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Jakarta Founder Institute - Launch 2012


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Launch 2012 - Jakarta Founder Institute's program to help entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring technology company in 2012

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Jakarta Founder Institute - Launch 2012

  2. 2. JAKARTAFOUNDER INSTITUTEINDONESIA STARTUPS - GLOBAL NETWORKThe Jakarta Founder Institute is part ofthe global network of startups andmentors of the Founder Institute. We helpentrepreneurs launch meaningful andenduring technology companies.We aims to improve the rate of startupsuccess by providing high-potentialentrepreneurs with expert training, criticalobjective feedback, and peer support.
  3. 3. JAKARTA FOUNDER INSTITUTE CURRICULLUMMonth 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4Ideation Planning Setup AwarenessVision Legal Product MarketingResearch Revenue Outsourcing PresentationNaming Recruiting Partners Funding• Weekly business building assignment• 3 sessions per month• 3 mentors per session• In the evening
  4. 4. JAKARTA FOUNDER INSTITUTE FEES Fees Amount DescriptionApplication $50 For admission test processing For catering, supplies, andCourse $650 operationsBonus Pool 3.5% Optional upon graduationTuition $4,500 Conditional on external financing
  5. 5. The Jakarta Founder Institute’s InauguralSemester was started last October 2011with 132 applicants, 43 of them wereaccepted to the program (32.5%).After our 4-month extensive mentorshipprogram, we graduated 13 founders whoare currently working to build 8 newtechnology companies in variousindustries (mobile, health, education, e-commerce, social network, sociallyresponsible investing, and crowdfunding).
  6. 6. “I believe that these eight startups and 13 founders have really experienced a tough yet fun four months – I could sense it through their presentations. Props to the directors for bringing the Founder Institute to Jakarta.”Our Graduation Day was attended by +200 parties from startup ecosystemand supporters, media, vendors, incubators, and ventures.
  7. 7. For details on all registered mentors of the Jakarta Founder Institute, please refer to
  8. 8. JAKARTAFOUNDER INSTITUTEINDONESIA STARTUPS - GLOBAL NETWORKJoin at information:Andy Zain ( Rustandi ( Gaddafi (