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At Paylocity you aren’t just a client, you’re our trusted business partner. We put you first. We’re proud of what our clients say about us and together we’ll continue to achieve new levels of success.

With over 15 years in the industry our 98% client retention rate is a true testament of our continued commitment to our clients.

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PAYLOCITY- A Different Solution: Contact Nicole Pickl at

  1. 1. The futureof business solutions
  2. 2. TechnologyServiceSecurity Over 15 years of Reliability, Service and Technology  “Americas fastest-growing privately held companies” -Inc. 5000  “Business Excellence Award” -The Business Ledger  “Service Award”, “Growth Award”, “Service Bureau of the Year” -IPPA  98% client retention for 10+ years  Over 8000 clients nationwide
  3. 3. PAYLOCITY a different kind of solution Solutions built for you Every great solution stems from a deep understanding of what needs to be solved. An understanding that every company is unique from the business objectives they strive to achieve, to the people who make them a reality. A true solution isn’t “one size fit’s all”. It is a unique, custom fit and one of a kind. At Paylocity, we let companies keep what works while providing them with the new tools they need. Great companies are produced only by great individuals and Paylocity simply removes the obstacles for the people so companies areWe give you the tools to able to reach their full potential. We listen to you…we give companies the powerachieve new levels of success of their own voice. .
  4. 4. We offer companies all the benefits Technologyof a robust system without it getting that works for youin the way of keeping it simple.• Full, comprehensive HR and Payroll system to manage your employees from hire to retirement.• Leading-edge cloud technology• Increased efficiencies for payroll and HR with a unified database.• Freedom from on-premise software upgrades, traditional outsourcing file transfers and syncing issues.• Integration capabilities building solution that meets your needs.• Enhanced executive decision-making with Company Trend Analysis and on-demand reporting• Freedom from accumulators with reporting that can easily cross years, quarters and even decades.• Improved operational effectiveness and data integrity with a single, unified database, single reporting tool, Robust solutions that keep and single customer contact your job simple
  5. 5. The competitive edge thatforward thinking businessleaders expectLeading the way in the industry, Paylocity’s cloudtechnology offers overwhelming benefits. Paylocityis giving what forward thinking leaders aredemanding the most.• Convenient internet access from any computer, anywhere• Continuous enhancements without licensed Payroll & HR software, new hardware or costly upgrades.• Trend reporting to analyze your workforce and enable data-driven decisions• Shared, unified system across the enterprise for a more efficient and secure way to manage your payroll and HR information.SINGLE DATABASECentralizing your information with a unifieddatabase for payroll and HR provides companieswith better data integrity and a consistent data; oneversion of the truth. This eliminates contradictory We believe our job is to make yours easier.and incomplete information. Better informationmeans better decisions. More capabilities without the complexities
  6. 6. Workforce MANAGEMENTOne shared, centralsystem for workforce Human Resource Management • Business/Employee Portal Time and Labor • Complex Rules • Web- Punch, Biometric, Swipe, • Compensation Managementinformation • OSHA/Safety Tracking Timesheet • Quick Scheduling • Alerts and Notifications • Comprehensive Job Costing • Company Property • Employee/Manager Self Service • Training and Development • Administrator Dashboard • Status Board • Paid Time Off - FMLA, Leave of Absence • Equal Employment Opportunity – EEO Payroll Services • Performance Management • Payroll Processing and Tax Compliance • Recruitment and Applicant Tracking • Custom Calculations Payroll & HR • Comprehensive Labor Distribution • Third-Party Checks/Direct Deposit HR on Demand • Employee Handbook Service • Access the latest HR news updates • Federal and State Forms • Review sample employment letters Benefits Administration Services • Open Enrollment, Life Events • Premium Reconciliation • Carrier Connections
  7. 7. WORKFORCE Efficiency and AnalyticsBetter insight to your greatest assetBusiness/Employee PortalPaylocity’s Business/Employee Portal empowers your workforce toperform business activities more effectively and standardize process.Employees have access to Important company information - policies,pay information, commonly used forms, videos and more. An easy touse built in editor makes updating content a simple task to complete.• Improve communication with employees posting company news, reminders, and and share business objectives with your workforce.• Improve your valued HR departments efficacy by giving employees the tools to access their own pay, benefits, time off and HR details.• One single, easy to use portal. No longer toggle between screens! Business/Employee Portal• Post videos, links, company handbook, forms and even create custom pages. Attach an electronic acknowledgement to any media type.HR Insight Charts• Paylocitys HR Insight charts provide a dashboard view into critical Human Resource metrics. Users can instantly access human resource information such as headcount, employee status, employee tenure, and more. Choose the chart type (column, pie or bar) for an easy to read graphic display of data.Trend ReportingPaylocity’s Trend Reporting gives insight to raw data for companies to Workforce Analyticsuncover their workforce trends. Clients can now easy run workforcecomparisons from month-to-month, year-to-year or over anycomparison timeline the user requires.
  8. 8. Together WE SUCCEEDThe heart of Paylocityis our clientsAt Paylocity you aren’t just a client, you’re our trustedbusiness partner. We put you first. We’re proud of what ourclients say about us and together we’ll continue to achievenew levels of success.With over 15 years in the industry our 98% client retentionrate is a true testament of our continued commitment toour clients. Paylocity Is a trusted business partner to more than 8,000 clients nationwide Recognized as today’s fastest-growing mid-market payroll/HR company• Continues to receive multiple, prestigious industry recognitions for software and customer service Handled more than $5B in taxes in 2011 Has had a 98% client retention for 10+ yrs Receives 100% willingness from clients to refer Paylocity
  9. 9. Discover THE DIFFERENCERemember the lesson “Don’tfollow the crowd” …we doAs a child you may remember being asked, “Would youjump off a bridge if everyone else did?” This statementwas usually the response you received when wantingto do what everyone else was doing. It was meant toget you thinking. A metaphor for “use your headbetter”.At Paylocity we applied that simple lesson not to followthe crowd and redefined the world of payroll and HR.We strive to be different-innovators in our industryfrom our technology and software development to ourcustomer service expectations. We’re proud to bedifferent because different is what companies needed.Paylocity is built from forward thinking leaders, loyalcustomers, innovative software, one-of-a kindsolutions and our clients’ voices.At Paylocity we remembered the lessons we learned aschildren and made it a point to not follow the crowd.