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What I Found In Big Bang Theory


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Wonder what the boys on the Big Bang Theory are watching on their laptop?? Well, here's your answer.

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What I Found In Big Bang Theory

  2. 2. I’ve always wondered what the guys at The Big Bang Theory (which I am a fan of) are viewing on their laptops and if there is actually something on. When I watched this episode I saw that with a certain angle, there is something reflecting in Leonard’s glasses. So I first made a printscreen of that very moment from my DVD player – so I can zoom in on the small reflection in his glasses.
  3. 3. I then zoomed into Leonard’s face to check out if that was my imagination or there was actually something there. At first, it occured to me it could be the laptop itself, but I kept investigating.
  4. 4. I selected in an elliptic zone in paint shop pro and added contrast and brightness. It is now obvious that there is something on the laptop. I was pretty amazed myself at the result. I assume it is due to the good quality from the DVD. Now came the hard part: figuring out what website there are viewing!
  5. 5. I then selected one eye glass and made it bigger, as you can see. I had no idea of what to do with that… Hopefully, I could count on a friend’s help who managed to soften Leo’s eye behind the glasses, and make what’s reflected clearer.
  6. 6. After a while he sent me back this, which I reckon didn’t help me a lot but still made me happy… since I had started from scratch. I tried to figure out if it was something I recognized but it wasn’t. Obviously, it looked like a sort of search engine so I started to ask contacts of mine through emails and forums. ……..I had to wait a week before someone sent me a link, which, was for me, the end of a quest and one great achievement (Hey, I had decided to figure that out on my own!)
  7. 7. What was it? Here is the answer: Which is a biomedical search engine according to the website’s description. So, did you know that in Big Bang Theory they surf novo|seek? I didn’t know those guys were actually interested in science…. Weird isn’t it? PS: Here is a screenshot for the people who haven’t heard of it. See how similar there are? PPS: April Fool’s!! Enjoy! 