Office


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Looking for some quick and easy ways to save energy in your office?
Follow our quick tips for a few small changes you can implement today to start saving money on your business energy right away.

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Save Energy in the Office

  1. 1. Lookingfor somequick andeasy waysto saveenergy inyouroffice?Followourquicktipsfor afew smallchangesyoucan implementtodayto start saving moneyonyour businessenergy right away.Computers andofficeequipmentOfficeequipment such ascomputersor photocopiersconsumesa large proportionoftheoverallenergy used inyouroffice space.Unplugging phone and laptopchargers whenthey are not in use isimportant, notonlyforenergyefficiency, butfor safety as well.Putyourcomputerto sleep wheneveryou’re awayfromyourdeskfor longerthan 10 minutes and rememberto switch itoff whenyouleavetheoffice. Pluggingyourequipment into a power board willmake iteasierto switchoffthe monitorstoo.Leaving photocopiers and printerson standbyovernightcan wasteenoughenergyto boil a kettle 30times.Switchingoffcan savehundredsof pounds peryear.LightingBy simply switchingoff lightsor relyingon naturaldaylight wherepossible,youcancutyour lightingcosts by 15 percent.Installing motion activated lightingcan help if getting intothe habitofturning lightsoff provesto bechallenging.Replacingyour incandescent lights with EnergyStarqualified lightbulbs will alsocutthecosts, asthey last upto 10times longer,generate less heat and use lessenergycomparedto standard lightbulbs.KitchenMake sureyoudon’t leavethefridgedooropenfor any longerthannecessary as it might bringthetemperature up.Drinks machinescan betimedto beoffovernight and attheweekends whenthere is noone intheoffice.The mostefficient wayto heat up water isto use an instant boilingwaterdispenser. Ifyou’re still using a regular kettle,only boil asmuch water asyou need at a giventime.It might be a goodtimeto switchto moreenergyefficient,A++appliances inyouroffice kitchen, astheseconsume much lessenergy and are builtto be more sustainable.Savingenergy inyourofficenpower is a registeredtrademark andthetrading nameof Npower Limited (Registered No. 3653277), NpowerGas Limited (Registered No. 2999919), Npower Northern Limited (Registered No. 3432100) who also act as an agentfor Npower NorthernSupplyLimited (Registered No. 2845740)forthe supplyofelectricity, NpowerYorkshire Limited (Registered No. 3937808) who also act as an agentfor NpowerYorkshireSupply Limited (Registered No. 4212116)forthe supplyofelectricity. Registered in England andWales. RegisteredOffice:Windmill Hill Business Park,WhitehillWay,SwindonSN5 6PB.Heating and airconditioningMake surethe airconditioning is noton whenthe windowsordoorsareopen.Switch itoff whenthe heating ison, and rememberthatraisingtheofficetemperatureto anything above 19 °C will increaseyourenergy bill up by 8 percent.We are hereto helpnpowercan helpyou with advicetailoredtoyour business needs.For more informationon howtoencourageotherstochangetheir habits and monitoryourenergy usage,callourenergy savinginitiative SmartStart helplineorvisitthe npower blog.