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Let's Tweet!


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A Twitter how-to.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Let's Tweet!

  1. 1. Let’s Tweet!
  2. 2. If you want to Tweet, you have to sign in (so you have to sign up too).
  3. 3. Once you sign in, you’ll see your private page in Twitter.
  4. 4. This is the page you use to post a Tweet.
  5. 5. It is also where you go to read Tweets directed at you. Like these.
  6. 6. Your public page is what everyone else sees. It displays everything that YOU have tweeted.
  7. 7. The address of your public page is always:
  8. 8. Let’s add a tweet! First, let’s go to our private page. Click on Home at the top.
  9. 9. Add your tweet in the box.
  10. 10. Then click update . Just watching some birds.
  11. 11. Here’s our new tweet.
  12. 12. Anyone can read your tweets, unless you make them private.
  13. 13. What does the @ sign mean?
  14. 14. Let’s take a closer look at this tweet.
  15. 15. The @ sign means this tweet is directed to a particular Twitter user. Anyone can see it…
  16. 16. … but it is meant for a specific person. It’s like hearing one side of a conversation.
  17. 17. Let’s send a tweet to our friend ButtercupMouse. Click on Home .
  18. 18. In the text box, type: @ButtercupMouse and a space. Now type your tweet.
  19. 19. As you type, Twitter will show you how many characters you have left.
  20. 20. When you are finished with your tweet, click Reply .
  21. 21. Here’s our new tweet.
  22. 22. If I go to ButtercupMouse’s Twitter page, will I see my tweet?
  23. 23. This is ButtercupMouse’s Twitter:
  24. 24. My tweet isn’t here. I only see an @meowserkins tweet. Why?
  25. 25. Remember when we said that Twitter is like a blog? Your public page only shows what YOU tweet.
  26. 26. Let’s go back to our own private page. We’ll click on Home .
  27. 27. Anyone can read an @ reply. What if I want to send a private message?
  28. 28. We’ll send a private message to ButtercupMouse. Click in the box…
  29. 29. … and type: d then a space, then ButtercupMouse, then your tweet.
  30. 30. … and type: d then a space, then ButtercupMouse, then your tweet.
  31. 31. Now click Send.
  32. 32. This time, our tweet does NOT show on our public page. Why not?
  33. 33. Direct messages are private tweets. Only the recipient will see a direct message.
  34. 34. @ButtercupMouse is a public tweet. d ButtercupMouse is a private tweet.
  35. 35. What’s a follower?
  36. 36. In the upper right corner, there’s a link for “followers” and “following.”
  37. 37. Following someone just means that you’re interested in their tweets.
  38. 38. You don’t have to know someone to follow them. Who am I following?
  39. 39. Click on 3 following
  40. 40. I’m following 3 people: Starbucks Martha Stewarts’ dogs ButtercupMouse
  41. 41. Let’s follow someone new. First, find the person you want to follow.
  42. 42. We can search for someone. Click Find People at the top.
  43. 43. You can search by Twitter username or first and last name.
  44. 44. We’ll search for TLA (the Tennessee Library Association). Type in the box…
  45. 45. Hmmm. No luck. Let’s type: Tennessee Library
  46. 46. It’s the Tennessee Library Association on Twitter! Click Follow .
  47. 47. Now we’re following four people. What about NPL’s Twitter?
  48. 48. I know the username is NowatNPL. If you know the username…
  49. 49. … you can type: in the address bar.
  50. 50. This is Nashville Public Library on Twitter! Click Follow …
  51. 51. Now we’re following Nashville Public Library.
  52. 52. You don’t have to sign up or tweet to use Twitter. Just visit any page and read.
  53. 53. Maybe start with these: Gumu_at_the_Zoo And have fun!
  54. 54. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Jenny Ellis & Kyle Cook Nashville Public Library