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UMS Lobby Presentation at CASM


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UMS Lobby presentation from the April 21, 2010 meeting of the Cultural Alliance of Southeastern Michigan.

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UMS Lobby Presentation at CASM

  1. 1.<br />The UMS Lobby project EXPANDS AND REDEFINES what we mean by “the UMS experience.” <br />UMS has many “lobbies,” places where people meet, EXCHANGE IDEAS AND BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.<br /> is A VIRTUAL LOBBY, accessible year-round, where UMS offers multiple streams of activity to engage anyone interested in art and ideas, or in UMS specifically. <br />PEOPLE PARTICIPATE in a number of ways: by contributing creative material (such as stories of art in their lives and how UMS has impacted them), by responding to what they find online and what they experience in our venues, by enjoying the wealth of available knowledge and experience as observers. <br />Goals: creating more COMMITTED AND LOYAL PATRONS, clarifying and strengthening the public identity of UMS, encouraging UMS staff and volunteers to continue to work together in new and innovative ways, increasing visibility for UMS, FULFILLING CORE MISSION of “connecting audiences and performing artists in uncommon and engaging experiences.” <br />