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Social Media Marketing Part Four – Marketing With StumbleUpon


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Social Media Marketing Part Four – Marketing With StumbleUpon

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Part Four – Marketing WithStumbleUponIn this article series we are trying to cover social media marketing from Twitter to Pinterest.This series of posts will detail each different social media site as much as possible. You can usethis as a mini- course on social media marketing. You might want to bookmark each of thesearticle posts for future reference.This of course is an abbreviated article to get it all in one post. If you want a more completecourse on each subject, we are including a link for you to subscribe to the entire series whichincludes course information on 8 social media sites.Now Let’s Get Into Marketing On The Social Media SiteStumbleUpon* First, understand that people will stumble upon your website and you will want to be sure thatwhat they see is a good looking website as soon as they click on the link to your site havingstumbled upon it.* Like most other social media sites, your profile is important on StumbleUpon. Therefore,include everything that will make you look as good as possible. Since it is a networking site, getas many friends and contacts as you can and leave links on as many sites as possible. Theidea is to get linked back to immediately.* You can use your friends to help out which is a fun way to scoop up more contacts, but usethis with sparingly so as not to annoy. Make sure your posts and topics are good quality, yourrating and followers will grow when your content is informativeand imaginative.* You can kill your page with spam and ads which is a real turn off for stumblers to your page.Again about content, customize your content to a targeted audience to gain solid followers that 1/4
  2. 2. will turn into sales and referrals.* Post articles as often as you can, even daily is possible thereby keeping everything fresh andupdated. If you can get your StumbleUpon page featured on the site, it’s like striking gold, morecontacts, more thumbs ups.* Like other social media marketing, use of RSS feeds is important to help keep StumbleUponvisitors coming back over and over. You can also add an email subscription link or other ways tokeep them interested.* Try not to sound or look like you are selling, keep it social while subtly driving home your pointwhich is “Buy This”. Automation tools can be risky and make your page look Robot Like, adefinite no no.More On StumbleUpon Marketing – Try Not To Stumble And Fall* Revisit your posts often to see if they could use some editing. Ask your friends to look overyour posts and let you know what they think and how you might improve on those posts. Don’tforget to blog about your StumbleUpon Page and on other websites, forums, ezines andwherever there could be more traffic.* Use photos and videos to the maximum you can as this will increase your standings andtraffic. use your sidebar to feature recent pages to add to your stature. Your articles shouldmake people excited and happy. Actually “fear” can get your point across as well andsometimes with more impact.* Comment on other Stumblers’ pages and offer reviews that show you are interested and careabout what others are saying too. It takes time to build upratings and a stumbler base of people. Take your time, it won’t happen overnight unless youcreate something so interesting it goes viral.* Enable “Search Views” for hits from search engines. Also note that there are a ton of toolsand add-ons out there for you to use with StumbleUpon and many are free. Your URL should bememorable as well as your basic title. This is what brands you and makes you unforgettable. 2/4
  3. 3. * If you can be the first to link to new interesting sites, you will be considered a reliablestumbler and your contacts will refer you more often. The wider your expertise is with respect tomultiple niches or topics, the better for you. Mention StumbleUpon in your posts as stumblersseem to like that.* While linking to other peoples home page is good, linking to pages with cool pictures andarticles within their site is even better. A captivating title is paramount to your posts in order toeffectively grab attention and create interest. Thank everyone you can who stumble on to youas this can get them to recommend your page to other stumblers.* Create long posts with many links which will grab more content for you and more referrals too.Be yourself and interact like you would in person. Making a good first impression is the best wayto go. You can automate a lot of this process. Check here for social media marketing toolsand more info.As we stated in the beginning of this article, this is a short version of a more detailed overview ofStumbleUpon Social Media Marketing. Be sure to subscribe to the free offer of 8 eBooks onMarketing with social media. You will see the offer in the sidebar. That’s it for now. I dohowever apologize for not having posted this earlier and will try to do better on the remainingposts of this series. ####We Have Edited This Post To Offer You This Amazing Advertising DealWholesalers, Retailers, Marketers, Service Providers, Any Business can advertise theirproducts or services without breaking the bank. Take advantage of our “Best Offer Ever”,anyone can afford a couple dollars or so a month for quality advertising. In fact, with our normalpricing, we probably have the best cost per services advertising on the internet plus “BonusBenefits” at no added cost. And This Offer Blows That Out Of The Water. Just click here oron the “Seller Icon” below to see how you can advertise on any budget. Limited Time Offer!!Buyers can browse and shop our directory of suppliers FREE to find wholesale and retailproducts and services as well as marketing products and information. For buyer information visithere or simply click on the “Buyer Icon” below to see how it works for you. 3/4
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