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Multidimensional Content Strategy: A Plan for Dodging the Oncoming Train

The conceptual model of 4D content is one that takes into account not just
the length and width of a content asset, but looks at 'depth' ( related
content, social layers, 'drill down') and 'time' (dynamic,
contextually-relevant and personalised content). It is a model to support
adaptive content personalisation on any device or channel.

Our audiences are ever more adept at ignoring us on an ever growing number
of channels. We are still reeling from the surge of mobile devices in all
their many forms, but we can see wearable technologies and augmented
reality bearing down on us like a freight train.

To respond we must rethink how we work with content at a fundamental level.

The world is four-dimensional place (length, width, depth and time), but
we were raised and trained to think of content as flat, 2D deliverables.
How can actually create and deliver content for everyone and no one at
once? How can we create words and images like Lego that can be dynamically
built into relevant and valuable content for the right person and the
right context?

How can we do all this coherently, without the train hitting us and
smashing our messages into a fragmented mess?

By changing our mindsets, and adopting a content strategy that can support
today’s content initiatives. Check out this session and take the first step
in the right direction.

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Multidimensional Content Strategy: A Plan for Dodging the Oncoming Train

  1. 1. #LavaCon Multi-Dimensional Content Strategy @nozurbina Founder & Content Strategist Urbina Consulting A plan for dodging the oncoming train img source: Andrew Gray,
  2. 2. @nozurbinaMe (Noz Urbina) Content strategist Consultant/trainer Author
  3. 3. @nozurbina Select Projects 10 points to help you decide if you’re a match with Urbina Consulting: horizontal vertical
  4. 4. @nozurbinaContent strategy • Right content • Right format • Right language • Right time CS
  5. 5. @nozurbina We’re in a world of constantly accelerating change
  6. 6. @nozurbina How do you keep up?
  7. 7. Organisational adoption Mass user adoption Keeping up :(If you wait for mass adoption a format or channel, you’re permanently behind – by definition
  8. 8. @nozurbina How do you keep up?
  9. 9. 10 You don’t
  10. 10. 11 In an age of constantly accelerating change, a keep up strategy is a failure strategy
  11. 11. @nozurbina We need to start anticipating the future
  12. 12. @nozurbina But it’s hard. We mould our vision of the future using today’s parameters Robert Tinney's cover for the April 1981 “Byte magazine”, from Internet Archive.
  13. 13. @nozurbinaOnline was mono-directional
  14. 14. @nozurbinaBirth of online identity User name Company Email Password Confirm Password The medium started accepting input
  15. 15. @nozurbinaBirth of online identity Register @
  16. 16. @nozurbina Internet The great democratiser The #1 most followed account, with 49M (3.3x more)… CNN (@cnnbrk) is the most followed news org on twitter, with 15M followers (#35) …@katyperry Stats:
  17. 17. The public now touches metadata every day
  18. 18. "Aggregated metadata can be more revealing than content.“ – J. Kirk Wiebe & Bill Binney "Not looking at content... sifting through metadata“ – Barak Obama
  19. 19. @nozurbinaGoogle nGrams (word frequency charts)
  20. 20. @nozurbinaGoogle nGrams (word frequency charts) Epistemology isn’t a “web word”
  21. 21. @nozurbina Metadata is now hotter than pornography Google nGrams (word frequency charts)
  22. 22. All media work us over completely... they leave no part of us untouched, unaffected, unaltered. – Marshal McLuhan, Media is the Massage*, 1960 (coined the term “global village”… *Yes, ‘Massage’. Google it.) WE ARE REACHING A TIPPING POINT
  23. 23. We once couldn’t map 3D to 2D
  24. 24. Don Yang, 950s Raphael, 1510 Then we got it. And it spread globally.
  25. 25. @nozurbinaWe (still) conceive content in 2D
  26. 26. @nozurbinaCustomer experience is 4D 1. Length 2. Width 3. Depth – “Drill down” – Progressive disclosure – Multi-asset relationships / references – Search/Social 4. Time – Dynamic, real-time content – Audience/context-specific content 12 3 6 9
  27. 27. @nozurbinaWe (still) conceive content in 2D
  28. 28. @nozurbinaCustomer experience is 4D “I want an answer now, please!” (Oct 15, 2014. 2:35 pm) Planning, structures and strategies have to be time and depth aware
  29. 29. @nozurbinaTwitter in a 4D paradigm • More metadata = more perspectives
  30. 30. SEMANTIC CONTENT MODELLING Making content adaptive
  31. 31. @nozurbinaTraditional Content Traditional content is marked with semantics on the blob/block-level
  32. 32. @nozurbinaAdaptive content Embedding specific semantics & structure in our content enables contextually-appropriate and seamless online/offline experiences 12 3 6 9 12 3 6 9
  33. 33. A TRUE STORY The full article series on adaptive content: 34 - @nozurbina
  34. 34. 35 We went to a local wine tasting
  35. 35. 36 They had tablets on the tables where we browsed the corporate site
