Social Media Marketing: Part One: Twitter Marketing


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Social Media Marketing: Part One: Twitter Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing: Part One: Twitter MarketingWe are going to try to cover social media marketing from Twitter to Pinterest. This will be aseries of posts detailing each as much as possible. You can use this as a mini- course on socialmedia marketing. You might want to bookmark each of these article posts for future reference.This will be an abbreviated course to get it all in one post. If you want a more complete courseon each subject, we are including a link for you to subscribe to the entire series which includescourse information on 8 social media sites.Let’s Start With Marketing On The Social Media Site Twitter…First you need to sign up with Twitter. Set up your profile with pertinent information about whoyou are and what you do, business wise as well as personally. Choose your networking ally’scarefully. Network with business associates, peers, and even competitors.Regularly update your followers. Be careful not to overload them. Maintain a balance betweengood updating and crappy updates that overwhelm them. Theywill follow you if you are honest and believable.Use Twitterfeed to automate most of the time consuming notification process. Use Twitter atconferences and trade shows. You can let your customers see what you are seeing and doingin real time. It can be fun and captivating to them.Watch what others are saying. Be diplomatic when necessary, fun when opportunity presents,contribute to the conversation because it is a two way street. Compliment as often as possibleand thank those that compliment you and make good on any complaints. In other words,interact on a personal level as well as a business level.Include some of the same information on Twitter as you do on your website to keep customersthat follow you on Twitter informed. Promote events such as upcoming sales or special eventsthat are about to occur that would be of interest. 1/4
  2. 2. Direct people to other resources you use for marketing like your blog, website and other socialmedia. You can customize your home page and use a template that mirrors your website withyour logo etc. Use a follow me graphic that grabs their attention and it can also be customized.Twitter Marketing Needs To Follow The Basic Premise Of Twitter…Keep things casual, light, with a touch of humor. Heavy or too serious turns them off. The basicreason to follow is so that it is entertaining. In case you don’t know it, Twitter allows formultimedia additions. So, you can include video plugins on your page to post videos.You can subdivide you Twitter page to include members of your staff which makes it moreinteresting for people to follow the goings on of your business. And, you can also divide yourfollowers into groups like customers, competitors, personal contacts etc.Don’t forget to get mobile. There are plenty of Twitter mobile apps available so you can keep those busy on the go customers informed. GoogleMaps and other map websites now integrate with Twitter for you to get on the map.Contests are tons of fun on Twitter. Host an impromptu giveaway contest onTwitter. You can do this every day, every week, monthly, whatever youchoose. A great way to keep your followers following. Ask for feedback which can help youdeliver what people want.Use colors and fonts that fo along with your theme or template. These are important to theimpression you make to your followers. Keep it in line with your business format.Make Twitter followers feel special by offering “Twitter followers only” specialsand coupons. This encourages new purchases as well as new followers. But, be sure not to useTwitter only as a promotional site, add to the dialogue letting people know what else ishappening aside from your promotions.What Your Twitter Marketing Should Not Do… 2/4
  3. 3. Never mention a resource without lining itif at all possible. Back up your tweets with links andyour followers will place more trust in your opinions. And please, never use foul language evenif it seems necessary. It’s a page one NO! NO!Don’t abbreviate too much, don’t be so vague they miss the point. Avoid arguments at all costsif possible. While some people are belligerent and obnoxious, if you interact with them, you candig a hole and make yourself look bad.By all means, do not be boring!! What you had for breakfast is not that interesting. Keep you rpost fresh, interesting, and fun. Don’t worry how many followers you have. It can distract fromthe quality of your content.Keep spammers and spam in any form out of your Twitter feed or it can ruin your Twitter pageperiod. Do not stop abruptly. If you are going to be away for an extended period, get a TwitterSitter to take your place.There is much more to Twitter that is included in the information available for download whenyou subscribe to the complete set of courses in this series. simply fill out the form to the right ofany page on our blog while the series is available and you will get the entire set of 8 socialmedia marketing tactics courses. ####We Have Edited This Post To Offer You This Amazing Advertising DealWHOLESALERS, RETAILERS, MARKETERS, SERVICE PROVIDERS, yes Any Business canadvertise their products or services without breaking the bank. Take advantage of our “BestOffer Ever”, anyone can afford a Couple Dollars or so a month for quality advertising. In fact,with our normal pricing, we probably have the best cost per services advertising on the internetplus “Bonus Benefits” at no added cost. And This Offer Blows That Out Of The Water. Justclick on the “Seller Icon” below to see how you can advertise on any budget. Limited TimeOffer!!Buyers can browse and shop our directory of suppliers FREE to find wholesale and retailproducts and services as well as marketing products and information. Simply click on the“Buyer Icon” below to see how it works for you. 3/4
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