  36. 36. 37 My partnered asked: “If I add a product to my basket, will they add it to our bill and have it ready to pick up when we leave?”
  37. 37. 38 No.The site didn’t work that way.The content had no sense of it’s time and space. But it should have.
  39. 39. 40
  41. 41. Info Product (map, deliverable, document…) Assembly (Collections,Topic Group, Libraries, ChapterMap, Chapter) Module (topic, article…) Fragment (block, container, para, section…) Inline (element/tag) Relationships Different metadata scope WWW. s p a c e r Break up content into format-free components s p a c e r s p a c e r s p a c e r
  42. 42. 43 A richer model could have adapted to the context
  43. 43. 44 A richer model could have mapped to various outputs
  44. 44. 4D content / red thread Marketing layer ??? Techcomm Training overviews? Support Knowledge? New materials? Social layer Reuse where possible, and link with tagging, relationships, CTAs.
  45. 45. Content Models OutputsUsers Him Her USB gadget buyers Putting it together Scenarios 12 3 6 9
  46. 46. @nozurbina Product Family (desktop) Product (mobile) Product (desktop) Product leaflet (Print) The content model is the backbone of adaptive, cross-media, omnichannel content strategies Google Glass
  47. 47. @nozurbinaContent 12 3 6 9 Product layout Model Output @audience=“usb” @audience=“him” Models make your content programmable for maximum relevance
  48. 48. TELL UNIFIED STORIES Making good on the reuse promise
  49. 49. @nozurbinaStories Unaware Recognize Educate Compare Select Configure / Train Use Support Content Models Outputs Users Scenarios Map your various assets to the stages of your relationships Article:
  50. 50. @nozurbinaWhat content when? • Go through the 5Ws, thoroughly: – Who, what, when, where, why • Establish adapting rules for your matrix of content – Scenario and Output columns Article:
  51. 51. @nozurbinaContent modelling 52 - @nozurbina Content modelling is hard.We’re flattening structures that are actually very layered in time and depth. But we have no choice.
  52. 52. From today to tomorrow Static content and layouts  Same content for everyone.  Layouts must be crafted for each device and channel. Responsive web design  Same content for everyone.  Web layouts suit the device being used.  Print, apps, or anything not web is not handled. Adaptive content  Content contains variations that allow it to be delivered differently for different scenarios.  Can be fed into responsive web layouts.  Print, apps, and other materials can leverage the same adaptive source content. Dynamic contextual personalization  Adaptive content is manipulated and delivered to suit the user context, optimizing for both consumers' goals and the device.
  53. 53. @nozurbinaBenefits of adaptive content modelling • Removes boundaries imposed by static publications • Encourages modular approach to content authoring • Enables new relationships among content objects • Meets the growing demands of customers to get the content they need
  54. 54. Structural semantic model of “store” content type Create Semantically structured content instance “Store” instance Transform Map model to metadata Store.html Specific answer Index (Engine) Your tools or 3rd Party, e.g. Google Persistent metadata!
  55. 55. Perspective shift “Overt selling has given way to problem solving. Sweeping statements have given way to conversation-like messages.” —Robert Rose, Chief Strategist, Content Marketing Institute Image: Moyan Brenn
  56. 56. @nozurbinaWhen do I stop tagging? • When you can’t think of a probable user benefit, now or in future –It’s your job to judge ‘probable’ –There is no right answer, and no model is forever –It’s design. Design iterates and improves over time 58 - @nozurbina
  57. 57. @nozurbinaToo deep/shallow? Which is worse? • Shallow. –You can always roll back from too deep.Too shallow is a missed opportunity. • Limit depth according to your budget/tools, not your business needs or your users. 59 - @nozurbina
  58. 58. @nozurbinaHow do I explain this to colleagues? • Do audience analysis on them • Build you bag of tricks and messages that make sense for them – Some will get it only after a demo or prototype – Some want spreadsheets of ROI – Others want case studies they can relate to • Adapt the content you use to persuade different types of stakeholders 60 - @nozurbina
  59. 59. @nozurbinaPitfalls to Avoid • Don’t forget you’re no longer making ‘it’, you’re making ‘them’ • It’s a specialised work. Make sure to get the right skills • Structured content is much more appropriate • Sometimes lots of hoops to jump through to get a server set up in the IT infrastructure
  60. 60. @nozurbina Don’t hitch your wagon to a dinosaur If your manager can’t adapt. It’s both of your careers on the line!
  61. 61. Redmond,WA, USA Microsoft HQ May 18-19 (2 days) Minneapolis, USA Confab Central May 20 Aix-en-Provence, France Componize May 27-28 (2 days) Your offices…? Contact us! Contact us to discuss free participation for some of your staff in exchange for hosting an open workshop in your facilities. WORKSHOP Adaptive content modelling for omnichannel Thank you! (Q&A?)
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